19th Death Anniversary Tribute

To Commemorate Guru’s death anniversary – 13th October 2006 that is today, we are presenting excerpt videos from Zindagi Ek Safar. The yoodleeyoo radio will be playing Guru songs at different time slots. Radio relay will be – (only on Oct 13, 2006) Slot 1 – 12 noon to 3.30 p.m. IST Slot 2 – […]

To Commemorate Guru’s death anniversary – 13th October 2006 that is today, we are presenting excerpt videos from Zindagi Ek Safar. The yoodleeyoo radio will be playing Guru songs at different time slots.

Radio relay will be – (only on Oct 13, 2006)
Slot 1 – 12 noon to 3.30 p.m. IST

Slot 2 – 7 pm to 10.30 p.m. IST

Part 1 – Guru sings for us


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38 Blog Comments to “19th Death Anniversary Tribute”

  1. subhasish sen gupta says:

    excellent site and excellent creation. Really he was an enchanting and a genius artist of an era than we ever had. he was really an industry and by joe, by the grace of god only, we did have such a great artist and a great “fankaar”. thank u for this wonderful site.

  2. I also like kishoreda songs such as phoolon ke dere Hain from Zameer, Kitne phool kitne phed from Teri Baahon mein, Jeevan Ke safar mein Rahi from Munimji, Hum Hai Rahi Pyar ke from Nau Do Gyarah

  3. Dr.MukulKumar says:

    Dear Sharrukh Khan Sahab, Making film on the life of Kishore Kumar won’t be enough to show your admiration to the great maestro. If you want to do anything to Kishore Da, please raise his name for the Dada Saheb Phalke Award. At the outset it might sound against the trend (Dada Saheb Phalke Award is never given posthumously). But my dear friends; do remember that our beloved singer was always different; even in his life time, Kishore Da set his own trend of music, films, acting and his life style.Kishore Da must undoubtedly be rated as the most versatile artist of the Indian film industry. As you all know, having a God-gifted musical sense, he was not only an unmatched singer but also an excellent lyricist, composer, actor, director, producer… And so, he was a “complete film institute” in himself. So he best deserved the Dada Saheb Phalke award, the highest accolade in Indian cinema. If he was not recognized for this award during his life time, it is the mistake of the award/nomination committee. This mistake must now be corrected by conferring this distinction to him posthumously.

    Hence this is my open appeal to all Kishore fans, and specially to the top senior heroes of Bollywood, who ever lent the voice of Kishore, that they should now raise their voice to get Kishore his due. If his contemporary singers – Lata and Asha – can be given this award, why not Kishore? I am not sure but perhaps late Prithwiraj Kapoor was also conferred with this distinction posthumously.

    Although Kishore Da is more credited for his comedy and free-style romantic songs, the depth of his voice can be witnessed even in his early-phase sad-songs which portray an un-dramatic, very natural cry of a broken heart. Similarly, although his home-production films are better known as the laughter medicine, those have a message of love, philosophy of life, and those can be said to be the mirror of the contemporary society. We always say that Kishore Da is not dead; he can never die; he is immortal in his all-time songs with us. But even the departed soul is watching us from the heaven. I think his exact evaluation is yet to be done; real reorganization is yet to be given; true tribute is yet to be paid.

  4. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Kishore Kumar had sungs many good songs, although Rafi Saheb is my favourite.

  5. Anil Varughese says:

    Kishore da is God’s Blessing to Indian Music Industry. His songs really touches the heart. I love Kishore Da.


  6. Kishore Da also sang for a T V Serial too……. it was the title trach “Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi”

  7. usman says:

    What a voice!!! An exceptionally talented man with a voice adaptable to heroes of all age and sizes. The best part that the expressions he put in his voice actually improved the on screen performance of a lot of heroes. He is truly unimitable. There is not a program where I perform without any of his numbers. We miss you Kishore Da and would have loved to hear a lot of these modern day hits sung by your clones in your original true voice…

