A Darker Truth

When anyone mentions Kishore Kumar today, one’s instant reaction is that he was a very famous comedian and then the second most popular reaction would be that he was a great singer. Must say, that is a lot to achieve in a single lifetime. But the truth is that is just the tip of the […]

When anyone mentions Kishore Kumar today, one’s instant reaction is that he was a very famous comedian and then the second most popular reaction would be that he was a great singer. Must say, that is a lot to achieve in a single lifetime. But the truth is that is just the tip of the iceberg. Kishore Kumar was a lot more than that.

Born in 1929 in a Brahmin family, no one had any idea that Kishore Kumar, born Abhas Kumar Ganguly, would ever become the mega star he grew to be. At the tender age of 19, he arrived in the city of dreams to try his luck. His brother Ashok was already an established film actor in Bombay. Naturally, Kishore Kumar too was nudged in the same direction. But what Kishore really wanted was to sing – he idolized Saigal Saab for his enchanting voice and tried to ape him. Though he had never received any training in singing, he went on to become one of the most famous singers the industry has ever seen.

Trying something new and excelling in it came naturally to Kishore. Due to his second wife -Madhubala’s heart condition, his acting career took a slump for 9 crucial years. But he saw this as an opportunity and created some really deep and meaningful movies in the time available.

As a film maker, Kishore’s style was vastly different from that of the jovial comedian that everyone saw. Being a realist to the core, his films were stark and naked – with a strong message and equally strong direction. Very to the point, it made quite a few people uncomfortable. He was labeled as an eccentric and his films were considered as not being commercially viable. But that’s exactly what they were not – he made those films not for main stream success, but for satisfaction.

One of his productions titled Door Gagan Ki Chaaon Mein features him in the title role. The story is that of a soldier, who is anxious to get home after a long and strenuous war only to see that his home has been torched to the ground and the only survivor of this catastrophe is his son who is so badly traumatized that he can’t speak. The movie is about the unspoken bond that the two develop between each other – one which starts of as slow and halting, but gradually becomes the epitome of love and devotion. The film also stars his son Amit and the duo has doe such a beautiful job – it is moving and brings tears to your eyes.

Then who can ever forget Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi – a light hearted comedy of errors which stars all the three brothers – Ashok, Kishore and Anup plus his second wife. In a hilarious and rib cracking comedy, Kishore has exhibited his versatility in direction – he showed everyone that he is not closed to anything.

It is really sad that of the 18 films that he made, only eight saw the light of day and even those were grossly under rated. When it came to expressing himself through films, Kishore Kumar let a deeper, intellectual side of him be seen. Unfortunately, not too many could see that part of him as they were too busy laughing at his antics in other films. If they would have made that effort, they would have seen another facet to this gem of a man.

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  1. Niraj Kumar says:

    i think rafisaab was always greater than any other singer. in my view the voice of rafisaab was the voice of the god. he was not a human being but the god having the enlightment of the voice. kishore kumar can never touch that level. after all kishore is also a great singer but rafisaab is always number one. kishre could never sing ” O Duniya ke rakhwale, man tadpat hari darshan ko aaj, dono ne kiya tha pyar magar, main nigahen tere chehre se hatao kaise, ba-hosh-o hawas mein deewana and many more song”. once upon a time the voice of rajesh khanna was the voice of kishore kumar but in the film Haathi Mere saathi the song ” Nafrat ki Duniya ko Chhodkar” was offered to kishore kumar as usual but he could not be able to sing as the music director wanted, lots of singer were tested except Rafisaab. at last the Music Director said we should check Rafisaab. and Rafisaab sang that song much better than the expectation of the music director. noone in the earth can touch the level of Rafisaab.

