Shahrukh wants to make a film on Kishore Kumar!

” Kishore Kumar was another of your childhood idols. So are you eyeing a remake of Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi or Half Ticket next? (Smiling) I think I’d like to make a film on the life of Mr Kishore Kumar. That would be an interesting and a more apt tribute. “ source: As a Kishore […]

” Kishore Kumar was another of your childhood idols. So are you eyeing a remake of Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi or Half Ticket next? (Smiling) I think I’d like to make a film on the life of Mr Kishore Kumar. That would be an interesting and a more apt tribute. “

As a Kishore Kumar fan what are your reactions to this piece of trivia?

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  1. Bapan says:

    Fool,rascal Unknown1,
    S.D has always used Kishore more than Rafi,check on database.S.D once told that Kishore is easily the best singer,working with him had given him the max. pleasure.S.D also used Rafi in Abhimaan,you ignorant bustard.Kishore is much,much greater than all singers,including Rafi & Lata.

  2. Bapan says:

    Manna Dey told in several Bengali channels that there has been no singer in India having the talent & versatility of Kishore Kumar.

  3. Pankaj Mohan says:

    Leave aside Rafi or any other Indian name. Kishore deserves to be placed in the league of the all time world greats. So, those trying to bring in the reference of Rafi are making a mockery of themselves and their ideal. Check out the following link. It’s just a minor reminder where Kishore deserves to be placed and chatted about. This CD on Yodeling was recently released in London and the link was forwarded to me by another great KK fan who is also close to Kishore’s son Amit Kumar. Read the ninth name in the list down there:

    Kishore’s biggest achievement was to provide Indian listeners with a class that could easily be described as unparalleled. I was never ashamed of not being able to be brought up in an environment where Beatles, Elvis Presley or similar names from the western music industry would maker rounds. Kishore Kumar, for me, was and will always be a great counter challenge to any virtuoso from the world of music…anywhere, anytime.

    Hey unknown1, what is this non-sense about converting to Islam? What is wrong in getting in love and converting to Islam (I don’t know whether KK did it or not). If you have problems, go and change the constitution and the general mindset of Muslims in India. By the way, do you know or not, the latter enjoy a special status in the so-called secular Indian state. Being a Rafi fan, you should know it and respect the way your ideal’s community chooses to live as.

    Anyway, if your reference indicates at KK’s getting married to Madhubala…huh, forget about it. She is regarded by the industry watchers as the most beautiful woman in Bollywood till this date. So what is wrong if KK fell in love and converted to Islam. Kishore was not only a singing genius but also a very passionate lover (the reason why his singing evokes a far wider appreciation than that of Rafi’s)…he would go to any extent in the name of romance and passion. So, what is the problem even if he did convert to marry somebody? On the contrary, could you imagine and profess if an orthodox Muslim like Rafi would ever convert to marry a Hindu female if he loved her? You will have answers to who makes a “better human being” – Rafi or KK – once you finally decide to make use of your rusting intellect 🙂

  4. unknow1 says:

    dear Bapan from KK site please read it
    Dear Bapan Do u know why SD used KK not Mohd Rafi in film Abhimaa?
    because no way that Mohd Rafi will lose from Lata as kk lost in the film,

  5. unknow1 says:

    dear Bapan u have no answer what I asked!!!!!!!!

  6. unknow1 says:

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.Manny Dey said that Mohd Rafi is the BEST MALE SINGER NOT ONCE MANY TIME AND HE SAID THAT FROM 1 to 10 is Mohd Rafi we all other singers from 11 and never say about KK that he is best male singer.

  7. Bapan says:

    Check on the database of this site & ,you will see that Kishore has sung more songs for L.P than Rafi,just check.Manna Dey has told several times in many interviews that Kishore is most talented singer,there will never be such a golden voice like Kishore in India.You don’t have the capacity to write,so you just copy articles.There are so many articles on greatest Kishore in this site & others,why don’t u read them.I never copy those,as I know that Kishore is greatest.You always feel insecure.Accept the fact that no other singer could yoddle,except Kishore.

  8. unkown1 says:

    Dear Bapan I am not good in English but u r goood please read it
    This article is written by Raghav

    Mohd Rafi was a great singer, unparalleled, and there can never be another Rafi. I have been a great fan of Rafi and I have always loved to enjoy his songs, analyze them and appreciate them all the more.

    Rafi had 4 unique qualities:

    Quality of voice
    Voice differentiation
    Ability of expression
    Mastery of late entry
    which are unique to Rafi and Rafi alone.

    Tonal quality of voice and timber was so smooth, free flowing, and of perfectly circular, uniform cross section without any burrs, rough edges or splashes, or out of shape even for a brief moment & the quality of Rafi’s voice can only be felt, cant ever be described in words, I will however try to visualize the perfection of his voice in physical, tangible terms, imagine a tubular pipe of a uniform cross section and tremendous resilience, perfect shape and it’s flexibility enables it to be stretched (high octaves) without thinning the wall thickness, it can be compressed without affecting the shape (low octave), and can be bent and manipulated at any angle in any dimension without disturbing the shape or cross section (alaaps, murkis, and taans) imagine such a material! I doubt whether material science has progressed enough to produce such material! But Rafi had a voice that symbolized the material!

