K for Kishore: Hum To Mohhabat Karega (3rd Episode)

Recreate Retro and Romance Glorious era of music that Kishore Kumar and his contemporary music directors like R. D. Burman have created, still lingers in young and old hearts alike. This unique music reality show literally pays homage to the great singer and his indelible presence in Indian Cinema. The mystery and enigma of Kishore […]

Recreate Retro and Romance

Glorious era of music that Kishore Kumar and his contemporary music directors like R. D. Burman have created, still lingers in young and old hearts alike. This unique music reality show literally pays homage to the great singer and his indelible presence in Indian Cinema. The mystery and enigma of Kishore da’s music has always given us pleasure and will continue to do so.

Leena Chandavarkar and general public remembering Kishore Da.

This episode of K for Kishore saluted Kishore as well as the most beautiful of all emotions ‘Love’. Numerous hearts beat listening to the tunes of kishore da’s romantic songs, each finding something that suits his/her life or his/her mood. The rainbow of Kishore da’s music fills unique colors to each and everyone.

Babul Supriyo singing Tum Hi Tho Laaye Jo Jeevan Mein Mere

Babul Supriyo, after going through the ordeal of signing two shows with two different channels finally managed to land on the sets of K for Kishore, as promised by Sony entertainment Channel. The beautiful ex-hostess of another music show ‘Antakshari’ (she used to compare the show with Anu Kapoor) Rajeshwari Sachdeva seems to compliment Supriyo. The easy going manner of the singer and the beauty gels very well indeed.

Unlike other reality shows, this show starts with general public expressing their love for the legendary singer. As you wait for the curtains to be drawn up, you hear Babul Supriyo echoing the stage. This episode began with Supriyo like a true disciple of Kishore Kumar singing “Tumse Kehnewali…”. The star guest for this week as expected was one of the talented beauties of Indian silver screen, Asha Parekh. Supriyo tries to impress her with the “Pyar Deewana Hota Hai”. With the regular judges Sudesh Bhonsle, Bappi Lahri and Amit Kumar, the show came alive to the fullest.

Vinod Seshari singing Chehera Hai Yaa Chand Khila Hai

The first contestant, or rather as the show addresses the participants like the followers of the great singer actor, Jhoomru in this episode was Vinod Seshadri. Imagining himself to be on a beach admiring the beauty of a young girl, Vinod sings “Chehra hai yaa chand khila hai” from the movie “Saagar”. Among various mixed comments, his voice praised, miss of rhythm condemned, Vinod was advised to try harder and come up with an improved performance in the next show, with a total score of 19.

Sameer Memon singing Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si

Vinod was followed by Sameer Memon, a true disciple of Kishore da and a strong music believer, and a true romantic, created magic with the sensuous number “Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si” (strangely the background dancer reminded that of “Pyar Hua Iqraar Hua”). His wife tried to add up to the magic by coming to the stage, and the trick worked as Sameer got a better deal than Vinod. He was praised for his true following of Kishore da’s romanticism. He scored 21.

Apurva singing O Mere Dil Ke Chain

The third Jhumroo was Apurva, with a relatively younger voice, filled the air with sensuous charm with “O Mere Dil Ke Chain”, picturized on a sexy Tanuja and a most romantic Rajesh Khanna. He was commented to have missed the mood and to practice more. He scored a total of 19. Here Amit Kumar remembered an incident that gave the message, to never stop learning and accepting and understanding mistakes and not to repeat them ever again. Kishore da was not only a great singer but an humble person by nature and the way he used to carry himself in the shootings and recordings was simply amazing.

Pramod Rampal – Raat Kali Ek Khaa

Pramod Rampal, though looked a lot nervous, came with one or Kishore da’s magical numbers, “Raat Kali Ek Khwab Mein Ayee” from the movie ‘Buddha Mil Gaya’. Though, he tried to impress Asha Parekh with “Yeh Naina, Yeh Kajal, Yeh Zulfen”, which was very very melodious, but he was unable to secure a good score for himself and ended up with just an 18.

Arnab Chakrawarti – Kitne Bhi Tu

The Fifth Jhumroo, Arnab Charkrabarti, sang a hummable and danceable number “Sanam Teri Kasam”. He too was advised to practice more and managed a mere 20 from the strict judges. He made mistakes in pitch, rhythm and missed the total mood of the song, the more important factor being Kishore da’s lively spirit.

