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TOTAL FUN:Yes. This is something that today’s public truly needs- unadulterated and simple fun in its purest form. But sadly, this is not something available in abundance in today’s world. So frustrated with the mundane but hectic, consuming but banal lives we lead, we turn to the wonderful world of cinema to change the mediocrity […]

TOTAL FUN:Yes. This is something that today’s public truly needs- unadulterated and simple fun in its purest form. But sadly, this is not something available in abundance in today’s world. So frustrated with the mundane but hectic, consuming but banal lives we lead, we turn to the wonderful world of cinema to change the mediocrity and hopelessness of our lives. The ability to lose ourselves into someone else’s fun life is something that we all wish to do.

But today’s cinema has become more technical – things like special effects, “Seriousness”, star values and a number of other matters have taken the priority and has made the industry very conscious. Gone are the days when you could just kick back and enjoy the crazy antics of Kishore Kumar, the manic choreography to which Jeetendra Jumped, the unconscious and untouched beauty of Madhubala- today its all about having firang dancers and scantily clad women a la Bond.


In such circumstances, one wishes to return to the golden age of cinema; to relax and unwind while watching a simple, but amazing movie. One such movie was made in the year 1962- Man Mauji. It stars Kishore Kumar and Sadhana with a supporting cast of very credible actors. The movie is a story about a young girl who is in love with a thief. A charming and touching movie, it makes you feel great.


There is a song in the film- Zaroorat Hai, Zaroorat Hai sung by Kishore Kumar. The whole picturization and effect is so sweet more than anything else, it makes you chuckle at his antics. He is trying to cheer up a sullen Sadhana in the song and succeeds in doing so.

The lyrics are simple and lighthearted. Written by Rajinder Kishan, the song creates a mood of playful bantering and teasing. In the song Kishore Kumar is singing aloud about his urgent requirement for a wife- someone who is skilled, womanly and most importantly, serves her husband. It is all in jest and you can see Sadhana making faces at him. The song further goes on to elucidate the beauty of the woman he desires, who is Sadhana; about her hair, her smile, her affection. It makes you chuckle aloud too.


The music, created by Madan Mohan is in complete sync with the lyrics- adding to the mood. Playful and lively, it makes you unconsciously tap your foot to the song. Wonderful work by a wonderful music director.

This article would be incomplete without mentioning the lead couple. Kishore Kumar and Sadhana have done such a good job with this song. You forget that they are big stars. In the song, they are just two people in love indulging in mock anger and appeasement.

Such songs draw you into their world and make you experience the situation- something that we all long to do. And today, we desperately need such songs to make us believe in fun again – inki sakth zaroorat hai!

Lyrics of the song –

Zaroorat Hai Zaroorat Hai, Sakht Zaroorat Hai!

(Zaroorat Hai Zaroorat Hai Zaroorat Hai
Ek Shrimati Ki, Kalaavati Ki, Sevaa Kare Jo Pati Ki ) – 2
Zaroorat Hai Zaroorat Hai Zaroorat Hai

(Hasin Hazaaron Bhi Hon Khade, Magar Usi Par Nazar Pade) – 2
Ho Zulf Gaalon Se Khelti, Ke Jaise Din Raat Se Lade
Ho Ho Ho Ho
Adaaon Mein Bahaar Ho, Nigaahon Pe Khumaar Ho
Qubool Meraa Pyaar Ho To Kyaa Baat Hai
Zaroorat Hai Zaroorat Hai Zaroorat Hai…

(Jhatak Ke Gesoo Jahaan Chale, To Saath Mein Aasmaan Chale) -2
Lipat Ke Kitne Bhi Paanv Se, Yah Poochhte Ho Kahaan Chale
Ho Ho Ho Ho
Pyaar Se Jo Kaam Le, Hans Ke Salaam Le
Vo Haath Meraa Tham Le, To Kyaa Baat Hai
Zaroorat Hai Zaroorat Hai Zaroorat Hai…

(Itar Mein Saansen Basi Basi, Vo Mastiyon Mein Rasi Rasi) – 2
Zaraa Si Palken Jhuki Jhuki, Bhaven Ghaneri Kasi Kasi
Ho Ho Ho Ho
Phoolon Mein Gulaab Ho Khud Apnaa Javaab Ho
Vo Pyaar Ki Kitaab Ho To Kyaa Baat Hai
Zaroorat Hai Zaroorat Hai Zaroorat Hai…

Haan Haan! Shrimati Ki
Ho Ho ! Kalaavati Ki
Sevaa Kare Jo Pati Ki
Zaroorat Hai Zaroorat Hai Zaroorat Hai
Sakht Zaroorat Hai!

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32 Blog Comments to “Suhane geet brings you – Zarurat hai zarurat”

  1. kinan.m.sahi says:

    i am a big fan of kishore kumare and m.rafi you can t commpare them bhot they bhot have ther on qualities they bhot are great gifts of nature
    kishore kumare songs touches my heart and rafi song are also very great
    they all are good tallat mahmood ,mukesh,hemant ,kishore da ,m.rafi
    but kishore and rafi they have sung so many song they are just to good
    i love all songs sung by kishore kumare or rafi the bhot are great singers
    and the singers today i cant say that they are singers only old songs great music great voices great shero shairy

  2. Bapan says:

    I agree with Debjyoti,Abhisek,Anil,Kishore Kumar is the best singer and comic hero in the world.