    To see the voice quality in action!

    listen to:

    O duniya ke rakhwale: from Baiju bawra.

    Rafi starts normally with “mehal udaas aur galiyan sooni” and jumps up “dil kya ujada duniya ujadi”. Advances rapidly to “hum jeevan kaise gujarein” peaks at “mandir girta phir ban jaata” and slides down smoothly to “dil ko kaun samhaley”.

    The vocal pyrotechnics are superbly smooth and effortless, even Nadia Comenci couldn’t be better!

    Jaane Bahar Husn tera: from Pyar kiya to darna kya.

    Rafi starts the antara at base level , “hai ye teri mast adayein ye baaq pan” repeats the sentence at double the height, climbs up to “kiranon ko bhi na chhoone doonga tera badan” and descends smoothly and rapidly with “tujhse nazar milaye yeh kiski majaal hai”. Beautiful gliding which no para-glider champion can ever replicate!

    Rafi perhaps was the only singer with this rare capability of smooth ascent and descent with such a short runway, his voice was the equivalent technology of V-TOL (vertical take-off & landing) and S-ToL of modern day high-tech Harrier jets!

    Rafi was at his peak in the period 1955 to 1965. This decade also was the golden period of Hindi film music. Rafi showcased his unique ability of voice differentiation; he used to modify and distinguish his voice to suit different heroes without compromising his voice quality. Hearing a song in Binaca Geet mala, much before the release of the film, we could recognize who the song is pasteurized on!

    One could clearly identify the hero, Dilip Kumar, Devanand, Shammi Kapoor, Rajendra Kumar, or Dharmendra. Lata too used to sing differently for Nutan and Meena Kumari, Asha used to distinguish between Asha Parekh and Helen, but Rafi’s versatility and broad range was far superior in all respects.

    Rafi even had a different style for MD,s. Rafi’s voice had subtle difference for Naushad, O.P.Nayyar, S.J, and Madan Mohan, SD Burman.

    Rafi had this talent to capture the mood of the song, express the very essence of lyrics as well as the overall theme and reflected the situation as pasteurized on screen!

    To understand this unique talent recall in your mind:

    Too kahan, yeh bataa, is nasheeli raat mein from Tere ghar ke saamne.
    Sheer desperation of a physically tired lover seeking to locate his beloved, depicted so beautifully!

    Mein nigahein tere chehre se hataoon kaise from Aap ki parchaaiyan.
    Sheer helplessness of a love struck hero!

    Nache man mora from meri soorat teri aankhen
    Sheer ecstasy of an artist on seeing the converging clouds, dying to dance euphorically!

    Baazi kisi ne pyaar ki jeeti ya haar di from Nazraana.
    A philosophical shrug of shoulders, a humble, graceful acceptance of the ironies of fate!

    Bahut sahi gamen duniya magar udaas na ho from Aaj aur Kal
    A gentle, consoling, optimistic solace with assured promise of a better tomorrow!

    Is rang badaltee duniya mein from Raajkumar
    A persuasive advise of a deeply concerned well wisher!

    Tere mere sapne from Guide
    A reassuring promise of assurance to a grief sticken friend!

    There are many more such examples.

    Another great quality of Rafi was his superb late entry which was as enthralling as GR Vishwanath’s late cuts in his prime!

    Rafi used to enter the song halfway through, very coolly, very surreptitiously and suddenly capture the center-stage, which used to get the other singer/s clean bowled! Examples:

    Awaaz deke humein tum bulao from Professor.
    Rafi enters in later half, Lata is left behind trying hard to catch up!

    Par thehar woh jo wahan in mujhe gale se lagao from Nayi umar ki nayi fasal
    A stern interjection, a strong rejoinder that has Asha reeling!

    Bahut sahi from Aaj aur kal
    A melodious, cool, interjection so reassuring, so comforting that leaves nagging Asha stuck!

    There are many more such songs where Rafi making a late entry, captures the centrestage so effortlessly! There a few, not so well known songs in which Rafi has excelled superbly, to name a few:

    Raaz-e dil unse chhupaya na gaya: Apna bana ke dekho
    Zara sun haseena ye nazneen: Kaun apna Kaun paraya
    Ankhiyan sang ankhiya lage aaj: Bada Bhai
    Zara saamne to aa voh chhalie: Janam janam ke phere
    Yehi hai tamanna: Aapki parchhaiyan
    Apni to har aaah: Kala Bazar
    These are some of rare songs.

    Rafi sahab was great and is great, he will live in our hearts forever and ever.

  9. unkown1 says:

    Dear Bapan
    This article is by Nair. It was posted as a comment on Rafi and Yodeling article.

    “yodeling is a type of singing in which high falsetto and low chest notes are rapidly alternated; its production is helped by the enunciation of open and closed vowels on the low and high notes of wide intervals” (Encyclopedia Britannica).


    Yodeling conveys nothing, yet conveys something sometimes. Structurally, it is a combination of nonsensical syllables. But when incorporated in a tune, these nonsensical syllables generally create a joyful mood, although sorrow is possible as well. Yodeling is seen mostly in tribal music and is traditionally associated with [Swiss] culture (Hmmm… there might even be a legal claim as a geographical indication!). In India, it is known to have been used in some Manipuri folk songs. According to Swiss yodel experts, all that is needed for an aspiring yodeler is a loud and strong voice. It is also an interesting fact that the master yodelers are wolves!!