  2. Natraj Kranthi says:

    Kishoreda was perhaps the most creative genius in the history of bollywood. We know Kidshoreda as the Jack of all trades and also the master of all of them. But all this was possible because of his creativity which perhaps was missed mentioning in all our discussions. He was spotaneous, unpredictably amazing in whatever he did. His live concert videos tell us all about his amazing antics on stage. He would keep the audience lively all the time. Though he lived for just 58 years, creative people like him will live longer than the stars, sun, moon and all the celatial bodies. He is with us all the time with his unmatchable voice and extraordinary comedy inspiring us to be creative like him.

  3. kkFan says:

    I feel u guys are arguing about nothing and insulting these great singers by comparing these singers to each other.All the singers are great in there own right and they cannot be compared.Rafi was a great singer has sung songs that no other singer could have sung that well and similarly KK has his own share of masterpieces so please don’t rate these great singers don’t insult them,they themselves must have never done all this why are u doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. dipak says:

    I did not realise at the time in the 1970 and 1980`s the actual range of Kishore kumar`s music .Only after seeing so many episodes of K for Kishore found out that not matter how good a singer it is very hard to copy the actual Sur / melody or even the feeling of the song,simply unique delivery;this even goes for his son Amit or Sudesh who both sang with him.In KK`s time in the 1970 and 1980 the singer had to be very careful to make sure the mood and singing style of the hero of the films .KK did very well to sing such a range of songs without techical knowledge or classical training ,he went for the feel of the song/held on to the sur.KK`s last concerned showed that even under considerable pressure in live concert he could sing with lataji very well.Bollywood has produced a range of good singers Rafi,Menna de,Mukesh or mahender kapoor but only complete entertainer in KK`s masti songs.I am still amazed that KK managed to sing songs in between films,production,direction ,music direction,marrying 4 times (nursing Madhubala for ten years)and suffering 4 heart attacks before god finally manage to take him… today`s generation still want to his songs show that the man had created magic…..I alway think that the impact KK had on playback singing…imagine `Sholay,Kabhi kabhi or even Laawaris` without KK songs?

  5. Vikram says:

    Manish and Dipak,
    You guys are doing a great service by putting forth a healthy discussion. Some ignorant folks had taken this discussion to a very low level. I don’t understand how somebody could use such a language against somebody who did no harm to them. So disgusting. We are lucky to have had not only Rafi and Kishore, but also Mukesh, Manna Dey and M Kapoor. Their best work is equally good. Comparisons are good when done in right frame of mind. To say something is good just for the sake of it, is stupid. Keep up the good work.

  6. Dipak says:

    I surprise as how the Music Directors are coming across especially over minor disagreements.How can that promote .M.D. in good light no matter how good.The control of music is with big Music companies only…

  7. Manish Kumar says:

    Don’t blame the listeners either. The impact of Veer Zaara & 1942 Love Story clearly shows that they are receptive to quality music and would embrace it but have no choice but to give in to those trashy MTV music video routines that we see in movies in Dhoom 2. Udit Narayan is not as good as Rafi or Kishore but he is still very good and an original singer. Not every song has to be in the voice of Rafi, Kishore, Lata, etc. We need variety ESPECIALLY when the variety is ORIGINAL AND decent (for example, I wouldn’t support Kumar Sanu over Kishore Kumar because KS isn’t AS original and he doesn’t sound very good in comparison to Rafi & Kishore). Asha is being a bit inconsistent to criticize music because for me she is symbolic of it. She is a legend of the past who embraces remixes (taking tunes from the legendary RDB) & Western trash. She’ll do anything to promote herself even when her voice is scratchy for 1995 Rangeela song. Oh well. But yeah – all these shows with singing contests – that is fine. But we need to promote music directors which I guess is less glamorous.

  8. Manish Kumar says:


    Sadly I agree with you. What we are lacking today are not good singers but great music directors. The fall of music is directly correlated with the fall of music directors for me. Even “recently”, look at the success of Veer Zara (2004 – tunes from Madan Mohan) or 1942 A Love Story (1994). Those tunes came from legendary music directors and were excellent + big blockbusters. This also goes to show the importance of music directors.