  8. Ever since the child hood i have been a great fan of Kishore Kumar and i am still a great fan of kishore Kumar even today…….. I met His family in 2001, when his son Amit Kumar was performing at Shanmukhanand hall on his 14th Death Anniversary…. presenting Kishore Kumar songs..
    “Kishore Kumar comes alive with Amit Kumar”
    But I have no contact with his family since few months…… as i kept talking to the family and started having few connections with bollywood since then…….. I wished that Kishore Kumar was alive today to see his granddaughter Muktika Ganguly who will be turning two on the 31st December 2006…. I hope to meet up Leenaji, Amit da and Sumeet soon again…….. I Sing Kishore Kumar songs and i sing like him……. my friends & family call me Kishore kumar of the 21st century…… as there will be no Kishore Kumar born again in any of the centuries…..I have watyched few of his programmes on TV and I like all his songs ever since Kishore da came in the 1940’s till his death in 1987……
    Kishore Kumar was born in a bengali family in Khandwa on the Sunday 4th August 1929…….. since the child hood he was very fond of singing K. L Sehgal songs…… and his eldest brother entered films in 1934 when young Kishore was five years old…..he then came to bombay at the age of 18 and he told his eldest Brother Dadamoni(Ashok Kumar)to Introduce him to Sachin Dev Burman…… Dadamoni said this small thing…… Dadamoni said, i know him very well, he is making music for my film, come lets go to meet him……. and they reached Burman da’s house……. Kishore da was very happy to see Sachin Dev Burman….. little later Dadamoni told Sachin da, “that my brother also sings little bit”……. Sachin Da asked “who, your brother??? What is your name my boy? He said my name is Kishore…. O Kishore, sing then”, then Kishore da sang the the most popular bengali song that was famous in those days…. Sachin da laughed and “he is copying me Dadamoni, his voice is very good, I will give a chance to sing”…….. Kishore da never thought in his dreams that Sachin da will make him sing for his film…… kishore da was very happy and this is how started Kishore’s career as a play back singer…….
    He approaced khemchand Prakash for the Song Ziddi released in 1948 with the song for Dev Anand, the song was marne ki duaen kyun maangoon……. before that he sang for S. D. Burman in the film Eight Days(Aath Din) released in the year 1946 with the song Baaka Saphaiya Ghar jai Ho…….
    he started his career as a play back singer…… but his actual song was from Aath Din(released in 1946) and the music was by S. D. Burman…… Kishore Da was also an Actor too from the film Shikari(1946) till the film Door Wadiyon mein Kahin(1982)
    He was a great legendry and a Versitile, as a Producer, Director, Actor, PlayBack singer, Music Director/Composer, Lyricsist, Scripted aswell as narrated too…….. Kishore Da’s turning point came with Aradhana(1969) and remained till the top till the very end in 1987…….. Kishore da married four times… first wife was Ruma Devi(who gave birth to his son Amit Kumar), The couple divorced soon after the release of the Kishore ‘s own production film Chalti ka Naam Gaadi(1958)
    He later married Madhu Bala in 1960….. but married broke nine years with her premature death in 1969…… He then married Yogeeta Bali in 1975 and lasted for jhust one month and finally he married Leena Chandavarkar in 1978 and from Leena he has another son Sumeet Kumar(born in 1982) and was just five years old in 1987, when Kishore Kumar passed away at the age of 58.
    I remember Kishore Da even today….. though i have never met him as i was just 11 years old when he passed away…… and I was in standard V in 1987 when Kishore Da passed away…… I heard few of Kishore da bengali songs too……. one was his famous Tagore song Ami Chini Go Chini from the bengali film Charulata film and Music was Satyajit Ray which was released in 1964 and another song Sei Raate Raat Chilo Poornima was written & composed by Kishore Kumar himself…….
    I too yoodle like Kishore Kumar and would like to sing for films with Amit Kumar and Sumeet Kumar……….

  9. Mahesh Joshi says:


    I am also a Shishya of the Guru Kishoreda. I can’t say anything more than this that he is a GOD for me. I want to purchase the book “Kishore Kumar: The Many Faces of a Genius: Gayatri Publications” written by Vishwas Nerurkar but I am not getting it I looked at lot of book stores. So can anybody help me where I will get this book. Please help me.


    Mahesh Joshi

  10. dear kishor daa.
    I always fell you deeply when I hear you. how , i can meet you
    in my life?. You are alwaye in our hurts.

  11. Kimadio says:

    It was a great pleasure for me to visit and enjoy your site. Keep it running!

  12. dharamdeep says:

    the voice of kishore kumar emanates something magical, divine and stunning piece of art. his honey smooth voice was, is and will be unparalled for eons. the reason i like kishore kumar over others is the subtle manner in which he did the rendition to one of the most difficult songs. the happy songs sung by him has a certain tinge of joviality and the sad songs have the feeling of pain and emotion splattered. when we look at his voice it could be found that the vocal was very masculine and equally soft & tender. till then there were no one like him and when he got discovered he got instant recognition. slowly and steadily he moved forward and year 1969 paved the way for reaching newer realm of fame and glory with a super duper hit movie aaradhna. there was no looking back since then and he remained in the topmost slot among singers until his untimely death in 13th october 1987.

  13. KKKLAN says:

    Kishore Kumar is the best singer in the world undoubtedly.The huge no of his fans is a proof.Everyday in the radio,tv,houses,streets,shops,autos-everywhere,his songs can be heard.He is alive,the genius is immortal.The huge no of his fans in orkut is also another proof.He could have made history only by singing but he was an all-rounder.Really awesome talent.Hats off to you-Kishore Kumar.