    Practice and Rules

    In yodeling, since the high notes rapidly alternated with low chest notes are “falsettos”,
    yodeling does not seem like having any musical rule to support it. Another fact emphasizing the “unruly” nature of yodeling is that none of the musical instruments can produce a yodel in the strict sense of the practice, for musical instruments have systematically controlled configuration. To be precise, musical instruments are designed to produce music.

    In carnatic music, a yodel like sound is a clear case of “apa-swara” – a voice slip. It normally happens to untrained singers when they try to sing in high swaras. However, in film songs it sounds good in a few situations, for instance, in jollity or happy-go-lucky mood.

    When used in a song, the yodel also should conform to the raga of the song; normally it is so. Now, if yodel as an art (if it can be called so) is removed, it simply means that the singer is asked to sing apa-swara. It is to avoid this situation that yodeling is done separately like Yoodeleeey yoodeleeey or Tiri tiri tee yee turu turu too oo oo that stands separated from the lyrics (exceptions are e.g. Chala Jaata Hoon, where yodel forms part of lyrics). Yet, it will not be acceptable for a disciplined music director/singer to have much of it in his songs, let alone making it a hallmark.

    These are probably a few reasons why a disciplinarian in music like Rafi Sahab did not pursue an insignificant act like yodeling and went to explore more scientific layers of music.

  10. unkown1 says:

    As u said Abhijeet what about Manny Dey?what about SJ?LP used Mohd Rafi more than KK,who is Abhijeet when u speak about great singer?Please read the of Naushand Ali u will know who is Mohd Rafi.Naushand said that Mohd Rafi was 50% of him.who can can about KK like that.Shammi Kapoor said if there was no Mohd Rafi there was no Shammi say said by O P Nayar.You said about KK like that.
    You didn’t answer what I asked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Bapan says:

    That’s just because Rafi was prefered more only by few music directors like Naushad,MadanMohan whose popularity is very less compared to the greatest R.D,S.D,Laxmikant-Pyarelal,Kalyanji-Anandji,Bapida,Rajesh Roshan,Salilda,Hemant Kumar & many other music directors,all of whom had used the voice of Kishoreda much more.Anu Malik also said R.D is the most versatile music director & Kishoreda is the best singer.Famous singer Abhijeet,not me,told that Kishoreda is still no 1 to 10.Have u visited the above link I have given,the webmaster has written above that Kishore Kumar is the greatest singer of all times.It is quiet obvious that there is an anti Rafi lobby,because he is a mediocre singer.Now u get lost!!

  12. unkown1 says:

    Dear Bapan,
    My favourite singer not mean that he is the best as Indain Cricket team is u r favourite team but today they are not the best.As u know there is Anti-Rafi Lobby.
    As u said that Kishoreda is still the no 1 to 10 among all playback singers,both male and female but it said by Manny Dey(singer) I hope u know who is Manny Dey and said on Mohd Rafi not KK.
    AS u Said Why is that Rafi did not sing for Randhir Kapoor,Raj Kapoor,Asrani,Mithun,Goldi Anand?Why is that Rafi did not sing for Anil Biswas,Swapan Chakraborty?R.D never went back to Rafi,please check that Mohd Rafi for Raj Kapoor and his son Randir Kapoor also for Mithun,Who is Asrani?how many songs he had?Where is Anil Biswas from the film world?
    why RD Back to Mohd Rafi?Naushand used KK once and never again what it mean?KK singed one Bhajan and never singed again??!!!!!!!!

    A tribute from Sanjeev Kohli (Son of Madan Mohan)
    At the time, everybody, including the hero of the film, wanted Kishore Kumar to be the male lead singer for the film. Rafi Saheb was not at the peak of his performing career, yet my father put his foot down, adamant that only Rafi should sing the songs or he would leave the film.. Of course, after Laila Majnu, Rafi became Rishi Kapoor’s voice in films like Karz., Amar Akbar Anthony, etc., etc”…
    U have KK book that good please tell us about changing his name and became muslim to marry?please read about Mohd Rafi and Listen Mohd Rafi songs

    Dear ZTEK there is Anti-Rafi Lobby in Bollywood not only Mohd rafi u can see that where is SJ,Madan Mohan,LP,Naushad Ali and many more but they give award in the name of RD?!!!!!!!!

  13. Bapan says:

    It is very easy to copy articles from others,foolish Unknown1.Of course,Kishore Kumar was not only the greatest singer,but also the greatest versatile genius in the universe.Kishore Kumar had those 4 qualities 1000 times more than Rafi,& also much more qualities present in Kishore only.

  14. unknow1 says:

    Dear Bapan,
    “Aadmi Musaphir Hae (1978)”because this song singed by Amit Kummar at Zee TV and people said him sing it again but he can’t

    Rafi had 4 unique qualities:
    Quality of voice
    Voice differentiation
    Ability of expression
    Mastery of late entry
    which are unique to Rafi and Rafi alone

  15. John says:

    For all the Kishore Fans here… By writing this I am venting out a burning frustration that had been killing me over last 10 months.