  3. Anil Chauhan says:

    kishor Da Was much better singer than any other singer of india .No body was near to him during his era.

  4. Abhisek says:

    Kishore Kumar is the best.

  5. Debjyoti says:


  6. Hussein Sheikh says:

    KKKLALN…….. only KKs fans can use such harsh words that you have used for me… i am not surprised, after all you’re a KK fan. Contact sushma Shreshtha she’ll tell you her late father wrote lyrics for KK. Sacchhai hamensha kadvi hoti hai…….

  7. Hussein Sheikh says:

    KKKLALN…….. only KKs fans can use such harsh words that you have used for me… i am not surprised, after all you’re a KK fan. Contact sushma Shreshtha she’ll tell you hewr late father wrote lyrics for KK. Sacchhai hamensha kadvi hoti hai…….

  8. unmesh says:

    If you have cow-dung in your mind what can i do KKKALN

  9. KKKALN says:

    No,BIG B had told that Kishoreda is his favourite.And fool Unmesh,Kishoreda wrote the lyrics of several bengali and hindi songs like that of Door Gagan ki Chaon mein.And Hussein,remember 99%of people will say that Kishoreda is all time greatest.Get lost,you ignorant

  10. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Kish, just ask the big B who is his favourite singer? Definitely Rafi Saheb without any doubt.

  11. Hussein Sheikh says:

    The great Manna Dey is a bengali, Mr. GF, ask the legend who was better according to him, he’ll definitely say – “the great Rafi saheb”. Ab aaee na baat samajh mein…??????

  12. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Sushma Shreshtha herself said, her late father used to write songs in the name of Ki[shor]e Kumar. KKs acting was like a monkey, this was commented by KKs late brother Ashok Kumar… ha ha ha…..

  13. unknow says:

    Plz speak about KK plz don’t compare,we want to know more about KK not saying something not true jest that is u r feeling…….

  14. GF says:

    In the same token i can also say na…that rafi never sang any song..and..sushma shreshta’s grand father sang all of them in rafi’s voice !!!

    ayai baath samaj mein?????????/

  15. GF says:

    KK never wrote any song…………!!!
    SDB’s team helped him in music……!!!

    As though the gentleman was present there that time !!!!!!!!

    Wah Ustad Wah….

  16. unknow says:

    Sir Kish,
    when u comapr Mr Big B with Dilip Kummar if u asked old people they will say 80%(maybe) Dilip is the best but when you ask to young u will get maybe only 70% who say mr Big B is better,I think both are great,
    Sir it not mean that who I like is the best singer or what youngsters said because mostly they don’t know who is singing If he is KK or other singer.
    the people u r speaking about(youngsters )they say that Salman Khan is better actor than Mr Big B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if u want the real please look what said by the names who know about the music like Naushand Ali, LP,SJ,Madan Mohan,O P Nayar and many more who know what is singing mean,when u ask a football player who is best cricket player maybe u will get the answer and not true answer..i hope u undersatant what i mean….

  17. Hussein Sheikh says:

    KK never wrote any song, Sushma Shreshtha’s late father B. Shreshtha wrote in the name of KK…… this is a fact! S.D. Burman & Co. used to help KK in composing the music….. this is also a fact!! And by the way, KKs favourite singer was the great Rafi Saheb!!! Aaee baat samajh mein?

  18. Hussein Sheikh says:

    KK’s acting was not natural, Mehmood was far better comedian than KK, and by the way, KK doesn’t reach even 50% to Rafi Saheb.

  19. kish says:

    kishore da was a direct gift of nature n god.
    he is a great singer. he may b d greatest singer wid rafi saab.
    but do u know , Great Kishore Da is a GREATEST YA! YA! GREATEST comedian or comic actor ever …… forever.

  20. kish says:

    youngsters don’t like old songs but they still say dat kishore da is thier fav. singer. make a survey n den see which singer is most popular ever.he is 1n only great kishore da.
    comparing rafi saab wid kishore da is jus lik comparing dilip kumar wid big b. can they compared??????? d simple ans. is no.
    dilip saab is abhinay samrat n big b is superstar of d millenium.
    bt big b is more popular.

    still in dis era people r crazy 4 kishore da.
    even in film industry most of d artist say dat kishore da is d best bcoz of his karismatic voice.

  21. kish says:

    wat ???oder singers like moon? u can”t compare rafi saab,mukesh,kishore da coz they all r greatest. specially rafi saab n kishore da.
    they both had their individual styles.
    kishore da was a magician of voice.

