Numerological perspective of Kishore – by Shri. Arvind Dixit – Consultant Numerologist.

Kishore Kumar (The Indian Playback Singer, Actor, Music Director, Lyricist, Storyteller, Film Producer and Director) KISHORE KUMAR THE NUMBER 4 PERSON A person born on 4th August, 1929, Kishore Kumar was governed by number 4 throughout his life. The important events, decisions taken and the incidents which happened in this popular singer’s life are connected […]

Kishore Kumar
(The Indian Playback Singer, Actor, Music Director, Lyricist, Storyteller, Film Producer and Director)

A person born on 4th August, 1929, Kishore Kumar was governed by number 4 throughout his life. The important events, decisions taken and the incidents which happened in this popular singer’s life are connected to number 4. The amazing fact is that the date or the total of the year in which the incidents and events took place, the
important decisions taken or the age of the singer at which they happened revolve around number 4.

In numerology, number 4 stands for the planet Uranus. It is considered to be related to the Sun and written as 4-1. The number 4 people have Characteristics of their own. They view everything from an entirely opposite angle from others. In arguments they will always take the opposite side. They set-up new rules and regulations in domestic and public life. They make few real friends but these few friends are most devoted and loyal. As a person born on 4, Kishore Kumar was not an exception to these characteristics. He was sensitive and often felt lonely and isolated.

1. Kishore Kumar was born on 4th August, 1929, under the period of Sun. This period is given number 1 by numerologists, written as 4-1, i.e. 4 along with the importance of 1.
2. The name KISHORE KUMAR produces 40 (4 + 0) = 4, again 4.
3. The time of his birth was 4 o’clock, again 4.
4. In Kishore Kumar’s family they were all four children, three brothers and one sister ; Kishore is the youngest and the 4th child.
5. Sathi Devi, his eldest sister got married when Kishore was 4 years old.
6. Kishore Kumar had 4 wives: (a) Ruma Devi, (b) Madhubala, (c) Yogita Bali and (d) Leena Chandawaker.
7. He was blessed with his first son Amit Kumar at the age of 22 (2+2)=4.
8. He had 2 sons. His 1st son Amit Kumar is by the 1st wife Ruma Devi and the other son Sumit Kumar is by his 4th wife Leena. As Number 4 stands for Planet Uranus, written as 4-1, the number 1 and 4 played a role here.
9. Number 4 played a major role in Kishore Kumar’s life as his 4th marriage with Leena Chandavaker proved to be the most successful. She was with him until his death and even now she attends all the Kishore Kumar related programmes.
10. He married his second wife Madhubala at the age of 31 (3 + 1) = 4 and she died when he was 40.
11. The number of Bangla films in which he acted is only 4.
12. He sang 4 songs in his Bangla film “LOOKO CHORI”. These 4 songs made the film a super hit.
13. In the film “JUMROO”, there were total 13 songs, (1 + 3) = 4. This film became a super hit.
14. Kishore was a fan of the foreign singer Topole. He went to attend Topole’s Show and attended 4 continuous shows of Topole.

15. The age of 40 brought Kishore’s transformation as a super hit singer. The Filmfare Award for his songs in ARADHANA came at this age. His songs in “Aradhana” made the film a super hit and the main leading man Rajesh Khanna a super star. Rest is history. In film industry, all the superstars have their super hit songs sung for them by Kishore.
16. In the age of 49 his friendship with Leena Chandawaker 49 = (4 + 9) = 13, (1 + 3) = 4 began and it blossomed into marriage. This 4th marriage of Kishore Kumar proved to be a success.
17. Kishore Kumar’s film “Sabbash Daddy” flopped at the box office when he was 49 (4+9)=13, (1 + 3) = 4.
18. His first car was bought by him paying Rs. 4000/- as an advance; this amount again has 4.
19. Kishore Kumar died on 13th October, 1987, 13 (1+3) =4. 13th, the date of his death again produces 4. He died at the age of 58, the total of which is again 4.
20. The time of his death 4:36pm (4 + 3 + 6) = 13, (1 + 3) = 4.again when calculated 4.
21. His death occurred in Bombay and the pin code of the place of his death in Bombay is 49, when reduced to single digit it produces 4.
22. 13th October was Kishore Kumar’s brother Ashok Kumar’s birthday. Ashok Kumar, a number 4 born helped Kishore in establishing himself in Bollywood. Ashok Kumar’s wife died when Kishore was 58, the total of which amounts to 4; ( 5 + 8 ) = 13, (1 + 3) = 4. Both Kishore Kumar’s death date and Ashok Kumar’s birth date are one and the same i.e. 13th October, which is again 4.