  9. Dipak says:

    The magic created by Rafi ,Kishore or even Mukesh will no have lasted if they were still around.It was a case of team work as Ashaji recently said in an interview.India is heading towards a era of anything goes music…it very sad but true.Technically electronic music has taken over with little regard to melody or sur .I hope people with still listen to the old songs…often nowadays Rafi or Kishore is only discovered by Re-mix…

  10. dipak says:

    Yes I did mean to say 3 days..for Rafi and 2 for kishore Kumar .I must say I do listen to Mukesh ,I do not listen much to Menna De or Mahender Kapoor…..Lata by self is execellent and so is Asha .Bappi da could used Kumar Sanu after Kishore passed away and nobody used Anwar for Rafi songs much.

  11. Manish Kumar says:

    And yeah – without Kishore Kumar – I wouldn’t appreciate Rafi as much. Because Rafi only is not enough for me. I’d get bored of listening to one voice for too long (lots of Rafi fans would bash me for this – but I’m a practical man). The same could be said for Kishore. They both make music so much better together!

  12. Manish Kumar says:

    I believe KL Saigal was Rafi’s favorite singer (just like Kishore). He also remarked to journalists, “You listen to my songs, I listen to Mannade’s songs”. That may have been just a kind remark. As a young man or child he’d be listening to KL Saigal and others – but when he was a singer himself – he was probably very busy singing songs to be listening much lol!

    And Rafi for 30 days is too long for me! That must have been a typo. I prefer 3 days of Rafi and then a day or 2 of Kishore. Of course Lata comes along in the duets. The lions share of my listening go to Rafi & Kishore.

  13. Dipak says:

    Manish thank you for the dry voice singing explaination.I agree it better to listen to Rafi for 30 days and Kishore for two days in between Mukesh ,not to get bored .
    Manish do know who Rafi listened to??

  14. Dipak says:

    In the 1970`s although Kishore was very popular with the film makers/Public ? Rafi was often choosen to sing a qawalies ,deeply sad song or romantic songs .It was acceptable for old Music Directors like Madan Mohan,Kalyanji Andanji or Shanker Jaikishane to use a Pure voice to enhence their music however time and again S.D.Burman…and even new comers like Laxmikant Pyaralal and R.D.Burman used Rafi Saab in order excel their songs..this is accepted and ackledged by Kishore rivals but well meaning friends …. Kishore listened to Siagal and Rafi…However I have always wondered who Rafi listen to???

  15. Dipak says:

    The films from 1950`s to 1970`s Rafi era had a very close family like way of working where all the content of film from storyline ,type of scene and what the hero was doing…Actor ,director ,music director ,song writer and play backsingers for example Shammi Kapoor would ask Rafi Saab to include a type of Ya-hooooo or Ashaji would do a little jatka/matka for Helen`s dance number .Songs were part of the whole film not an excuse for birthday party for song…sometimes like Raj Kapoor or Manoj Kumar units using sad songs in the background…effectively to enhance the storyline.However as far I am I know this only lasted upto Rajesh Khanna time when Kishore da invited the new comer to his house for dinner in order to assess his express while Khanna talked and had a dinner .Rajesh could not believe that it was Kishore da singing for him in `Aradhana….when he first viewed the completed film….magic was created….by right sound and voice for the prince of Indian Cinema…(King is reserved for Amitabh)>The other important thing to note was two different hero had alway two different singers wheather Kishore/Rafi ,Mukesh/Menna De or Mahendra/Rafi …this tradition again faded away in the late 1970`s ,this is one of the reason that from `Boot Polish“Sangam`to Sholay and Kabhi kabhi still stay in our memmory .