  22. unknow says:

    really i don’t understand why u people compare Mohd Rafi with KK!!!!!!!!?thre is noway to compare Mohd Rafi as singer,the best two songs in Aradhana singed by Mohd Rafi and Lata ji,they made kk superstar for one flim!!!!!!!?plz give me the best flim music given by RD,SD,LP and KA u will see Mohd Rafi not KK,offourse KK was a good singer but not as Mohd Rafi he can’t be 1% of Mohd Rafi as a singer,Mohd Rafi gave many hit songs to unknow MD and unknow actors,give me one name that mohd rafi didn’t gave hit to him,KK gave hit for Rajesh Khanna i agree with but Mohd Rafi all songs singed for Rajesh Khanna are super hit,I hope u know what said Dharmendra about mohd Rafi,Mr Bachchan when was at the top all songs singed by Mohd Rafi was superhit.
    I don’t think that we know more than Naushand ali,O P nayar,Mannadey, Yesudas, S.P Balasubramaniam,madan Mohan,LP .why RD who back to Mohd Rafi with Dev anand in late 1970’s.
    plz stop to compare Mohd Rafi with kk try to compare kk with mannadey…
    Mohd Rafi is like Sun and other singer like Moon

  23. A Singh says:

    Sanjay Gandhi’s banning has nothing to do with KK success crietria in the late 70s. Plus the baan was only for a small period during emergency, later congress party had offered an apology to KK through congress leader V C Shukla. The Janta Government came to power in 1977 and stayed in power till 1979 end. There was no such baan on KK songs during this period.

    Perhaps the actual reason is LP went ahead of Panchan in the late 70s. Between 1977 to 1980 all best music awards where given to LP. May Pancham loyalists switched over to LP. Pancham recorded many songs with Rafi between 1977 to 1980. From 1977 onwards one can see from the site database of KK there is a gradual decrease in the number of songs KK was singing year after year. In 1980 Rafi has sung more sung and KK. Both database can be compared.

  24. Shirish says:

    Disagree to a great extent with Binu Nair . I like both Rafi & Kishore . so without any bias can put facts into proper perspective . Rafi reigned No 1 till release of Aradhana ( 1969) . Thereafter Kishore was not just No 1 but actually held all the slots from probably 1-7 . He was doing playback for Rajesh khanna , Amitabh , Dharmendra , Sanjeev Kumar , shashi Kapoor , vinod Khanna . Even Jitendra ! It was an amazing domination where no one was No 2 !! Rafi didnt come back to centre stage in 1977 . It is just that he started getting songs again in 1977 – because Sanjay Gandhi had banned Kishore kumar’s songs from govt controlled Radio & TV , due to ego hassle ! In this period ( 76-77) ,KK’s casettes sold like hot cakes , as people were deprived of those on radio by a dictator !!

  25. Unknow says:

    Dear Binu Nair,
    i think u r wrong sir that AFTER Mohd Rafi wave there was kk wave,if u go to 1969 upto 1976 where u said that here was KK wave u will see that Mohd Rafi singed for more than 160 flims,The greatness of Mohd Rafi was he singed for all when he was at the top,Madan Mohan in his last flim all said him to use KK but Madan Mohan said he will not work if Mohd Rafi will not sing………………..

  26. Daney says:

    I think there is much genius about Kishoreda that was yet to come out. I believe had he been a singer right from the start he could have created much more impact than he has, also had he been lucky enough with his acting perhaps he could have been a good actor too. Rare are gems like Kishoreda who have left their mark on Bollywood cinema that there is actually vacant spot that none can actually fill. His songs actually blended with the mood in which they were rendered, be it sad, happy or funny Kishoreda has done an excellent job with each and everyone of them. I love all songs sung by Kishoreda and feel had anyone else sung the song perhaps it would not have created that impact. Kishoreda we all miss you.

  27. Messi says:

    Kishore Kumar was not only a great singer but a good actor, director, lyricist, composer
    as well. Truth never lie

    Ghulam Ali, Rafi, Kishore, Mukesh, Mannadey, Yesudas, S.P Balasubramaniam are/were
    legends of Indian Music World.

  28. binu nair says:

    KK is a big actor,singer,comedian and occassional director. After
    the RAFI WAVE there was the KISHORE WAVE. Mohd. Rafi came
    back to centre age from 1977 onwards but passed away in 1980
    suddenly. Kishore da passed away in 1987. Rafi saab and Kishore da
    were unique in many ways………

    Hence both have great numbers of fans and followers.

  29. A Singh says:

    I disagree with Unmesh.

    KK was a magnificent singer. He needed the right musical notes for his voice to shine. Thanks to music composers viz. S B Burman, R D Burman, LP, KA & Rajesh Roshan who all contributed to his success.

  30. Messi says:

    Lovely Article. Who has written it ? no mention of the author. The song is indeed a
    wonderful composition and Kishore Kumar’s rendition is perfect to express the mood
    of the person.

    Crazy kiya re !!!

  31. Unmesh says:

    Neither KK was a singer nor an actor he was a great commedian only. Wash your mind and trust it.

  32. A Singh says:

    This is a master piece composition by Madan Mohan for KK. Another such song is ‘Simti Si Sharmi Se’ from Parwana in the early 70s by Madan Mohan for KK.

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