  14. ali says:

    great job dear Chirag Patel,
    really mohd rafi Mukesh and Kishore they are still at the top,what u said “Gift from God and you made it Gift to God!” it was said by famous singer Talat mahmood on Mohd rafi

  15. Rajan Sareen says:

    Kishore ‘Da’ was one of a kind, an all rounder. He had a certain passion about life which you can see in his videos. He lived each moment to the fullest extent. It was an entrhralling experience to watch his concert with Lata Mangeshkar in New York. He was always joking around and making every situation very light. Yet his singing was unmistakably perfect. He sang each and every song gustoso. His own voice was like an instrument. And as destiny would have it, he was associated with Sachin Dev Burman, another unique legend. I salute you Kishore ‘Da’ for showing people that you can lead a life without any attachment and still emanate a feeling of ‘oneness’ through your voice. Sir, you truly are ‘The Unparalleled’, ‘The Inimicable’ and ‘The Everlasting’. May God bless you with peace.

  16. abhijeet ganguly says:

    dear kishoreda,
    som1 like a kumar sanu made a career just because a

    a few music composers felt that he sounded like u..the

    difference between a kishore kumar and a kumar sanu

    is as big as the differnce between amitabh bechchan and

    his duplicate.

  17. M.Iqbal, Cochin says:

    Kishore Da reached everybody-whether a affluent man or poor, but mostly to the man on the street. He had the throbbing heart to flush out human feelings as such. The actor, the voice and after all the great human in him make him eternal.

  18. sildenafil says:

    Good site, admin. Thank you!

  19. Praveen Moses says:



  20. Chirag Patel says:

    Kishroe Daa,

    No one can sing like you – yes there are lots of people who has the voice that you had yet they dont have the feeling that you had for your songs. They just sing becuase they want to or have too – but you sung becuase your heart and soul belived in it. Each song you had sung had all your heart and soul in it. Daa you were, are and will always be BEST of the BEST. I bet, God is having really great time up there with you – God can listen to you any time he wants and see you and talk to you and be with you anytime he wants – But Kishore daa, we miss you so much… All these new singers are nothing but JUNKIES – they want to be Kishore Daa, M.Rafi Saab and Mukeshji – but they dont know that you guys were Gift from God and you made it Gift to God! You are the BEST!!!! I LOVE YOU from bottom of my heart and soul.

    Yours Truely,
    Chirag Patel

  21. sagar says:

    ur web site is also very very nice and informative

  22. sagar says:

    videos are very nicely presented hats off to kishore kumar

  23. Tayyab says:

    My all prayers and wishes for the legend. i love his voice but i am the most unfortunate that i donot have his videos of his performance at stage. if anyone knows please let me know. Being a Pakistani i must say that we have a great respect for the legends just like Kishore Kumar.

  24. aditi says:

    I fully agree with deb that god spoke to us through kishorejis voice . missing you a lot kishoreji . may god bless your soul and keep you happy for eternity . your footprints on the sands of time can never be erased .

  25. prem jhalli says:

    May your soul rest in peace. Through your immortal songs we remember you everyday.

  26. prem jhalli says:

    kishoreda we miss you lot

  27. manoj says:

    He was an ultimate person with a divine voice and the ragas of any song could enlighten any depressed heart bringing bliss to the listener’s ears.

  28. Debjyoti says:

    Kishoreda,please sing Happy Birthday To You in the heaven as today is my birthday.I am sure u will entertain the Gods.Dear Deb,u r right.Kishoreda’s voice is God’s.

  29. Deb says:

    He is a GOD and genius…. You will always remain in my heart of hearts till I die….
    I cannot even watch the last clip in this series where he is lying silently dead…..brings tears to my eyes….


  30. colonel abhaya says:

    Maut to hai usi ki jis par maatam kare ye duniya ,
    yoon to sab aaye hain is jahaan mein marane ke liye,

  31. arshad mahmood says:

    The evergreen Kishore Kumar saab, theres no words to describe you, there’s not a day that passes without listening to your magical voice BADI SOONI SOONI HAI ZINDIGI YEH ZINDIGI without you.

  32. Debjyoti says:

    The radio service today is great.So many rare gems of Kishoreda.But unfortunately I can’t play the videos.

  33. Subir Biswas says:

    May his soul rest in peace….We only can pay our respect through your songs.

    Guru…tumhara example to sirf tum hi ho…Tumhara gaana hi hai tumhara puja ke phool…

    You will always remain in my heart…

  34. KKKLAN says:

    My salute to the genius.

  35. Messi says:

    We miss you Kishore Kumar. May your soul rest in peace.
    Your Music is God Gift to us.

  36. Prosenjit Ganguly says:

    Nobody can forget you Kishore da. Your contribution will be remembered for ages to come.

  37. Ratnesh Tiwari says:

    Kishoreda will always remain in our heart. For him i would like to say


    Kishoreda had given a new wavelength and amplitude to the singing.

  38. Debjyoti says:

    I pay my tribute to Kishoreda.We miss you so much.

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