K for Kishore: Hum To Mohhabat Karega (5th Episode)

Kishore Kumar Dil Se Memories are precious. Some songs become a part of our life and the 5th episode was dedicated to such memorable song sung by none other than Kishore Kumar. His voice has the ability to reach the very soul of the listener and make such an indelible impact that it becomes a […]

K For KishoreKishore Kumar Dil Se
Memories are precious. Some songs become a part of our life and the 5th episode was dedicated to such memorable song sung by none other than Kishore Kumar. His voice has the ability to reach the very soul of the listener and make such an indelible impact that it becomes a part of his life. The episode made an incredible opening with Amit Kumar singing one of his father’s hit number ‘Aye Tum Yaad Mujhe’.

Amit Kumar – Aaye Tum Yaad Mujeh

Kicking off the show further, Babul Supriyo and Rajeshwari introduced the prevailing theme that was ‘Kishore Da Dil Se’. it was also the first face off or ‘Amne Samne’ round. Supriyo was as usual and Rajeshwari had dressed like the 70’s actresses, looking quite pretty. Participants from both Jhumroo and Bangdu teams performed one after the other. Rajeshwari made it evident that after the singers from both teams perform, an average will be taken considering their scores and the team which scores more will get a Kishore Kawach, where as one singer from the team which scores less will have to bid farewell to K for Kishore. So it became a tough challenge as the mistakes of the participants’ performance can not only put them, but also the whole team, in danger.

The first performer to come on stage was Apurva from Jhumroo team. Clad in traditional Bengali dress. He chose the number ‘Yeh Jeevan Hai’ from the movie ‘Piya Ka Ghar’, with music by Laxmikant-Pyarelal. This song has been sung with such passion that it becomes really difficult for anyone to recreate that feeling. The same happened with Apurva. He took a very high note and could not create the magic.

Apoorva – Yeh Jeevan Hai

The song reminded Amit of an incident associated with the legendary singer. Listening to Kishore Kumar sing this song, Ashok Kumar could not restrain himself from crying, it relieved him from the pain of his wife’s death, little had he known then that, Kishore Kumar would also follow her way after a few days. The judges also found that Apurva was not able to sing it in the right tone and feelings. But he was able to get appreciation for trying to sing it in the right tune. He got a total score of 23.

Amit Kumar shares an incident about Yeh Jeevan Hai

The next singer to perform was Khsitij from the Bangroo team. He sang the beautiful song from Golmaal ‘Aanewala Pal’ another magical song created by the duo of R.D. Burman and Kishore Kumar. He was given some lessons of singing this particular song by Sudesh Bhonsle. Bappi Lahri was stricter than usual and he found Khsitij unable to create the mood. Over all he was able to get a score of 19.

Kshitij Wagh – Aane Wala Pal Jaane Wala Hai

Amit Kumar shares Info about Aane Wala Pal

As a rule the singer to come next was from the Jhumroo team. It was Harsh Vyas. He admitted that the song ‘Aa Chal Ke Tujhe Leke Chaloon Mein Door Gagan Ke Tale’ initiated him to music. He remembered watching this song in Doordarshan. He even remembered Amit Kumar who was a child actor in that song. Amit wanted Harsh to judge himself, to which he meekly admitted that he was not up to the mark. Sudesh found that his voice nearer to Kishore’s. Harsh was able to get a score of 17.

Harsh Vyas – Aa Chal Ke Tujeh

Bangdu Chetan Rana was the next to come on stage. He sang the number ‘Woh Shaam Kuchh Ajeeb Thi’. He got a total score of 21. His belief that everything happens for good, paid him well. While Amit liked his singing, Bappi found him to lack the oomph and Sudesh found him to be in tune. Over all his performance was liked. He also came up with the question on the fact that Kishore Da was not trained in classical music. Amit said Kishore Da never used to practice before shows but he used to practice K.L. Sehgal’s songs a lot.

Chetan Rana – Voh Sham Kuch Ajeeb Thi

Amit Kumar tells though Kishore Da was not classically trained, he used to follow K.L.Saigal and would insist on always trying to sing straight

It was followed by Babul Supriyo singing ‘Mere Naina Sawan Bhadon’, picturized on Rajesh Khanna and Hema Malini.

Babul Supriyo – Mere Naina Saawan Bhadon

Jhumroo Vinod chose the song from ‘Namak Haaram’ ‘Diye Jalte Hain, Phool Khilte Hain’. It got an average score of 18 with all sixes from all the judges. Bappi suggested him to sing without constraining himself. Sudesh suggested him not to be biased by any particular style of Kishore Kumar and sing with ease not trying to create an artificial style.

Vinod Seshadri – Diye Jalte Hein Phool Khilte Hein

Amit Kumar shares Kishore Da used to hate vibrations

Suhas Sawant who seems to have been winning all hearts with his innocent smile and humble ways sang the most loved song ‘Kuch Toh Log Kahenge’. Amit again recollected an incident when people used to criticize him for not being able to sing closer to Kishore Kumar. Kishore sang this song and told him not to bother about rumors and it should not stop him from trying his best. Suhas scored a total of 19. The rest of the singers will perform in the next episode.

Suhas Sawant – Kuch Tho Log Kahenge

Amit Kumar recollects about criticism

The episode also witnessed Bappi giving a new dimension to commercial breaks by singing, ‘Pahle Aya Rock N’ Roll, Phir Aya Twist, Phir Aya Disco, Aur Phir Break Break Break’.

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6 Blog Comments to “K for Kishore: Hum To Mohhabat Karega (5th Episode)”

  1. I agree to a certain extent about the comments on this show. The real talents and gifts of God are the Chote Ustaads’… unbeleivable.

  2. ashwin ji, nobody can get voice of Kishore da.

  3. To each his own Kulkarniji, to each his own.

  4. Ashwin Patel says:

    I agree with Chandrashekhar. Anyone can at least sing a song since we have a mouth, but, but the voices are never never matching the great singer who has given a food, a water and a support in other people’s lives.
    These people are even practicing a lot to come out and sing on the stage.
    However, their singing is not a singing, but it is a joke, to keep the show going.

    We need to search better singers and Sony should change their strategy and make the never ending show until we find the matching VOICE OF KISHOREDA, somewhere, in some corner of the world.

    Kishoreda’s throat is like a perfectly tuned and ready to play a music instrument, that is so sweet that other man made sweets are sour in front of it, and can go in a bad test the next day. Kishoreda was trained in heaven before he was born, as it is evident in his voice, that is the work of god that he gives us as a gift in a different forms to keep his creations vibrating. Kishoreda is a great gift to us from our creator.

    Kishoreda will never be forgotten.


    Kishore Bhakt ji,
    Apologize, but I must beg to differ. This Sawant Guy CANNOT sing! I CANNOT believe how that Rageshwari praise this kid to high heaven, or the judges say “Bahut Achcha…”! Please listen to the SAREGAMAPA little challenge on Zee or even CHOTE USTAAD on Star Plus.

    Just because KK’s songs are SUPERB, anyone can attempt to sing and then we say that “the singer was good”. The SONG is good and especially in this CASE, this Suhas Sawant guy is not gifted with a good voice.
    NONE of these singers are….But then this could be a matter of opinion….aap to jantey hain…..duniya mein aisey bhi log hain jo kehtey hain ki QAZI TAUKEER is a superb singer!!!

    Ab batao.

  6. Sawant was good in kuch to log kahege. Babul was also good in mere naina sawan bhado.

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