  16. Dipak says:

    I just though of Rafi -Kishore comparison is similar way to Amercian Frank Sinatra vesus Elvis Presley which took place in the early 1960`s.Frank had been popular film hero / smooth/silky voice singer from the Big Band era from 1945 (just like Rafi Saab )suddenly from 1960 onwards came a new sound for`teenagers`and fresh expression of Elvis Presley (again some terrible films just like Kishore he would do anything to get of of Hollywood ,Elvis only loved singing and rocking),which was differnt yet and had mass media appeal(Kishore Kumar`s mass media appeal was connected to first superstar Rajesh Khanna) ,older people agreed at the time there no one to replace Sinatra….who carried on singing making the odd film and coming to Europe for concerts again similar to Rafi Saab in the 1970`s….Just like kishore, Elvis did not have a perfect voice (Deep American Southern almost gosple )however he managed to sing some really romantic,sad and songs full of vibrancy and energy,a bit like thunder from the sky or full strome compaired to sun shine singing from Frank..

  17. Dipak says:

    I am alwayed surprised at the way Amitabh who has never come forward to praise Kishore Kumar for his contribution to making his films popular…unlike Dev Andand and Rajesh Khanna who have publically said the importance of Kishore played in providing the playback…..come to think of it even Shashi Kapoor and Dramendra managed acknowledge kishore contribution to their films…anyone know why ?(yes apart from the mis understanding between Kishore-Amitabh in 1985, when Amitabh refused to guest appear in kishore`s film and therefore Kishore did not sing for Bib B for three films..however they did make up and Kishore sang for him before he died for Shaheensha).Lata-Rafi had disagreement that lasted from 1964 to 1972 ,however lata still managed to priase Rafi Saab…..

  18. Dipak says:

    I am alwaying reading that Rafi Saab was alway co-operative and supported Music Directors.Can anybody tell me how other(apart S.D-R.D.Burman) music directors managed to get co-operation from Kishore in order for him to complete singing for any number of films from 1970 onwards??

  19. Manish Kumar says:

    Dipak: were you even alive in 1979? 16 out of the top 25 for binaca geet mala in May 1980 were Mohd Rafi’s! This is before rafi died – not after – so don’t think people started listening to him more out of death sympathy. That’s a fact and it directly contradicts your statement.

    Furthermore – I have seen tallies of song outputs from Rafi & Kishore 1977-1980 and Rafi was used the most (especially by 1980). limited takers? manmohan desai and nasir hussain still preferred rafi in 1977-1980s (as they always did). actors jeetendra, dharmendra, vinod khanna, shashi kapoor, and more were rafians! rishi kapoor’s trademark voice was mohd rafi who sang maximum songs for him until he died. rishi kapoor’s own 2 favorite songs are “pardah hai pardah hai” and “hum kisise kum nahin”. the most memorable songs picturized on vinod mehra and navin nischol – go to rafi. even amitabh bachchan (who kk fit the best imo) was syncing to rafi’s voice in 1981 !!! there were so many takers for rafi in 1980 he couldn’t meet all demands!

    dipak – when you say rafi’s singing range was only flexible from “low pitch to high pitch” – i suspect you’re just repeating what you’ve heard others say rather than you yourself analyzing it. lol. but maybe i’m wrong – in any case – these matters can be analyzed and rafi had the most melodious & modulated voice. kishore’s voice was very meldious – but rafi’s was the MOST melodious.

    but there are some points you mention that i agree with. take the song “chai pe bulaiya hai”. such a fun song. had rafi sang it- it wouldn’t have been as popular (even if musically just as good). why? because that song had the UNIQUE, INIMITABLE kishore kumar flavor & personality to it. i don’t know how to describe it but he put his playful, colorful personality into that song (ESPECIALLY the live version). when some people claim that kishore had the best voice quality – i sort of see where they are coming from (even if i don’t agree). kishore kumar had a very “cool” and fun voice – because his voice had his personality – which was very cool. that is why songs like zindagi ek safar hai suhana or chai pe bulaya were SUPER HITS. and for songs within his limits – his voice was excellent. musically and even for playback – rafi’s voice was the best ACCORDING TO ME because it was the most capable, the most meldious (this is somethign we could probably analze with computer) and it could fit SO MANY actors perfectly. kishore’s voice did not suit as many actors as rafi’s did. kishore had a specific barritone voice that appeared silly on pretty boys like jeetendra imo.