Harsh Vyas – Chahiye Thoda Pyar

The last singer for this episode was Harsh Vyas, tried to strike to targets with one aim. He sang a Bappi Lahiri composition “Pyar Chahiye Thoda Pyar Chahiye”. His effort seemed to touch the judges but only ended up with 19.

With the announcement of the amazing prizes of album contract with Saregama and LG mobile phones, the show continues with yet another episode on Saturday 29th Dec, 2007 with the rest of the 6 Jhumroos. Curtains fell down with Lata-Kishore number, the alluring “Accha Toh Hum Chalte Hai”. This also meant, there will be a tomorrow, with some more singers and some more Kishore da and his unforgettable music.

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34 Blog Comments to “K for Kishore: Hum To Mohhabat Karega (3rd Episode)”

  1. Rajeev Kaushik says:

    Dilbar Mere kab Taq Mujhe – Sung by Rajeev Kaushik


    Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai ho KISHORE DA

  2. Rajeev Kaushik says:

    Pal Pal Dil ke Paas – in My Voice

  3. Rajeev Kaushik says:

    Kahna Hai, Kahna Hai

    Kishore Da Ki Yaad, Meri Aawaaz

  4. Rajeev Kaushik says:

    Kishore Da Ki Yaad, Meri Aawaaz

    Ye Naina Ye Kajal – in My Voice

  5. naveen painuli says:


    iam great fan of kishore kumar,i have not as yet participated in any of the auditions.could you please let me know that ,how to apply for auditions for your show.

    warm regards

  6. Ms.Kishwar anjum says:

    Kindly let me know from where i can get the video of whole episode of K for Kishore when Hon’ble Asha Parekh Ji was guest. i shall be highly oblige you.

  7. pervaiz shaan says:

    I’m from Pakistan. I want to participate in this show singing competition . it is my challange to all the participant in this show that i am the best. Plz let me know thru my e-mail address and my cell number how can I join this excellent show.
    want to give audition for joining the tv show but i dont know where to submit my recorded cd and give the audition plz help me in providing the addresses Waiting for the reply ( pervaizshaan@yahoo.com)
    cell # 0301-4045974

  8. Salman obaid says:

    Dear Sir,

    How Can I Participate in this contest I am Great fan of Mr.Kishore Da

    I use to sing his songs.I have recorded some of his songes, Please give me chance so that my voice should be recognise by the world I am Living in Krachi Pakistan.

  9. Vijay Srinivas says:

    Glad to know that this reality show gives equal opportunities to South Indians as well (as is the case with Vinod Sheshadri).

    I have been staying in Bangalore, and I havent heard of the auditions in the city so far. Can anybody tell me when the auditions will be held, or is all the auditions over, skipping Bangalore again.

  10. satnam says:

    mera big bithor singar hai but i know no address

  11. kumar prasad says:

    dear sir,
    want to give audition for joining the tv show but i dont know where to submit my recorded cd and give the audition plz help me in providing the addresses
    kumar prasad

  12. kumar prasad says:

    i m a singer but i dont know where to contact for the audition plz do needful in giving the address where to send my recorded cd and give audition
    kumar prasad

  13. N MEHRAA says:

    I think miditech has made a wonderful prog, K for kishore and other singers (legends) will sonn have a prog/show in thier name too. In this Nayan is a stong contestant to be a winner, He is consistently singing for last 20 years, I thinlk he will won and I suggest all singres to list themselves on http://www.voiceartistes.com

    Neeraj Mehraa

  14. Engr. Anis-ur-Rehman says:

    This is I think the best program on Sony Entertainment TV as far as I’m concerned coz I love Kishoreda a lot. I’m recording all its episode on DVD. He is my ideal singer. All the participants are very good but definitely only 1 will be the winner as per rules of the game. Best of luck to all of them. I’m from Pakistan. I want to participate in this show but not for any singing competition but just to have 2 minutes appearance on screen to show my love with Kishoreda. Plz let me know thru my e-mail address how can I join this excellent show. Waiting for the reply. (Engr. Anis-ur-Rehman, Pakistan)

  15. The idea behind the K for Kishore is to find a voice akin to Kishoreda. In this search I think only Vinod,Arnab & Apoorva are the closest match. Others might be good singers but in the struggle to match the voice they are losing their rythm. Any Good Luck to ALL!God Bless You ALL!

  16. Hi!
    any musical programme is entertaining,then the bakwas never ending serials. In fact that’s the only programme I watch.