The chronological analysis of the important years of Kishore Kumar’s life throws light on the fact that the total number of each one of these years also produces number 4.
1. 1948 – First duet song with Lata Mangeshkar ( 1 + 9 + 4 + 8 ) = 22, ( 2 + 2) = 4 was sung in film “Jiddi”.
2. 1957 – Film “Asha” was released. The song “Eeena, Meena, Tika” in it by Kishore Kumar became an evergreen super hit.
3. 1957 – In “Bandi” all the three brothers Ashok, Anoop and Kishore acted together.
4. 1957 – Kishore Kumar moved to his newly bought ‘Juhu’ house with his first wife Ruma.
5. 1966 – Film “Akalmand” was made. In this Asha sang a song on Kishore Kumar. This was the rare song sung on a male singer by a female singer.
6. 1975 – Emergency was declared. Kishore Kumar was the only singer whose songs were banned during emergency.
7. 1984 – When an unfortunate stampede happened in a state programme, 4 from Kishore Kumar’s family were present there.

1. Number 1: Kishore Kumar’s Birth Date number 4 representing planet Uranus, is considered to be related to Sun and written as 4-1. As born on Sunday, his day of birth represents number 1.
• People born under this period of the Sun are dominant, stubborn, creative, individualistic, definite in views and ambitious. 4-1 persons will always rise in their respective professions. This Numerological observations proved to be true in Kishore’s characteristics in his life and profession.

2. Number 6: The total of Kishore Kumar’s date of birth (13-8-1929)=15, (1+5)=6. Number 6 represents Venus. People who are governed by Venus love beautiful things. If rich, they are more generous to art and artists. They love to entertain their friends and try to make everyone around them happy. Number 6-Kishore Kumar was a performing artist, a famous singer, attained a celebrity status.
• The influence of number 6 on Kishore Kumar can be proved by the fact that all his four wives resided in BANDRA and the total of BANDRA comes to 6. Number 6 suited him in marriage.
KHANDWA, near Indore in M.P, the birth place of Kishore Kumar bears the total number of 6. Bearing number 6, it attracted him again and again like a magnet. Leaving Bombay, he repeatedly went to Khandva and longed to stay there.

• 13th August, the birth date of Kishore Kumar produces number 4.
• The number of brothers and sister in his family was 4.
• Kishore Kumar’s wives were 4.
• 22nd, Kishore Kumar’s age when his first son was born produces 4.
• 13th, the highest number of songs in his ‘JUMROO’ produces 4.
• Rs. 4000/-, the amount paid as advance for his first car produces number 4.
• 40, the age of his transformation as a super hit singer by his playback singing in “Aradhana” produces 4.
• 49, the age of his fourth marriage with fourth wife Leena produces 4.
• 1948, the year of first duet with Lata Mangeshkar produces 4.
• 1975, the year of emergency when Kishore’s song were banned produces 4.
• 13th Oct, the birth date of his most supportive brother Ashok Kumar produces 4.
• 13th Oct, the date of his death produces 4.
• 4:36 pm, the time of his death produces 4.
• 49, the pin code of the place in Bombay where he died also produces 4.

Shri. Arvind Dixit, a Delhi based consultant numerologist is also a Kishore Kumar fan, an awardee of Kishore Kumar Kala Ratan 2006, President of Kishore Kumar Memorial Club(Regd). He is also the personal numerologist of Guru’s family. We at extend our thanks to Shri Arvind Dixit Ji for contributing this detailed numerological analaysis of Kishoreda.