    i also think i know what you’re saying about rafi’s voice. are you referring to songs like “mere desh premiyo” or “mujhe mat roko” (hear the beginning for both -his throat sounds kind of dry). my explanations: (1) someone told me he deliberately sang like that for a genuine effect and wasn’t singing in falsetto – could be true because he was perfectly clean in rest of song (2) bad recording – there hae been instances where i’ve seen a flaw in the voice and then find out it was just the recording (3) he was singing those songs during the month when he was fasting. i do agree – 60s voice of rafi was my favorite.

    if you like kishore da – that’s cool. mohd rafi alone is not enough for me. often times i’ll listen to rafi for 3 days and then need a change so i shift to kishore kumar (recently was listening to a song of his in jugnu – type jugnu kishore at youtube). the two singers elevate each other.

  20. Dipak says:

    People talk of Punjabi contribution (music directors ranging from Nausad to Madan Mohan) or Bengali contribution(S.D-R.D. Burman ).We aslo Gujrati contibution which produced the likes of Shanker Jaikrishan,Kalyalji Andandji and Lamxikant Pyaralal .L-P especially Laxmikant that the greatest music directors were Shanker Jaikrishan they were the most flexible (resposible for creating music for Raj ,Shammi,Shashi as well as Dilip kumar,Drahmendra,Jitendra and Rajendra Kumar)Ind kept up with the changing times between 1955-1970 period.However all the above music directors preferred Rafi to Kishore .

  21. Manish Kumar says:

    yes mast mast ji – i did and i’m not entirely happy about it. but at least i (hope) i wasn’t disrespectful. to me it is like kishore was a tall mountain – mount kilamanjaro. but mohammed rafi to me was the mount everest of singing. both are very tall mountains! mohd rafi’s spectrum had no bounds.

  22. Dipak says:

    I am alway surprised at what is popular espcially since re-mix and young ,mini skirted ladies started dancing to R.D.Burman tunes….I remember well that the the 1970-1980 belong mainly to S.D – R.D.Burman (who started getting interested in music with L-P in` Dosti`playing mouth organ) and L-P .However since Laxikant died Pulic have forgotten their contribution except for a number of songs often played in the Music Channel to represent a singer or Hero.

  23. Dipak says:

    It is really ashame that during the 1970`s there more films made with multiple heros however the film makers only managed to record a few films with Rafi,Kishore and Mukesh (I must say being a Kishore fan that Rafi alway managed to sound some how better than Kishore if you take `Dostana`,`Kranti`and `Amar Arkbar Anthony`Kishore had to have tired harder to deliver the punch in his sur…..(producers were probably looking at junior singers to cut corners if Rafi or Kishore Kumar was already singing for the hero of the film.

  24. Dipak says:

    I have listen to songs by Rafi in the 1960`s such as `Neel Kamal` `Waqt` and `Junglee`that sounded pure ,clear and smooth..almost silky…compared with `Kranti` and `Sargam`from the 1970 and there a clear different in voice plus the fact even Rafi`s Live Concern recording show some of the tireness….I must say similar think can be said about Kishore when he must have been tired singing boring Disco numbers Bappi da kept bring out.

  25. Dipak says:

    In my humble opionion Rafi`s songs did have deep feeling,pure clear voice with deep expression that so many 1950/60`s film heros suited(Punjabi).Kishore Kumar created a unique sound with limited voice range and without classical background still managed to to stay in tune….It is also a well know fact that Kishore alway completed a song faster and also alway in tune (Menna Dey).With Kishore Kumar a `fun`was created with R.D.Burman mixing Western Jazz,Spanish and sometimes Arabic music….only If we go by number of songs recorded alone than Rafi is no1 no doubt…..(I think both K.K and Menna Dey agreed that Rafi was the king)….I only recently read.

