Suhane geet brings you – Lonely Hearts: Koi Hamdam Na Raha

In a sea full of twos, the lonely hearts stand alone. They have no choice but to give loneliness the name of solitude. No one is there to give their dark lives a ray of hope – something to look forward too. It is not necessary that someone has been alone since the beginning – […]

In a sea full of twos, the lonely hearts stand alone. They have no choice but to give loneliness the name of solitude. No one is there to give their dark lives a ray of hope – something to look forward too.

It is not necessary that someone has been alone since the beginning – this has a way of creeping up on you and ruining your blissful, thriving life in a matter of minutes. When this dark curtain descends, the show of life is brought to an inopportune intermission.

The movie Jhumroo shows how, in a minute, you can feel as if your world has ended. The protagonist of the film – Jhumroo, played by Kishore Kumar is a happy go lucky native who is very content with his life. He is always cheerful and spreads love wherever he goes. This love reaches Anjana – played by the beautiful Madhubala, and he finds that he is falling deeper and deeper in it with her. She too reciprocates his feelings and his life seems like it couldn’t be getting any better.

It couldn’t get better, but it got a lot worse. Anjana is from the upper class and is the daughter of a rich land owner, who also happens to be the villain of the film. As expected, he does not approve of the match and the sad suitor leaves, feeling betrayed and thoroughly disappointed.


At this point, he sings the song Koi Humdum Na Raha…anyone who has ever had their heart broken would immediately empathize with him because the emotions are so stark and raw – it hurts. An exemplary actor of the industry, he has also sung the song and maybe that’s why he has been able to emote so well. He sings about having no confidante and support in life – he feels utterly lonely. There is nothing but loneliness around him that threatens to engulf his life with darkness. In this darkness, he has no way of finding his goal, or a light because that very light has ceased to exist for him. He implores the hills and the trees to not laugh at his plight and mock him. He is lost in the woods and does not know where to go- is trudging along like a weary traveler with no place to be.

In this extremely heart rending song, we see Anjana burning to go to her lover. Even though she does not express her feelings in words like Jhumroo, her anguish and distress is quite evident and you end up feeling really sorry for the two of them – wishing that you could do something to help them. At some point, the film ceases to be just a film and urns into a manifestation of our own desires, fears and fights.

The connection that the two characters create in this song becomes a bond which attaches not only the two of them, but also includes us since we open our hearts and minds for these two lonely hearts – because at some point in life, we too have felt this helpless and forlorn.

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11 Blog Comments to “Suhane geet brings you – Lonely Hearts: Koi Hamdam Na Raha”

  1. binu nair says:

    By range or type you can’ t beat a Mohd Rafi number in this

    So far after 26 years – we all long for a Mohd Rafi….. its difficult
    to come by…

    So music lovers around the world live with Rafi-Lata numbers….
    Some Kishore numbers are no doubt great…

    binu nair

  2. Monty says:

    Kishore Kumar is next to Rafiji, this you will realize after you pass 40 of your age.

  3. Anuj says:

    Kishore Kumar is the greatest of all singers.

  4. Abhisek says:

    Kishoreda jaisa koi nahin.Sorry to say,Rafi was a quite an average singer.This song is a masterpiece,written and composed by the God,my guru,everyone’s guru Kishoreda.It is based on jhinjhiti raaga.

  5. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Who say KK jaisa koi nahin? Rafi Sahab laajawaab the. Far better than KK.

  6. Jyoti says:

    Whenever I listen this song it make me feel like no one can express the feeling of loneliness like this voice. Everybody has gone through the feeling of loneliness at least once in life & He reminds that feelings in this song. No one could give justice to this song than Kishoreda.
    He is truely versatile singer. Kishoreda jaisa koi nahin.

  7. vinod nair says:

    The first time I ever cried in my adult life was when I heard that Kishore Kumar died. Even today I well up remembering that. Here is arguably the greatest entertainer that ever lived.

    Although I have been a fan of his ever since ‘meri sapnon ki rani…’ registered on my young mind, it is only recently that I have heard some of his rarely heard or played songs and I consider myself fortunate to have been born in that part of the world where I was exposed to his artistry; his singing.

    Not to diminish other great artists, but you have to give it to KK for rendering songs of all shades with such immense feeling, be it of joy, love, romance, sadness, solitude, separation, confusion, silliness, drunkenness… the list goes on… His original compositions are so simple in their arrangement, yet so touching in their beauty!

    And who can equal his capability to match voices of the actors for whom he sang? That is an incredible talent. You can make out who the actor is by listening to the song! And the most extreme example of this is the duet ‘Aake seedhi lagi dil pe jaise kataria…’ that he sang for Pran and himself as a woman – yes he sang both the male and female part of the song in a single recording! Check it out!

    Yes, I am fortunate indeed! Kishore da… thank you for the music! Thank you!


  8. subhasish sen gupta says:

    I do hereby declare myself as a blind fan of kk. one should go through the book called “kishore kumar-the many faces of a genius” complied by viswash ji (viswash nerurkar). If anyone want to know the details and whereabouts of our beloved kk then one should buy the above named book and go through it once in a while. well, after going through this book and being influenced, i am here to start a biography on our beloved pancham da (rahul dev burman) since an anthology has also been published by viswas ji himself.

  9. Messi says:

    Yeah, this song is touchy. Everytime I listen to it, I feel it has some midhas effect.
    What a marvelous composition, lyrics and rendition.

    Great Kishore and great is his deeds.

  10. binu nair says:

    Another gem from KK. The pathos, sensuousness, philosophy laden
    lyrics, tuning and the rendition is unsurpassed. Kishore da was
    a very serious person from the heart – inspite of his many jocular

    A song he sung for O P Nayyar : Kaajal mera nirala, surma le lo is
    another gem from the boisterous genre in which KK marvels. What
    a great rendition.

  11. A Singh says:

    The song is written, composed and sung by Kishore Kumar himself. Kishore Kumar did a few compositions during the early sixties, when he was not getting many assignments from other composers. Indeed KK has brought out his heart in the song conveying his solitude.

    The song is simply remarkable perhaps one of KK’s best works of all times. KK may not be a full fleged composer or a song writer but what ever he wrote or composed is of very high calibre.

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