K for Kishore: Om Shanti Om (9th & 10th Episode)

Episode 10 brought in lot of fun with it. Sudesh’s melodious voice began the show with sheer magic. ‘Karz’ was a movie that shot many a people to fame. The movie with its Hamlet like subplots was simply superb. The movie’s music is a craze even now. The movie made ‘Om Shanti Om’ historical and […]

Episode 10 brought in lot of fun with it. Sudesh’s melodious voice began the show with sheer magic. ‘Karz’ was a movie that shot many a people to fame. The movie with its Hamlet like subplots was simply superb. The movie’s music is a craze even now. The movie made ‘Om Shanti Om’ historical and gave these words a new height. Sudesh sang the most popular song from this movie. He sang ‘Tumne Kabhi Kisise Pyaar Kiya’ with much enthusiasm and dynamism. This song carries the words ‘Om Shanti Om’, which is the prevalent theme of the episode today.

Sudhesh Bhonsle – Om Shanti Om

Both Rajeshwari and Babul were looking quite graceful. Rajeshwari was wrapped up in a black saree, adorning the sixties-seventies look. As a rule, this episode started with a quick look at the performances of the previous episode. In the previous episode, it was Bangdu team, which had rocked the show. Today, it was the Jhumroo team to perform. The first singer to come on stage was Jhumroo Milind Ingle, who had turned out to be a surprise package from Tata Indicom. He was the Tata Indicom Challenger who had performed in the previous episode but without any judging or scoring done on his performance. The evening started off with his rendition of ‘Ek Hasina Thi’ from the movie ‘Karz’. This song is full of emotions, depth and intensity of feelings. Milind failed the judges’ expectations. Bappi commented that the song didn’t touch his heart. Sudesh and Amit also felt that the mood was missing from his performance. He scored a total score of 23, which is not at all bad for a first timer on the show.

Milind Ingle – Ek Haseena Thi

Dressed in typical Kishore Da style Vinod Sheshadri was the next Jhumroo to perform in the show. He sang the number ‘Vaada Tera Vaada’ from the movie ‘Dushman’ (1972) with music by Laxmikant Pyarelal. It was obvious that the audience was having a gala time with Vinod literally rocking the stage. Bappi was reminded of Rajesh Khanna. Amit said Vinod made the song lively and Sudesh just found it to be amazing. Vinod got a total score of 26.

Vinod Seshadri – Vaada Tera Waada

To bring back the era of Rock n’ Roll, Jhumroo Arnab chose the song ‘Bol Baby Bol’ from the movie ‘Meri Jung’. This song is remarkable for the music by Laxmikant Pyarelal and Kishore Da’s voice but it is also memorable for the dance performed by Javed Jafri. Amit noted that Arnab is very good with the higher notes but he messes up the words while singing at the low notes. This was a very valid point and all the three judges agreed. Sudesh even noticed him using wrong wordings in the antara. He scored an average of 21.

Arnab – Bol Baby Bol

Sameer Memon, who is the oldest and most experienced Kishore Fan among the lot, came with the funny number from the movie ‘Sageena’. The song goes like this, ‘Saala Mein To Saab Ban Gaya’. This song is unique with Dilip Kumar showing off his comic side. He did a lot of antics on the stage, and as a result became breathless and it affected his rendition of the song. His spirit and dance was very Kishore-like. The judges, were appreciative of him and let him off easily with a slight rebuke. He was advised to concentrate on his singing more. He scored a total of 20, a very low score in comparison to the other participants.

Sameer Memon – Sala Mein Tho Sahab

Apurva, dressed like Dharmendra in a red t-shirt and a trademark jean jacket, sang the number ‘Rafta Rafta Dekho Aankh Meri Ladi Hai’ from the movie ‘Kahani Kismat Ki’. Rajeshwari requested for an encore from Apurva. The audience was also enjoying it tremendously. Babul, without waiting for the judges to give their opinion on the song, classed it as excellent. Amit found the energy level to match that of Kishore Da’s. Bappi also praised his enthusiasm to re-live the song and for giving a power-packed performance. Sudesh termed it to be the best performance by Apurva so far in the show. He scored an amazing 29 with two judges giving him full marks.

Apurva – Arre Rafta Rafta

This unique show is about a legend and his disciples or fans. One fan who topped the list with this obsession and passion for Kishore Da was Romit Majumdar from Kolkata. He started his journey from Kolkata visiting Khandwa where Kishore Da was born and paid his tribute at his grave as well as visited his home in Mumbai. Romit performed the song ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Tum Rehti Ho’.

Romit – Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas

Last Saturday had not seen any elimination but this evening, the participant who had to bid farewell to this unique stage was Bangdu Saurabh Ghosh. He ended up in a tie with Sameer, while Arnab escaped the danger zone with a blessing from the audience. The judges gave a song to both Sameer and Saurabh to sing and Sameer came out as the winner and Saurabh lost his chance to continue in the show. He asked for a second chance, but it was too late.

Saurav, Sameer – Jhumroo

The evening drew to an end, with one participant returning home. With a hope that the next episode will unveil a new bunch of pranks, great music, we wait for next Friday.

Saurav Ghosh – Aaaj Ai Din Dake (Bengali)

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  1. sujithkumar says:

    i think its the best show of the era me myself started singing kishore when i was 10 yrs old i have given auditions on tata indicom but no response but i bet i can challenge kishoredas presense in my voice

  2. mintoo says:

    Very nice record is maintained here. The show must go with more attraction by inviting the prime heroines of the era of Superstar Rajesh Khanna such Mumtaz, Sharmila, Rakhee, Mousumi, Shabana, Zeenat, Hema Malini, etc. along with Rajesh Khanna and Dev Anand.

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