Karthikay Numberology Zone – is Shri. Arvind Dixit’s office is in Delhi at: 354, GROUND FLOOR, SAINIK VIHAR, PITAMPURA,DELHI-110085(INDIA) Email: KARTHIKAYNUMEROLOGYZONE@GMAIL.COM WEBSITE:

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19 Blog Comments to “Numerological perspective of Kishore – by Shri. Arvind Dixit – Consultant Numerologist.”

  1. RJ Jitesh says:

    Kishor da, what should I say about this legendary signer, I think whole dictionary will be very less to describe his contribution to the world of music. Lots of love to Kishor da.

  2. aritra says:

    those who think KK was any human being are fool.Lord Shiva himself came to earth to bless us with his godly voice and to show exactly how GOD can sing.

  3. Vishal says:

    Versatile greats have link to number 4 in playback singing. The greatest telugu playback singer ghantasala was born on December 4th – number is 4.

  4. Kishorefan says:

    Girish Iyer ji,

    Good interesting post. There are many kishore fans who admire kishore kumar greatly. Hope rafi fans are enlightened on this fact. Kishore was a irreplaceable star in hindi film industry and as long as hindi playback singing continues, kishore kumar will be remembered with reverence and greatness fitting his stature in its own way.

  5. Girish Iyer says:

    Whatever you guys above say, I AM THE GREATEST AND THE MOST ARDENT FAN OF KISHORE rather a worshipper of Kishoreda. I hail from Trivandrum and though my mother tongue is malayalam, since I was obsessed with Kishoreda’s mesmerising VOICE, I justify only Kishoreda’s songs. I am a banker and was a stage artist for morethan 15 years and have done many Kishore Kumar nights on his death anniversaries. I never miss his anniversary’s. I have also done KK Nite at OPUS, Bangalore and hope to do more till I live. When I met his sons Amit and Sumeet I could not hold myself and burst out in front of Sumit, who said he has seen many like this wherever they perform. KISHORE has really cured me many times when I am mentally down. LONG LIVE THE LEGEND.

  6. ved joshi says:

    mindblowing analysis .and i am probably one of the youngest fans of kishore kumar i started my study on kishore kumar at the age 6 and i am still continuing it.

  7. A Singh says:

    Good Analysis

  8. uknow says:

    Dear Fans,
    4 in KK life was allmost,if we go best singer Mohd rafi no#1 mukesk 2 Manny day 3 and KK 4.
    if we speak most famouse singers again nuber 4,one mohd rafi 2 late ji 3 asha jai and 4 KK Ji again…….

  9. Hi I am a greatest fan of Kishorebkumar since the age of 7. I love to sing his songs. I am residing in Singapore and have submitted my tape which I have recorded 4 to 5 songs of Kishore kumar sang by me. I was selected to participate for the voice of Kishore Kumar and I came in first out of the 22 participants for the contest. My judge was Mr. Laxmikant (music director) from India and Mr. Madan Pal (lyricist). . I was awarded a huge trophy and was given a chance to go to Mumbai for auditions but due to my duties in the military I could not leave the country Therefore, I really appreciate if I would be given a chance to perform in Mumbai which I have lost the chance 20 years ago.

  10. Dipak says:

    Kishore Kumar`s songs still sound fresh especally those by R,D.Burman as he used alot of loud Jazz,Arabic and spanish music ..which is similar style today`s music…Bappi produced a lot of KK songs which could be used for a Govinda films.In the 70`s Rafi did some sad ,romantic or qawalies..again the one where Kishore Kumar and Rafi sang together Rafi manages to keep up if not better Kishore..

  11. Dipak says:

    Rafi cannot match Rafi in classically based songs or even in qawalies or bhagans..but Kishore high energy and masti can not be delivered by anyone even Rafi Saab..there was no match…Rafi in classical did have Menna De which could rival him…but few Music Directors manage to bother..