    Last december I was surfing some channels and suddenly saw Kumar Sanu being interviewd on “App Ki Adalat”. While the interviewer praised Sanu for all his achievements, he asked Sanu a few questions on all the social contibutions Sanu is making… and specifically how he is helping the great grand daughter or the grand daughter of Dada Saheb Phalki who is suffering from cancer by giving her money for the cancer treatment…

    Sanu initally doesn’t want to talk about it…but quickly says..something in these lines.

    “Yes I am doing that…whats wrong …. Look at Kishore Da he was so much successful yet never offerd anyone a cup of camparsion “mein accha kar raha hoon na”…haan?…haan?

    At that point…I was dead.

    Whats up with this man. He achieved everything in life..why does he need to downplay Kishore da for nothing. I was happy to see Sanu make a name for himself in early 90’s today …I dislike him. People in India accepted Sanu because of Kishore da.

    When would he learn to respect seniors?. Look at Kishore da how is attributed his success to everyone with whom he associate himself with.

    Remember When Kishore da was asked to sing Kishore da refused saying ” Not even one should feel..Kishore sang them better than Saigal”. Thats respect, thats greatness.

  16. Awards or no awards. Listeners, fans and followers (Awaam) are an artiste’s true award.

    Singers on the world scene before partition lived in an era where there were not many types of awards. Whereas as we see after partition situation has changed.

    Rafi Saheb, Lata Ji, Kishore Da, Asha Ji, Mukesh Ji, Tallat Saheb, Madam Noor Jehan, Mehdi Hassan are the main artiste’s and each one of them can truely claim that they are a school of music i.e. Rafi school of music or Lata school of music etc.

    Above singers are the main foundation pillars on which stands singers music industry. Let me say one thing that we are only talking of film playbacks.

    I think the said names (with handfull of others before them or around their time) are the providers of light and oxygen for singers now and in the days to come. They are the torch bearers, a guiding force which is fuelling engine of music to carry on singing untill this world ends.

  17. Bapan says:

    Unknown 1,
    Correct your spellings & horrible english.You are a horrible,foolish & ignorant person.

  18. Bapan says:

    Kishore Kumar was a much greater human,singer and versatile artist than Mohd. Rafi.He helped everybody.Long live Kishoreda!

  19. unknow1 says:

    Dear Bapan,
    May I know why u hate the only greatest Mohd Rafi because what we know about him a great singer and human!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but who u love he had four wifes and changed his God and never singed for free and never help any one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he said he should be paid before he sing!!!!!!!!

  20. Bapan says:

    I love Kishore Kumar.

  21. Taran Khanuja Malik says:

    Kishore Kumar – I worshipped and still do worship this genius. I loved his comedy films, where he was the hero – Dilli Ka Thug, Asha, New Delhi, Chalti Ka Naam Gaari, etc. and the songs he sang, especially funny songs. I would so appreciate if anyone has the words to the song ” Kooen Mein Kood Ke Mar Jana, Yar Tum Shaadi Mat Karna”, they could publish them here. My God, the versatility of Kishore, and his free style of singing, like he always sang from the heart. Everyone loves his sobre songs, and so do I too.  I am amazed by this genius and talent, and listening to his songs or singing them brings back  my nostalgic memories of my youth. And I haven’t even talked about his multitudes of talents as director, producer, music-director, and on and on the list goes. Truly a genius! Taran K.M.

  22. Bapan says:

    I am the very first person to hate Mohd. Rafi.I hate him to the core.

  23. Debjyoti says:

    Kishoreda is greatest singer in the world.I love his songs more than my life.Kishoreda,do you know you still have millions of fans all over the world?Do you know in yahoo and orkut,your fan clubs have more members than any other Indian singer?You are the best.

  24. Unknow1 says:

    dear Administrator,
    U like to delete what is the true but u don’t want delete what is wrong!!!!!!!!!!Dear Administrator u don’t whar wrote by Abhisek”,stop telling lies”.Could Rafi have sung”Are Diwano”,”Mein hoon Jhumru”,”Na koi dil mein”,”Yeh Pag Ghoongroo”,”Zindagi ke Safar mein”etc.Kishore Kumar could have sung Rafi songs better than him,Dear Administrator I hope u know who is Mohd Rafi but I think u don’t know,

    Dear Abhisek.
    please listen to Mohd rafi songs for one week only u will get better than these songs or the same tape of songs singed by Mohd Rafi.
    You can get Mohd Rafi songs in any topic but KK not

  25. Unknow1 says:

    Dear Administrator,
    thanks for delete what I wrote,Dear Administrator why u don’t want to say us the true about Kishore Kummar?why Kishore Kummar changed his name and became muslim?If is it wrong please tell us the true.
    And please tell us why Kishore Kummar said that he will not sing for Mr Bachchan?Is there is any song which KK tried to sing it but he can’t and that song singed by other singer(mohd Rafi or any other singer)?wait for u r answer.

  26. Abhisek says:

    Well said,Pankaj Mohan,Kishore Kumar is indeed Krishna(the purna avatar),while Rafi is “Anshavatar”.I agree.Dear KKKLAN,I also agree with you that KK has maximum fans and is God.
    Unknown1,first be a good human,stop telling lies,gather minimum knowledge about music and then write.Though Rafi was good,he is nowhere nearby Kishore Kumar.Everyone knows that Rafi was not versatile,Kishore Kumar is best.Could Rafi have sung”Are Diwano”,”Mein hoon Jhumru”,”Na koi dil mein”,”Yeh Pag Ghoongroo”,”Zindagi ke Safar mein”etc.Kishore Kumar could have sung Rafi songs better than him,it was politics that those songs were given to Rafi.Listen to B-grade songs of Rafi,Ugggh…they are horrible.Rafi’s voice declined with age,not Kishore’s.Manna and Mukesh better than Kishore!Oh God,I will die of laughter.