  26. Dipak says:

    Rafi might have not sounded tired towards the end but listen to the songs from 1979/1980 I still say voice did not have the smooth quality from 1960`s.Rafi voice was more flexible but only in singing range from very low to high pitch.K.K had a limited mid range voice but alway manage to sing in tune wheather high or low notes were applied to songs.It is claerly the known fact that Kishore da ruled the music scene from 1970-1987…Rafi could not have been no1when he died.Just look at Kishore da`s output during this time Rafi had limited takers in the film Industry.

  27. Mast Mast says:

    # Manish Kumar Says:
    January 23rd, 2008 at 10:01 am

    Mohd Rafi’s voice was more melodious & flexible than Kishore Kumar’s. Mohd Rafi did not sound tired in 1979 or 1980 when he left he left while #1.

    After all the writeups you did, Manish bhai you did end up comparing the legends. Didn’t you? 😀

  28. Manish Kumar says:

    Dipak: Mohd Rafi’s voice was more melodious & flexible than Kishore Kumar’s. Mohd Rafi did not sound tired in 1979 or 1980 when he left he left while #1.

  29. Dipak says:

    I must say that Rafi was excellent alway putting in that 100 per effort around the 1979/1980 he sounded tired..(maybe it was god`s way was saying his time had come).Rafi`s time from 1940`s to 1980 is a long time to keep up singing songs.Kishore Kumar often had some second rated songs..from 1985..on wards L-P were having problems with Lata and R.D Burman was producing slow sounding music (listen to Kumar Gaver films).This also the time T-Seriers began producing old music with Kumar Sanu and Sonu Nigam….It was not surprise that Kishore Kumar was tired of Bombay music scene since majority of his fellow singers (friendsboth Rafi and Mukesh)had died and therefore he wanted to go his home town…..

  30. Dipak says:

    I clearly remember wheather it was Rafi or Kishore Kumar in the early Rajesh Khanna times people really wanted to hear those songs again and again.sometime only went Cinema to hear those songs(college kids use to sing them to impress their girlfriends) especially man …..as a ten year old I can only comment that Rafi songs were easy to sing than Kishore Kumar who had a mid range nasal voice which was hard to keep for long….Rafi has a Pure Voice just like lata…..(ladies found hard to sing like Lata).

  31. Dipak says:

    Please any more comments from KK fans…I am feeling lonely…

  32. Dipak says:

    As Kishore Kumar fan I will never say than Rafi (greatest singer fan or no even KK commented )was in any way worse than KK.Rafi`s luck ran out in the 1970 as (S.D and R.D Burman) started creating sounds with Kishore….Rafi did shine even in the 1970`s and yes he could have some sang KK songs better…but we will never know..26,000 for Rafi Saab is a great deal of achievement by any means ….KK got it right when he sang Yeh jo Public hey yeh sab jante hey …..

  33. Dipak says:

    My only regret in life as far as music is concerned is not to see the last Kishore Kumar show in London…I did have a chance to see his son Amit but it was not the same…Amit was not the same as his father .In the second half of the show Kavita krisnamuthy come to sing as Amit had too must too drink..poor Faguni Patak had to come and sing with Amit forgetting his line and holding his song book upside down.

  34. Dipak says:

    Yes finally the daar roti singing has been replaced by fast food..listen now and forget by the time you go home from the Cinema….

  35. Dipak says:

    One major difference in music today (available 24/7 via digital gadgets and yes sounds digital at times..and the late 1960`s when Radio,records and tape recorder were the only means of listening to your favorite songs often only one to a household and often shared with the company of friends or neighbours.The decline of good music with passing of Mukesh and Rafi began with the V.C.R …in the Homes (at the same time many song writers and Music Directors had past away or no longer created Film music…It was sad but true that Pankaj udhas and friends…took over since Kishore Kumar..(last of the three Great singer)finally said good bye…1987…

  36. Dipak says:

    I think we should not give too much attention to Kishore Kumar memorial.Kishore Kumar`s high energy upbeat singing wih Asha and R.D Burham will last as longer as there demand for good Hindi music.