  12. Dipak says:

    `Dostana`,`Amar Akbar Anthony`and `Kranti` when Kishore sings with Rafi ,it is clear Rafi`s voice is outstanding…..Kishore clearly tried to stay in sur and delivered the punch..but Rafi outclassed Kishore ..I agree that sometime Rafi only had one song in Rajesh Khanna film which sounded outstanding …Rafi had a clear silky voice with a smooth low to higher note delivery..Kishore has deep almost nasal voice managed to stay in mid range.This is reason Rafi – lata sounded great as Asha and kishore delivered that jazzy punch…

  13. ztas77 says:

    Response to Tina’s message

    No doubt Kishore was a great singer (big fan myself) and I agree with you he could capture the mood & emotions within the story of the song which can touch you deep down.

    But to say no one else but Kishore could have captured those emotional moods in his time, is simply not a fact at all. We all have our preferences and we will tend to be a bit biased at times but it seems to me you have not really listen to many Rafi songs, if you did you will then understand what I mean that Kishore was not the only one to capture you deep down.

    Remember the film “Amar Deep” – As the star was Rajesh Khanna there was naturally all Kishore songs – but right at the end when Rajesh was on his death bed, just a few lines from Rafi had ended the film, Why not Kishore?

    “Muqqadar Ki Skandar” Amitabh was just about to breath his last, then a few lines of Rafi had ended the film, Why not Kishore, after all it was Kishore’s full happy version!

    Did you know that Kishore said “That he was Rafi’s number one fan” Kishore would often pay tributes by singing a Rafi number on stage.

    I am sure you aware that Rafi had playbacked for Kishore in his acting days even there were songs by Kishore in the same film. In one such film “Sharahaat”, the saddest song was sung by Rafi for Kishore.

    So when you hear Rafi was one of the greats – there is some reasoning behind that!.

  14. Manish Kumar says:

    vikram ji,

    i agree with you. what a voice kishore has! please don’t bring rafi into this discussion – i’m getting bored of the rafi vs kishore discussion. i’d rather talk about other things and enjoy the other sings the great singers have to offer. thanks!

    kishore’s voice was extra special in (1) rhim jhim gire sawan (2) achcha to hum chalte hain (3) chai pe bulaya (4) chal chal mere saathi (5) humse bhool hogaya (6) inteha hogay (sharabi) the list can go on and on…these are the reason why those songs were superhits – kishore had a “cool voice”.

    the best display of voice by kishore – for me- was with sd burman’s “ek ladki bheegi bagi se mile ek ajnabi” and the song from childhood i’d always hum was “manna janab ne pukara nahin” – because of kishore’s voice, even if i didn’t understand what the lyrics meant. add the song from sharmilee “khilte huye”. the best mds for kishore kumar were (1) rd burman (2) sd burman. ok some won’t be happy with this but sd burman limited kishore kumar too much because kishore was underestimate in 60s. rd burman put no bounds for kishore (3) laxmikant pyarelal.

  15. Tina says:

    this is an AWSOME PROGRAM that sony give salute too.. K for KISHOR is something for all ages to enjoy. i am a die heart kishor fan…even though i only enjoyed few of his years after i was born….but one thing i must say this man has a tremondous impact on everyone. and he is the A TRUE MISTRO… everyone complains about Rafi sahab to be the great one..but i truely belive the MOOD and the samma that kishor ji created while he was singing i dont think anyone can do that…

    even after all these years… i still cry when i hear his songs… o majhi re… musafir ho yaaroon…. both of those songs touches me deep down in… and it can melt any heart….

    aap sob subhi mere baat say saimaat haai sayed…

  16. N MEHRAA says:

    I think miditech has made a wonderful prog, K for kishore and other singers (legends) will sonn have a prog/show in thier name too. In this Nayan is a stong contestant to be a winner, He is consistently singing for last 20 years, I thinlk he will won

    today very rightly vinod and samir have been out. But I thihk there are many very talented soingers in india, the research has not been done properly, many good names has been left

    I suggest all singers & voice talent to list themselves on

    Neeraj Mehraa

  17. vikram says:

    rafi is good but kishore is greattttttttttt.What a voice he has!

  18. Mast Mast says:

    This is not astrology Manish bhai. 😀

  19. Manish Kumar says:

    Since I don’t believe in astrology – I won’t say more 🙂

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