  27. Pankaj Mohan says:

    Who cares what you think about KK’s abilities or not. You don’t have even the common sense to make decent arguments. Forget about the so-called KK’s change of identity (in your own words). Have enough courage, first of all, to come forward with yours true one.

    And let me add one more point. I’ve been very moderate in my previous posts while comparing KK and Rafi…because I love Rafi’s style as well and I don’t want to sound ugly while chatting along with the half-minded Rafi fans like you. But, enough indications of where Rafi stands have already been made in my very first post. He is one of the “Avatars” of singing – Rama – no doubt. But, surely not enough skilled to be called Krishna – the “Purn Avatar”. Rama was termed only “Anshavatar” (the partial one).

    And to understand it you will have to move out of your tiny Rafi-world – the first condition, and try to understand music in its entirety – the second one (which apparently looks hard for you, looking at the way you are churning out crap statements). Now, don’t start posting the same boring arguments again. Come forward only if you have some more constructive and new ideas to add here.

  28. Pankaj Mohan says:

    Thanks Debjyoti,
    I’ve bookmarked this site, and will keep coming and leave behind my ideas on KK periodically. That’s a promise. No I’m not a member of Orkut, but I’ll check down for the fan clubs you are talking about. Keep adding to this site, it already looks pretty good with the kind of information you have gathered for any average KK fan. Best wishes.

  29. Debjyoti says:

    Dear Pankaj Mohan Sab,
    I have seen your writings in Teewariji’s site.You are also a great Kishore Kumar fan,like millions of others in the world.Do write in this site every week.Are you a member of orkut.If yes,please be member of the numerous KK fan clubs(there are many,the no of KK fans is 35,000 more than no of Rafi fans,I have counted).I have also created a KK fan club.

  30. Pankaj Mohan says:

    The two Rafi guys here should understand one thing. This site has been created to fulfil the aesthetic needs of KK fans and not that of Rafi’s. Rafi fans can easily go to some other site and keep begging for the number one spot they have been trying to make a commotion about here.

    For me, who is a great fan of the whole lot of golden 50s, 60s, 70s and until mid 80s, along with a very special appreciation for the KK’s contribution, the Rafi vs KK or KK vs Rafi debate is meaningless. Fans should stop indulging into comparisons and try enjoying KK, Rafi, Mukesh and everyone else from that generation as a single golden past of Hindi Cinema Music.

    And it’s very appropriate for the KK fans to sing praise for his virtuosity on this site, since that is what they have been called for here. Rafi fans should try to comprehend this simple logic and lead to some other place ASAP…Is Puri Dastan Ko Dil Pe Mat Lo…Ab Apane-Apane Ghar Ki Taraf Vapas Prasthan Karo…

  31. KKKLAN says:

    Kishore is Kishore.What he has done for indian music and films can never be forgotten.He is God.It is true that his popularity is more than all singers,past and present.Allmost all of today’s singers like Sanu,Abhijeet,Babul,Vinod Rathode,Sudesh Bhonsle,Amit Kumar,Shaan,Kay Kay follows Kishore as their idol.

  32. Bapan says:

    Kishoreda is the best singer.Hey Kishore fans,let’s not fight with 2 street dogs and let’s enjoy and talk only about greatest Kishoreda.

  33. Debjyoti says:

    Recently on KK’s birthday,Manna Dey told on Aaj Tak that KK was the most talented singer,a true no 1.Bapan has written the comments of famous people on Kishore Kumar.You read them again.He is still most popular.

  34. Debjyoti says:

    just go to all KK fan clubs and Rafi fan clubs in orkut and yahoo,you will see that KK has 30,000 more fans than Rafi.The truth is Kishore Kumar is 100 times more popular than Rafi.100% of KK fans and 90% of Rafi fans believe that KK is greatest singer.

  35. Debjyoti says:

    Unknown 1,
    How clever you are?You have written at that there are less writings at KK’s site.Arey,the write up section at this site has been created from 4August,2006 only.The previous version has no write up sections.
    There are other sites of KK like where there are almost 1000 writings.There are other sites dedicated to KK like EXTREME KISHORE KUMAR and many more.
    Recently I have seen in orkut that KK fan clubs has 30,000 more members than Rafi fan clubs.

  36. Debjyoti says:

    Bapan,everyone knows that Kishore Kumar is best singer with maximum fans,except a mad,illeterate man called Unknown1.He has however told one truth that Kishoreda is a great actor.Unknown1,I pity with you.You alone are fighting for Rafi,amidst so many Kishore fans.It will be better if you don’t humilate yourself any more by quitting this site.Don’t feel bad,just get lost,whooosh!!!!

  37. BAPAN says:

    Unknown 1,
    You should be ashamed that you are telling lies on the personal life of Kishoreda.Most music directors,singers,lyricists believe that Kishoreda is no1(all time)as singer.Do you know more music than them?Kishoreda never changed his name,you bustard,swine.