  37. Dipak says:

    I remember Kishore did create a happy go lucky sounds especially when the 1960`s ended and Muskesh (not so much Rafi) stopped singing depressing sad songs that my father liked….New Kishore Kumar era was like the Beatle Sounds of the 1960`s upbeat…easy on the ear…..Punjabi sound had just ended and the Bengali sound had just been taken up by the masses…if you go by singers and music directors from 1940/1950/1960 to 1970`s.

  38. Dipak says:

    I remember even in the single household like our (1960-1970) there great differences in musically taste my father and uncle liked Raj Kapoor films and so also favoured Mukesh no matter what song or hero he was singing for.My younger uncle and myself preferred Rafi and Kishore Kumar (Rajesh khanna had just started to get popular ).My younger uncle always said romatic songs and classical belong to Rafi and Kishore can have the nu-style or sad songs.

  39. Dipak says:

    I must say the people who were born during the 1940/1950 and 1960`s might remember more of Rafi sounds when his was the King.However people born after 1960s onwards would likely to have listen to Kishore a lot more .Kishore had a monoply due to high demand for his singing style from 1970 onwards.

  40. Dipak says:

    In my humble opionion Rafi-Lata were very well matched especially if you listen to 1950-1960 music .Same goes with classical songs sang by this pair.However Kishore Kumar-Asha generated a lot of high energy sound which is has been around since the 1970`s.Even today`s dhol based Punjabi sounds of the past ten years could match upto to KK-Asha R.D Burham era .I was thinking tea as Rafi-Lata (music and sugar) and Coffee as Kishore Kumar with Asha (cream and sugar) both different yet enjoyed by millions around the world..no single monopoly.

  41. Dipaki says:

    In my humble opionion Rafi-Lata were well matched in singing style and pure sound created

  42. Dipak says:

    I think we should thank god that both Kishore and Rafi left a unique mark on Indian Hindi music .Today whenever we get enough of today`s music we can go back to the huge library of music covering almost all human emotion espcially love ,sadness ,happy days and memory of days gone by.I must say Kishore had two advantage over Rafi he lived seven years more and more importantly the music\ singing sounds like the today`s music and unique sound created by R.D.Burman which people only realise now.

  43. Dipak says:

    Kishore Kumar had a voice which was unique and flexible than Rafi.Rafi did have a pure classically trained voice.Kishore Kumar song with a lot of energy and drive (feeling) and Rafi sang with with emotions.Two completely different singers and methods of singing .

  44. farida says:

    I think we should stop arguing about the best or the worst because the fact of the matter is ‘pasand apni apni and khyal apna apna’.Ask yourselves this question Who is still in the lime light after so many years? Who has the younger generation singing his songs and who has a tv show at peak times called K for Kishore.You be the judge.

  45. Adnan Hussain Gakhar says:

    No doubt I like Kishore G very much. He was a legend. He was a school within himself. He was the ideal singer of all song lovers. But isn’t it a bit unjust not to appreciate Muhammad Rafi??? Kishore was given a great prize that he deserved. . . . He deserved more than that. Once again let me say with the top of my lungs that Rafi also deserved some if not many. His song “O dunia k rakwalay sun dard bharay meray nalay. . . . . ” was considered the “sir mor” of hindi songs.

  46. binu nair says:

    Why do some writers write in one liners only? Do they lack
    content or are they really handicapped in writing good prose.
    I think they are youngsters wanting to pass some of their ‘free time’
    since they are not aware that Kishore da and rafi saab enjoyed the
    best of relations in real life… and many more facts of life and music.

    Binu Nair.

