Evergreen Friendship – Kishore and Dev Anand

Known as the evergreen actor of Bollywood, it is nothing out of the ordinary that this great veteran of Indian cinema has the same kind of dedication in his personal relationships as well. Dev Anand has always been cited as one of the best actors that our silver screen has ever seen. But this fame […]

Known as the evergreen actor of Bollywood, it is nothing out of the ordinary that this great veteran of Indian cinema has the same kind of dedication in his personal relationships as well. Dev Anand has always been cited as one of the best actors that our silver screen has ever seen. But this fame did not let his head move away from his shoulders and he is one of the most down to earth actors ever. He never forgot his friends and stuck by their side – be it rain or sunshine. This is very evident with the beautiful relationship that he shared with Kishore Kumar.

Incidentally, it was Kishore’s brother Ashok Kumar who first spotted Dev Anand hanging around at the studio and got him his first break. His association with Kishore Kumar started when the former sang for him in the movie Ziddi. This helped him establish himself as an actor as the songs were very well received by the audiences and Dev Anand became quite a sensation after that. But along with fame, he also got something which was probably more important – he had forged a very strong bond of friendship with the maverick Kishore Kumar; one that was destined to go a long way.

Now there was no looking back for either of them. As Kishore Kumar started getting more recognition as a singer, he sang for Dev Anand. Some of the songs that the super hit duo had success with are “jeevan ke safar mein rahi…” from the movie Munimji and “chodd do anchal…” from the film Paying Guest. And who can forget the song “hum hain rahee pyaar ke…” from Nau Do Gyarah? This extremely wonderful pairing continued with more hit sagas like “gata rahe mera dil…” from the colossal hit Guide and “pal bhar ke liye koi hume…” from Johny Mera Naam. Whew! Quite exhaustive, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The beauty lies in the fact that the above mentioned movies belong to different generations and at a certain point in time, there were no assignments coming Kishore Kumar’s way. Even then, Dev Anand stuck by and insisted on having him in on a lot of projects. Even when Dev Anand made his directorial debut with Prem Pujari, he did not forget his old friend and Kishore sang for him. Though the film did not do very well, the music became very popular and was well received by the audience.

Their association continued even further and right until the time both of them were in the business, they never strayed too far from each other. Along with the industry, Dev Anand also felt the loss of Kishore Kumar as not only had he lost his screen singing voice, but more importantly, he lost a good friend. Their fame spread so wide that a song that they did together- “pal bhar ke liye koi…” from Johny Mera Naam was used in an episode of The Simpsons.

We are sure that Dev Saab will never forget his friend and will cherish the moments and success that they shared forever. So will we.

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13 Blog Comments to “Evergreen Friendship – Kishore and Dev Anand”

  1. KishoreisGOD says:

    kishore Kumar is born every 50000000 years

  2. krishnan says:

    this is a very nice picture. both kishore da and devanandji are my all time favourites.

  3. rajdev says:

    its majic

  4. lokesh says:

    kishore da always remain no 1

  5. vikas sharma says:

    great picture man continue that way.
    one of my favourites of the duo is”phoolon ki raang se dil ki kalam se…………………………………………lena hoga janm hume kaye kaye baar”.A great and relevant article but plz try to post more pictures of the legend with various music directors and other personalities.

  6. vikas sharma says:

    there are very few photographs that have been posted on this site of the legend known as kishore da why dont u all post huge photograhs of kishore da with the various music directors,actors and other personalities

  7. Paulami Basu Mallik says:

    I love u kishore dada……..U made my life

  8. chagala says:

    if god appears and grants me a wish. I will ask him to make kishore born again. The more i listen to kishore songs the more i miss him so much. ther will not be another k k inanother 40000yeras. his stage shows should be atleast be shown around mor efrequently so that people wont miss him so much

  9. Prasanna says:

    It is unfortunate to lose the great humanbeings, especially the legends like Kishore da. We are seeing him through his voice. It is indeed a graet loss to us. The versatality ofthis great singer is that he sings to the tune of heros. Some of the heros has become superstars after being sung their songs by Kishore da.

    Many Many Happy retuns of the day (04/08/2007), Kishore da amar hi, henis alive through his songs even today & years to follow. I pay great respect to the legend Kishore da.

  10. Messi says:

    God Article man !!! yeah SDB, Majrooh and Shailendra(Kishore’s favorite lyricists),
    Dev Anand all were parts of a great combo.

    Thanks for the article

  11. M.Bala says:

    Dev Saab and Kishore were an inseparable pair. The article truly brings the bond between them. Once in a concert in Mumbai, Amit Kumar narrated this incident. Long after Kishoreda’s passing away one day Dev drove to Kishoreda’s house and kept looking at his portrait in his home and kept saying”jaldi chalagaya” repeatedly. Such was their friendship, I guess. I am a die hard fan of both of these legends, which I am proud of.

  12. A Singh says:

    Once again the credit goes to S D Burman and Majrooh Sultanpuri Combo. S D Burman’s invention for composition of songs for couples in joyfull mood helped Kishore in establishing a full flagged singer in the 50s and becoming one of the main voice for Dev Anand.

    The above article doesn’t mention any thing about S D Burman or Majrooh.

  13. Manish Kumar says:

    That is a beautiful photo and a beautiful story. I know your intention wasn’t this but I want to clarify that we don’t need the West to “certify” what is great or not. They used that gem of a song – I appreciate the recognition but it wasn’t really necessary. Kishore Kumar will be evergreen. I was just watching a movie called “Piya Ke Ghar” with Jaya Badhuri. Horrible movie is saved by a great song from Kishore Kumar. I loved his voice when he sang low. My favorite Dev Anand – Kishore songs is: Mana Janab Ne Pukara Nahi

    I don’t really understand the lyrics of the opening title here (I do speak Hindi but not nearly as well as I should since I grew up in US). It is a CHILDHOOD favorite and my earliest remembrance of Kishore Kumar along with his classics that he sang for Amitabh in the 70s and especially 80s (I was born in 1985).

    Great combination. Thanks for article.

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