  38. BAPAN says:

    the song that Kishoreda sang for Naushad is in film Sunhera Sansar called Hello Hello kya haal hai.Lata did not sing for O.P NAIYAR,Rafi also did not sing
    for several music directors.Mukesh is very much unpopular nowadays.You did not know English and music also.So many people have told great things about
    KK.You can buy the book”Kishore Kumar-the many faces of a genius”.

  39. BAPAN says:

    Unknown 1,
    Check on the database of this site to see that Naushad made Kishore Kumar sing in a 1975 film.Not only Anandji but many people told that Kishore Kumar was a great human being,a complete,greatest singer.
    Do you know that a person called JB critisized you greatly and rightfully in this section a few days ago,telling you to leave this site and calling you bad names.Have you seen it?I don’t know why they have been removed.I am telling the administrator to put them back here.

  40. Mohan says:

    I can say that there is no singer comparable with Kishoredada. He is the legend as a versatile singer, actor, musician, director, producer. In bollywood the versatile singing has started with DADA Kishore, he is the first hero-comedean. The bolloywood will never see agian the singer like him.

    His style of singing can not be adopted by any singer. S.P. Balasubramaniam, Udit narayan and Sudesh Bhonsle can little be compared with KK, but no way equal to KK.

    Dada kishore can sing any type of song whether it was: Romantic – makes some one to love, Masti – makes some one to dance, Sad – makes some one to cry, which can not be possible to any other singer. Since 1969 (aradhana) he was undefeated in Bollywood until his death in 1987. Actors, Directors, Producer stoped their cinemas for Dada Kishore to sing in their films. Public in those days used to rush cinema theatres to listen the songs of KK, KK with is voice made many movies lead box office even the cinema was fail as per sotry.

    Example – Dada Kishore did not sing three of amithabh movies because of skirmishes with amithabh, those three movies were flap.

  41. Pankaj Mohan says:

    Rafi and Kishore belonged to two different eras in Hindi film making. The needs of the craft were different when Rafi sand to his peak during the 50s and 60s. When it came to the action and cinema scope extravaganza of the 70s and onwards, Rafi subsided as his classical mould proved insufficient. The industry needed far too more versatile response, something the likes of Kishore, RD Burman and Asha Bhonsle had in them. They had had a huge impact on the generation that grew up listening to their blend since the early 70s onwards.

    I have personally been a maniac KK fan. Never ever visited the Rafi camp or liked his style when I was still growing up at the time of KK’s demise. But, things have somewhat changed since then and I find both singers equally appealing at 37. You can’t compare or denounce the name like Kishore, Rafi and Mukesh. All had something special in them in their own spheres. If Rafi was Rama, the “Maryada-Purshottam” of play back singing that spoke of the finest side of “Hindustani” culture, Kishore was Krishna, the “Purna Avatar”, with all the additional colours and “Mudras” to whip up emotions. Obviously, Kishore was more spontaneous and hence better suited to occupy the stage when Sholay and “Dam Maro Dam” were signaling a transition in the very craft of film making.


  42. gulshan says:

    To me Kishore kumar is the best singer . No one can even touch his place.

  43. Jagdish says:

    These two singers can never be compared. I am a huge fan of KishoreDa, primarily because of his voice and style of singing (imparting the perfect emotion to the composition). That’s what differentiates KishoreDa from the rest.
    However, Rafi saahab had a technical finesse and range that remains unparalled in HFM.

  44. Bapan says:

    I have books on Kishore Kumar and I am giving comments of famous people on KK-
    R.D-(whose favourite singer was KK from the beginning to end & whose max. songs were singed by great Kishore)-Kishoreda is the best male voice in our industry.He can sing classical songs better than any singer.The range,modulation & flexibility in his voice is best.
    Lata-Kishoreda was a samprn kalakar.He could sing any type of song easily.I have no words to praise this musical genius who is an institution by himself.
    Asha-Kishoreda is the best male voice in Indian films.I have got greatest pleasure singing with him.Whenever I think of playback singers,I think about my elder sister and Kishoreda.
    Pyarelal-Kishore Kumar was a brilliant singer,performer and comedian.Many of today’s singers like Sanu,Abhijeet,Babul Supriyo,Vinod Rathode & even Shaan tries to copy him.
    Anandji-Kishoreda was a great singer,probably the only complete singer.He was a great human being also.We owe 90% of our success to him.
    S.D-Working with singer Kishore has given me greatest pleasure.
    Bapi Lahiri-Kishoremama is my all time favourite singer.He has sung so many songs for me.The range in his voice was terrific.He is also the greatest performer in the world.
    Anu Malik-He was God.He has sung allmost 100 songs for me.
    Alka Yagnik-Everybody in my family is his crazy fan.If you see the C.Ds and cassetes in my car and house,you will see that there is an overwhelming majority of two names-Kishore Kumar & Lata Mangeshkar.
    Who told you Unknown1, that Rajesh Khanna did not speak about Kishore’s
    contribution.In the book it was written that-
    Rajesh Khanna-Kishore Kumar is my favourite singer. I owe the majority of my success to him.
    Big B-I feel privileged & blessed to give lip to Kishoreda’s songs.
    Why is that Rafi did not sing for Randhir Kapoor,Raj Kapoor,Asrani,Mithun,Goldi Anand?Why is that Rafi did not sing for Anil Biswas,Swapan Chakraborty?R.D never went back to Rafi,you liar.Why is that Salil Chowdhury,Hemant Kumar used Kishore more?KK had so many hits with R.D,S.D,K-A,L-P,Bapi Lahiri,Rajesh Roshan.He has also sang for Naushad in a 1975 film.
    Many singers like Kay Kay,Kunal Ganjawala,Babul Supriyo,Rex,Abhijeet Sawant,Amit Sana,Debojit,Nihira,Himani,Karunya,Shamit etc. has told Kishore Kumar is their favourite singer.
    Kishore Kumar was not only the voice of Rajesh and Amitabh,you fool.He was also the voice of Dev,Rishi Kapoor,Randhir Kapoor,Shasi Kapoor,Sanjeev Kumar,Kishore Kumar,Mithun etc.
    Kumar Sanu-Kishore Kumar is my favourite,my guru,like millions of others.His expressions and throwing was great.The way he has paved his way as the favourite singer in the hearts of many without learning music proves he is the best.
    Abhijeet-If now a survey is taken,it will be seen that Kishoreda is still the no 1 to 10 among all playback singers,both male and female.
    KK also sang many classic bengali songs,Tagore songs,patriotic songs,classical songs, pop songs,karaoke songs,fun songs,sad songs,situational songs,romantic songs-everything.Many heroes have acknowledged that they got fame due to KK’s songs.

