K for Kishore: Om Shanti Om (9th & 10th Episode)

(Dance Masti) The 9th Episode of K for Kishore show started with a rocking performance by the kid-next-door turned ‘Superstar’ Kunal Khemu. This young gentleman has definitely carved a niche for himself with his heart winning performance in movies like ‘Kalyug’ and ‘Traffic Signal’. Kunal presented his tribute to the legend Kishore Kumar and termed […]

K for Kishore(Dance Masti) The 9th Episode of K for Kishore show started with a rocking performance by the kid-next-door turned ‘Superstar’ Kunal Khemu. This young gentleman has definitely carved a niche for himself with his heart winning performance in movies like ‘Kalyug’ and ‘Traffic Signal’. Kunal presented his tribute to the legend Kishore Kumar and termed him as a hundred percent performer. He also admitted of having watched ‘Half Ticket’ a minimum of 20-30 times. The bottom line remains the same, singer & actor Kishore Kumar lives in the heart of young and old alike. Kunal dancing to the tune of ‘Saara Jamana, Hasino Ka Deewana’ was just superb.

Kunal Khemu – Welcome

Today, dance and masti being the buzzwords, everyone had fastened their seat belts for an enthralling and entertaining journey. Rajeshwari was all set with a Seventies’ Mumtaz dress. As his turn to re-live the 1970s, Babul was showing off a Seventies’ belt with a huge star on it. Our judges were warmer and more appreciating than ever. The show’s first performer for this evening was Bangdu Nayan. He rocked the show to the very letter. As the previous episode, Nayan again got the blessing of the judges with open arms. He scored a total of 29, and what a well deserving performance it was! He sang the Filmfare Award winner ‘Pag Ghungroo Bandh Ke Meera Naachi Thi’ from the movie ‘Namak Halal’ (1982), music by Bappi Lahiri. The song has been made immortal with Kishore Da’s melodious voice and Amitabh Bachchan’s amazing performance. The song is comic at the same time it speaks about honesty and trust. The judges didn’t fail to see Nayan’s hard work. Nayan was termed as Nayan Kumar by Bappi Da. Sudesh and Amit agreed that Nayan reminded them of Kishore Da’s energy. He was also praised for doing perfect justice to this involving song. Bappi Da also granted Nayan’s request to come onto the stage to sing the song with him. Over all, Nayan’s performance was a hit.

Nayan Rathod – Ke Pag Ghunghroo

The next Bangdu to come on stage was Chintan Bakiwala, who sang the number ‘Yeh Jawaani, Hai Deewaani’ from the movie ‘Jawani Diwani’ (1972) with music by R.D. Burman. Picturized on Randhir Kapoor, this song brings a smile, whenever or wherever you hear it. Chintan, who is used to singing serious kind of songs, chose a song of different genre. Though Chintan did reasonably well to maintain the mood of the song. He scored a total of 23, which was not a bad score at all. While Kunal found the masti factor to be missing, the judges found him better than in his earlier performances.

Chintan Bakiwala – Yeh Jawani Yeh Di

The number 8 appeared to be the dominating number of today’s show. Two performers scored all 8s from all the three judges. Kshitij Wagh was the next singer to perform on the stage. He sang the number ‘Dekhta Hoon Koi Ladki Haseen’ from the movie ‘Sanam Teri Kasam’. The judges appreciated and rebuked his performance and blamed it because of his sore throat. Bappi pointed out that a performer or entertainer should always be ready to perform irrespective of having a bad throat. He scored 24 marks. Babul requested Kunal to sing a flirtatious number by Kishore Kumar. Kunal ended up with the sensuous ‘Roop Tera Mastana’ from the movie ‘Aradhana’ (1969), and proceeded to sing ‘Tujhe Bin Jaane, Bin Pehchane’ from the all time hit ‘Anamika’. As an answer to this, Amit could not stop himself from singing a number from the movie ‘Parivaar’. The song goes like this, ‘Kuen Mein Kud Jaana, Magar Shaadi Mat Karna’.

Kshitij Wagh – Dekhta Hun Koyi Ladki

Chetan Rana was the next Bangdu to perform on the stage. He came up with ‘Hum To Mohabbat Karega’ from the movie ‘Dilli Ka Thug’ (1958). His performance was lacking the energy with which Kishore Da had sung this song and everyone noticed it. He was advised to try harder next time and he also ended up scoring three 8s from the judges. His total was 24. Amit gave him a nice tip on how to create the mood for the song. Amit advised him to put himself in the shoes of Kishore Kumar and imagine how he used to behave for certain songs. Basically, Kishore Da was always so enthusiastic about everything around him, that to match his energy is a very difficult task indeed. Sudesh narrated the episode when he was performing on a stage show with Kishore Da.

Chetan Rana – Hum Tho Mohobbat Kareg

Sudesh was giving a glimpse of his multifaceted talent to the audience by mimicking all the great singers, by singing ‘Laila o’ Laila’ in different styles used by the legendary singers like K.L. Sehgal, Hemant, R.D. Burman and S.D. Burman. Meanwhile, the crowd was going crazy over this performance and when Sudesh turned back, he found Kishore Da dancing with fun and encouraging the audience to clap and enjoy the song. Kishore Da used to incite respect in the heart of everyone, he ever used to meet.

Sudhesh Bhonsle – Laila O Laila by K.L.Sehgal, Hemant, R.D.Burman and S.D.Burman.

This was followed by Rajeshwari and Babul singing the song ‘Cat, Cat Mane Billi’. Both were amazing.

Babul, Rajeshwari – CAT

The next Bangdu to come on stage was Saurav Ghosh. He gave an ok-ok performance with the number ‘Jahan Teri Yeh Nazar Hai’ from Kaalia (1981). This song has been a craze in discos for past 26 years and is still going strong with each passing day. He scored 20 and was unable to fool the judges with his dance and acting skills. Amit wanted him to judge himself and Sudesh found him messing up the antara. Bappi Da sensed tiredness in his voice. Over all, judges found his performance to be topsy-turvy. Kunal, however, liked Saurabh’s performance.

Sourav Ghosh – Jahan Teri Yeh Nazar Hai

Suhas Sawant, the next Bangdu to come on stage, again won the heart of judges as well as the audience. He proved that being the youngest one in the show hasn’t dimmed his talent and confidence. He sang the number ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’ from the movie ‘Hum Kisise Kum Naheen’ (1977), a song that has rocked the highest number of clubs and discos till now. Kunal termed it to be a power-packed performance. Amit found the spirit to be up to the mark and Bappi found the same level of power in Suhas’s voice that Kishore Da had. Sudesh found the performance to be very entertaining. Suhas scored 27, a very good score indeed!

Suhas Sawant – Bachna Ay Haseeno

The show drew to an ending with a hope to meet the enthusiastic Jhumroo team in the next episode. All the participants and Kunal enjoyed the final few moments on the stage, dancing and having fun with each other.

All Participants – Paisa Yeh Kaisa

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  1. sujithkumar says:

    i think its the best show of the era me myself started singing kishore when i was 10 yrs old i have given auditions on tata indicom but no response but i bet i can challenge kishoredas presense in my voice

  2. mintoo says:

    Very nice record is maintained here. The show must go with more attraction by inviting the prime heroines of the era of Superstar Rajesh Khanna such Mumtaz, Sharmila, Rakhee, Mousumi, Shabana, Zeenat, Hema Malini, etc. along with Rajesh Khanna and Dev Anand.

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