  47. ztas77 says:

    Somebody had quoted “God has made few people whose brains cannot think or understand beyond its limit” I would like to applaud this person’s intellectual statement! Shame this person doesn’t realize their talking about them self and of others like them.

    No doubt Kishore was a really a good singer as I am a Kishore fan myself, but if one really knows about the History of Bollywood music, it doesn’t really take alot of brain cells to conclude which male singer really stood out from the rest.

    Quote ” Kishore outclassed Rafi in ALL singing departments ”

    Was it April the 1st! – You are having a laugh! – If you list all the type of singing DEPARTMENTS as follows :-


    The FACT is that Rafi has had HITS in every one of these SINGING DEPARTMENTS over Kishore. Research for yourself if you don’t believe me.
    One example, why did Kishore’s prodijay RD Burman, had more QAWALI hits with Rafi than Kishore. Qawalli was not Kishore’s cup of tea!

    Another example in the film Haathi mere Saathi – LP had to resort to Rafi to sing “Nafarat Ki Duniya” as Kishore tried and was unable to capture the deep emotion to the song as the way Rafi did.

    Kishore’s “Pag ghunghroo baandh” from Namak Halal, Bapphi Lahari had to use someone else on “sa sa sa pa pa ……” as Kishore was unable to do this. On Rafi’s “Maduban Ki” from Khoinoor, Rafi could do this no problem!

    Quote” Kishore was number one for 2 decades ”

    Everyone SHOULD know that Rafi made a comeback in the early late seventies to revial with Kishore’s number one spot. In 1980 the year Rafi passed away, Rafi did have more hits than Kishore, it was even evident in the Filmfare awards for 1980 when Rafi had 3 nominations over Kishore’s 2. Despite Kishore had won it with “Hazaar raahen mudke dekheen”, a Cleary biased vote to a song that one hardly ever hears on the radio compared to Rafi nominated songs which are heard more frequently!
    Therefore when Rafi passed away that year that was opened ground to Kishore with no revial competition.

    Why did it take Kishore 20 years to take him to the top as compared to Rafi, which took him less than half.

    Rafi has worked with more music directors than Kishore.

    Rafi has playback for Kishore in a few films.

    Rafi has sung in more different languages than kishore.

    Rafi had the ability to hit from a high pitch to a low pitch (vice versa) better than any other singer to date!! Even Asha Boshle had acknowledged this!

    Its well known that Kishore’s main prodijay was RD. RD tunes had a major influence over the 70’s generation with his trendy catchy tunes which happened to have Kishore as his main singer, so naturally this puts Kishore further into the limelight. However RD’s rise to fame was with “Teersi Manzil” with Rafi as his main singer, where was Kishore singing talents at that time??

    Did Kishore have a filmfare award together with a National award with an RD number. Can somebody confirm this? Rafi did with “Kya huwa tera vaada”.

    Please be aware I am NOT having a go at Kishore da himself, its towards short minded people who do not nothing about the talents of other great singers. I prefer Lata’s voice over Asha’s but I have to admit Asha was more versatile than Lata.

    Its so obvious that the media over exposes RD Burman, no doubt a musical genius in his own right but there were other great musicians as well who hardly get mentioned for their great works. As for RD’s exposure, Kishore is also highlighted as RD was Kishore’s ground foundation to the limelight.
    Sonu Nigaam quoted, he was told at times to sing like Kishore and not Rafi. Why? Who are they trying to protect?

    Kishore himself as with Mukesh and many other singers of those days were admirers of Rafi to the extent when Kishore would often as a tribute sing a Rafi number at his live concerts. Now what does that does that tell you how Kishore respected Rafi!

  48. Akshay says:

    Kishore Kumar is better than Rafi any day!

  49. manju mukes hpandya says:

    kishorji was not but is great allrounder KALAKAR

  50. manju mukes hpandya says:

    kishorji not was but is unmachable legend of the universe.this type of the person are never die.

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