  45. Abhisek says:

    Kishoreda is still the no 1 singer.I feel he is better than anybody else.

  46. ZTEK says:

    I am a big fan of Rafi & Kishore. But technicaly speaking Rafi had the edge over Kishore. When one talks of a golden voice, no singer from any part of the world could match up to Rafi’s unique clear fine voice!
    Bapan gives quotes from Lata & Asha on Kishore. I have recorded quotes by Lata & Asha on Rafi. Lata says on a television documentry “We shall not hear as fine a voice as his for the next 100yrs” Asha says on a Radio tribute to Rafi “There are many good singers, but when you talk of a gifted voice, Rafi had that gift” LP had said “They owed their first filmfare award for their score on Dosti to Rafi”
    Top singers Sonu Nigam, Udit Nayaran belong to the Rafi school who are technicaly better than Kumar Sanu, Babul Supriyo, Kunal, Abhijet etc..
    RD Burman’s rise to fame was due to Rafi & Asha on Teesri Manzil, where was Kishore! Why did SD Burman use Rafi on the big hit “tere mere sapne” and not Kishore. Why did RD Burman used mostly Rafi on Qawalis than Kishore.
    Why did RD Burman use Rafi on “Kya hua tera vada” & not Kishore, for which Rafi had won the filmfare award & National Award.
    Why did Kalyanji Anandji use Rafi on “Zindagi to bewafa hai” (sad version to Kishore’s light version) since it was Kishore’s song after all.
    In some of Kishore acted films, Rafi playbacked for him!
    Its fact, research for yourself, Rafi has sung in more different styles than kishore, from popular, ghazals, bajans, qawalis, 60’s rock&roll, disco, the list goes on!
    When Rafi passed away in 1980, he held the maximum number of male filmfare awards of 6 to kishore’s 3. Remember Rafi made a comeback from the mid 70’s to rival with Kishore, for which when Rafi passed away that gave open ground to Kishore. Remember Filmfare only started giving the playback award to one singer only from 1960, if filmfare had began with the male & female playback award from 1953, Rafi would have held with no doubt the maximum number of male playback awards til now!
    For any intelligent person should know how much politics, prejudice and favourtism there has been in the bollywood industry, Asha Boshle even admitted it herself this has always been the case!
    Sonu Nigam even said “I never realised that Rafi was such a taboo subject” I wonder if Rafi being a muslim had some affect on things, you don’t find many muslim playback singers especially during Rafi’s time!.
    When Kishore came onto the scene with Aradana in 1969, If it was’nt for SD Burman’s ill health, Rafi would have had more songs in the film, so when son RD took over, he gave the better songs to Kishore than Rafi.
    Hence this was good timing for RD, Kishore & Rajesh Khanna which clicked very well and was therefore the main trio to rule from then on. Obviously this gave Rafi a back seat for the first half of the seventies. Hence further to the business side of the industry, it was more investiable to have Kishore as the main male singer than Rafi, that’s why many Producers music directors opted for Kishore at that time. Remember Rafi had ruled the scene in the 50’s & 60’s. It was’nt only Rafi who was affected, big time music directors Shankar Jaikishan fell back along with Madan Mohan, OP Nayar etc..
    It was then Madan Mohan’s insistance to have Rafi than Kishore
    for his superhit score of Laila Majnu in 76 which paid off and raised Rafi on the same level with Kishore until his untimely death in 1980.
    Like I mentioned, I am also a Kishore fan, but if one can honestly see for themselves which male singer had the true golden gift and technical edge, it was Rafi.
    It was on a recent poll by various music directors & singers that Rafi was classed as the most popular male singer according to the top most popular songs of all time.
    On a final note, all from what I have mentioned, I urge you to research for yourself to see if what I mentioned is fact or not.

