The Extraordinnaire

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Here is yetanudder piece on Kishore Kumar, in commemoration of The One and Only’s seventh death anniversary which falls on October 13.



From: The Illustrated Weekly of India, April 28, 1985.

The legend of Kishore Kumar began 37 years back, when a young lad from Khandwa turned up in Bombay, to meet his brother Ashok Kumar, then a superstar, and wangle an introduction to K.L. Saigal, the great singer whom he idolised.

He never got to meet Saigal, but was coaxed, cajoled, bullied into stardom and ended up becoming the most successful comic hero Hindi films has ever seen. With a long string of hits to his credit and an unfulfilled ambition to be the most famous singer in the land.

The ambition he realised much later, as his songs began to find a bigger and bigger market in the land. So he quit the grime and greasepaint and stuck to warbling. Becoming a bigger and bigger star in the process.

Today, he is on the top. The unquestionable king of the disc. Paid an incredible amount for every song he sings. And chased by a virtual army of income tax officers, hoping to get their hands on part of the money.

Married to four of the most interesting women in filmdom, at different times of his life -Ruma Devi, Madhubala, Yogeeta Bali and Leena Chandavarkar – Kishore Kumar’s penchant for the comic and the bizarre has created a strange reputation for him. Everyone thinks he is crazy and the stories doing the rounds are absolutely incredible.If rumours are to be believed, he has turned cuckoo several times already.

Pritish Nandy met the singing superstar last week, just after his announcement that he was quitting everything and going back to his ancestral village at Khandwa. To sit back and watch the sun set in its glorious hues.

Who would like to stay in this hell hole?, declaims Kishore Kumar. Bombay stinks. So does this stupid, juvenile film industry where money alone speaks the language of power, talent and I would rather go back to my roots.

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  1. BAPAN says:

    Kishoreda is greatest.

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