    My whole family are great fans of kishoreda our day starts and ends listening to kishoreda’s songs. To add we are so crazy and sentimental that we all cousion’s listen to kishoreda’s song before going for an exam or interview. Heh guys do you know its a gooo…. tonic to the brain.Music therapy is fastly catching up and getting integrated along with other routine medical treatments especially in patients with neurological and cancer therapies.
    Though I can neither be in the audience nor sing my only request to Sony&other cosponsors is to convey this message to everyone in one of your shows

  17. Ashwin Patel says:

    Dinesh bhai and RK bhai,
    Per today’s “K for Kishore” show, you will need to SMS @12900 through TATA Indicom to participate in the show. After receiving your SMS, they will contact you via phone, so, do not forget to send them your phone number. Good Luck and show your singing talent. More singers we have, better it is to judge the most kishoreda talented singer.

    Chandrashekhar bhai, I agree again with you, but, this is just to make the show more talented and competitive.

  18. dinesh says:

    how can i participate in this programme

  19. rk says:

    I want to participate in K for Kishore. Please let me Know the procedure.

  20. ashu says:

    Kulkarni bhau..

    Mi pan tumcha chhota or motha bhau ch aahey.
    I understood what you mean, and i completely respect ur view. As i said in my last blog, K for Kishore’s singers are not upto the mark at all, but at same time i like Amit kumar’s judgement.
    Indian Idol 2 and 3 were very bad and there was some other singing programme came in between indian idol 2 and 3 which was really pathetic on SONY.

    I am consistenly follower of all music programmer. I like Little Champ, and at the same time i like VOI little geniuos too.

    I prefer to listen Kishore in his own voice. My saturday start with Kishore;s songs, and then followed by any other legendary singers like Lata or Mukesh or Asha or Rafi. I listen Kishore at least 3 to 4 hours on saturday.

  21. Manish Kumar says:

    the whole concept of a clone isn’t something i like – especially when it is cloning someone like kishore kumar. kishore kumar was a unique, brilliant personality of his own. most importantly: he cannot be replicated so attempts to do that will fail. second, it is always good to find your OWN voice. when kishore & mukesh started out – they both idolized kl saigal and started singing like him – fortunately kishore & mukesh both evetually found their own voices. aren’t you glad? how much we’d missed if kishore didn’t use his own voice! same to newcomers. my last point is – we don’t lack singing talent – but we do lack talent in music directors.

  22. dinesh says:

    i want to sings in k for kishore wht is the procedure


    Ashwin Patel bhai..

    Arrey yeh aisi ideo mat do SONY ko!!!!
    Let them (now they HAVE TO) crown a stupid singer from this present horrendous lot…..Like they gave a crore to QAZI TAUKEER or Fame Gurukul……




    Ashu tai (I am positive it is a “tai” now).

    Mala watta apan dogehi hya greats chey ardent fans ahot pan ekmekanna samjat nahi ahot. Tey theek ahey. Main thing is the greats were indeed greats – even Babul Supriyo cannot match K-da – though is quite close.

    Mala kasla raag – santaap yeto – to tya program cha nahi! Raag yeto to hya 3rd rate singers cha….ani tyawar hi TIGHEY (Bappi- la wed beed lagley ki kay ?) – who go ga ga over their singing!

    It’s Sony who have a terrible screening process and we have to see the butchering of these legendary songs!

    Problem is, these days, we have access to a lot of superior quality shows/products etc. So why settle for third rate stuff!

    As you say and I agree whole heartedly…..NO ONE can match these greats…but look at SAREGAMAPA LIL CHAMPS….these 10-15 year olds are so very good (in their OWN voice mind you) that I feel terrible when BAPPI-DA gives 9 marks to someone like SUHAS SAWANT or that Bengali Guy….forget his name…..

    Compare these with the adult saregamapa…..the champ bong ANEEK DHAR……

    Sony should stop this nonsense. Just because the PREMISE (of songs by ONE singer) is good does not mean they can butcher the songs and STILL insist the singing is good/great….

    Kalla na mala kay mhanaychey ahey tey ?

    Anyways, Happy new year and happy listening….but…pls listen to saregamapa lil champs….!

  25. A Singh says:

    In the show K for Kishore it appears the approach interms of selection of singers is too casual. After seeing 1 or 2 shows, I feel it rather an insult to Kishore’s calibre and ability.