  47. KKDevotee says:

    Dear bloggers,

    I think its not fair to compare KK with Rafi. KK was a gifted singer and Rafi was trained one. KK sometimes didnt know which Rag he was singing. So for that matter you can say that KK didnt have the “knowledge” of music. Which others might have. But the greatness it that, even he didnt have that knowledge, he could sing anything… yes anything… any Rag or any melody… He could sing classical and non classical with equal magic. No other singer so far has done that. KK was admirer of Rafi but thats a different story. The versatility is the monopoly of KK even till today. Industry used to say that he had Midas touch – the phrase was not used for anybody else so far.

    So lets not fight and hurt each other’s sentiments. Rafi too was a very good singer. He sung more songs then KK. And there are thousands of Fan world wide.

    Boh of them have their right place.

    Lets enjoy their music.

  48. unknow1 says:

    dear Bapan it is from Sagar

    Sagar Says:

    It is wonderful to hear 85-year-old Manna Dey, himself a singing legend, talk about how honoured India is to have had a singer like Mohammad Rafi. It is nice to hear the much younger Sonu Nigam talk about Rafi — who died in July 1980 — and his heritage. “Not only did I dream of becoming a singer because of Rafisaab,” he told me the other day, “I also feel he was and will always be the giant of the musical scene in India.”

    But it is certainly not a nice thing to hear that Rafi did not get his due in his own country, and that he had to be content with a Padma Shri while his contemporary Lata Mangeshkar was honoured with the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian accolade.

    Even as one factors in the absurdity inherent in giving out awards including the Oscars — Alfred Hitchcock never got one and Martin Scorsese is still waiting for his — one ought to note that Rafi had received his Padma Shri in 1965. Lata received a higher award, the Padma Bhushan, but after four years. She received the Bharat Ratna in 2001. Rafi had long passed into the ages by then.

    Lata is among very few musicians including M S Subbulakshmi who have received the Bharat Ratna. Does that mean other eminent musicians like Ravi Shankar, Balamurali Krishna, Bhimsen Joshi or Bade Ali Ghulam Khan did not win sufficient recognition in India?

    Rafi was a singing meteor of his time. Just a dozen songs from films like Baiju Bawra, Kohinoor and Guide assures him immortality.

    And yet, with virtually every composer and singer worshipping him, especially between 1950 and 1970, he got an undue number of songs to sing and unwittingly hurt the careers of contemporaries like Manna Dey, Talat Mahmood, and to a lesser degree, Hemant Kumar.

    He was overexposed to such an extent that some of his songs, especially in films like Aman (composed by Shankar-Jaikishen) and Palki (composer: Naushad Ali) sounded overstretched and over dramatic. And yet some of the most eminent composers including S D Burman were afraid to tell the producers and the stars, especially Rajendra Kumar, Shammi Kapoor and Dharmendra, that there were other good singers.

    One can count the number of songs Manna Dey sang for Burman; it is another story that those few songs — Poocho Na Kaise in Teri Surat Meri Aanken turned out to be milestones.

    Even when Kishore Kumar became a phenomenon with his songs in Aradhana (1970) and monopolised the musical scene for two decades, Rafi was not sidelined. He sang lovely numbers like Kya Hua Tera Wada and Chura Liya for R D Burman even as Kishore hogged the scene. Producers like Nasir Hussain and Manmohan Desai preferred Rafi to Kishore, and older actors like Dharmendra were in Rafi’s camp.

    I don’t remember ever reading or hearing that Rafi, who was known for his impeccable courtesy and great humanity, felt the least discomfort when Kishore Kumar monopolised the Hindi film music scene.

    As one listens to some of the great singers of that era including Manna Dey, Talat Mahmood and Mukesh, one wonders why they did not get more songs.

    “There were many occasions I thought of using Manna Dey for my songs,” composer Ravi told me two years ago, quickly adding that he was in awe of Rafi’s voice. “But the actors often demanded Rafi.” The few songs Manna Dey sang for Ravi in films like Waqt and Ek Phool Do Maali have become classics.

    One producer to resist the We-must-have-Rafi syndrome was B R Chopra. He gave Mahendra Kapoor a good break in Gumrah and repeated him in many films including Dastaan, which featured Dilip Kumar who was beholden to Rafi.

    Indian film music would perhaps have been richer had composers ranging from Madan Mohan to O P Nayyar to Salil Choudhury to S D Burman shown a stronger independent streak and nourished the singing career of other singers.



  49. Neeraj says:


    I too like some of you am a great Kishore Kumar fan, have witnessed and partcipated in great “who’s better?Rafi-Kishore Kumar?” debate. I always believed that while Rafi Saab was a most accomplished singer, Kishore da scored in terms of sheer quality of voice. But I wasn’t sure of this till I heard Ustad Zakir Hussain say this on radio a few months back when asked who two he thought were the best singers. “Rafi Saab for sheer skill, and Kishre Da for purity of voice,” he said. If that helps quell the fight..having come from the Ustad himself. cheers

  50. Bapan says:

    Kishoreda is by far the greatest singer and performer in the world.Dear Kishoreda’s fans,don’t pay heed to what some people says.Shahrukh should make a film on him. Satyajit Ray’s son also made a documentary on him.

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