    Chandrashekhar is 100% correct in his assessment.

  26. Its time people think more sportively.I’m sure in any profession there will be only a handful who make it big whether its doctor, engineer…And to add all of us have learnt lessons from our guru’s and teacher’s and we certainely follow them, so there is nothing wrong in someone coming forward or dreaming of a Kishore da’s clone. Every programme has its rating and I agree that a few participants were not upto the mark in “K for Kishore”, but its not as bad to have such caustic comments.

  27. ashu says:

    Kulkarni bhau,

    Majha comment barobar vachal nay, vatat.

    As a Kishore fan i was very excited to see this program, and i m too disappoited with quality of singers. Since Rafi is my second favorite, i don’t mind if somebody starts show on Rafi.

    As i said in my previous blog, I can;t hear anybody singing Kishore’s song, wether it is Amit Kumar, Abhijeet, Babul Suriyo, Kumar Sanu, SP Bala or even Sonu Nigam (He tried to sing few Kishore’s songs). I always like original kishore.

    If i m right, quality of singer SONY provided in last 2 reality shows are pathetic. First Indian Idol had good singers but 2nd had only one good singer (Karunya), rest all were 3rd class.

    Kulkarni bhau, bringing 15 roadside singers required hugh efforts. If you are able to do this, I will appreciate, and i will encourage roadside singer if they have potential to become good singer.

    Note: Nobody can come closer to KISHORE and RAFI.

  28. The performers are only paying their respect to the legendary singer. No harm in it. But it should not be made into a competition. And since they have made it any way, they should pick the best performers. Par yeh judge logon ko hatavo yaar. Yeh kya laga rakha hai. Their scoring methods sucks@


    Arey bhai Ashu, (or is it bahen Ashu) – whichever……we can only say thanks to Sony IF they CHOOSE better singers right….tomorrow, as per your advice I will start a show on RAFI sahab…..(maaf karna Rafi sahab)….and without screening anyone, I just pick 15 singers from the road-side – (who do not know singing but would want to see their MUG on the teleivision)…will you be thankful to me JUST FOR STARTING A SHOW ON RAFI SAHAB ??????????

    Please do tell me.

    Therefore I say:
    Band karo yeh HORRENDOUS SINGING!!!!

  30. ashu says:

    There is no match for Kishore. Kishore born once in a thousand year and noone can come nearer to him.

    But we should appreciate Sony for starting a show on One and Only Kishore (Probabaly this is first show in the world dedicated to one Singer), I am sure other channel will follow this strategy very soon and start show on other singers like Rafi,Mukesh, Lata and Etc.

    I am agree to coupleof thought published in this, Selected singers are not upto mark. Personally, I like Kishore’s song in his own voice. I can’t tolerate if his song sung by anybody, because i feel noone can do justice to his songs.

  31. Ashwin Patel says:

    I agree with Chandrashekhar, nobody matches with the legendary singer.
    If no match for Kishorda is found from these present singers, Sony should search for more singers before they crown any of these present singers.


    Exactly. Sony thinks they are God’s gift to television kind.
    Even the KIDS in Sa re ga ma pa are million times better than these idiots on K for K.

  33. Monty says:

    Sa Re Ga Ma Pa…, Lit’l Champions’ show is far better and enjoyable than
    K for KK…!



    My BIGGEST problem is that the STUPIDEST SHOW on the whole wide world…..K for Kishore….by Sony (Who else, Sony is one TV channel who gives us 3rd rate programming)……

    ALL the singers in this show are WORSE than bathroom singers…..NONE of them have knowledge of SUUR / TAAL….HOW could SONY choose these singers beats me….not difficult I guess…if you ask some stupid manager with clerical metality…..that he is “given importance” of choosing singers….without knowing M of Music…..such 3rd Rate singing!!! Even Fame Gurukul (ALSO by Sony) had better singers…..

    And, the judges!!!
    – I thouhgt Bappi Lahiri KNEW music….this guy says “Bahut Achcha”
    to even the WORST of the worst singers.
    – Amit Kumar….altough a CLASS singer…. he cannot understand SUR.
    – Sudesh Bhosale….should stick to mimicry…he DOES NOT know singing.

    I feel sad that a legend like Kishoreda’s name is being exploited by these idiots by allowing NON-SINGERS to sing in this show….and the JUDGES PRAISING these stupid singers.

    All of us should get together and STOP this nonsensical show. Where are you …Kishoreda fans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

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