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Kishore the singer – King of all trades..

There are always those who excel in something when they put everything into it. That is quite a commendable achievement as most people do not achieve success in their chosen fields or professions. But then, there is also a different category altogether – those who do more than one thing at a time and excel […]

There are always those who excel in something when they put everything into it. That is quite a commendable achievement as most people do not achieve success in their chosen fields or professions. But then, there is also a different category altogether – those who do more than one thing at a time and excel at everything they do. It’s like having a Midas touch – everything you try turns to gold. The world adores such people and it also loves to hate them, in a way. It pokes in some deep recess of every person’s mind that someone exists who loves to do more than one thing and does it well. So while the respect and admiration grows for them openly, they unconsciously or consciously revel in their failure too.

One such person was Kishore Kumar – born as Abhas Kumar Ganguly. When he came to the city of Bombay as young man, his brother Ashok Kumar was quite successful in films. Expectedly, one would say it would have been logical to follow in his footsteps. Though Kishore was all set, there was something that fascinated and interested him a lot more – singing. He was not a trained singer but as some say talent is something you are born with. Though raw, he was great at picking things up like his famous yodeling. In his initial days when no one took him seriously as a singer, he used to imitate the great Saigal Saab until he was made to realize that he needed to develop his own style.

As he started making it as an actor, there were those who believed in his singing capability. One of his earlier breaks was given by Khemchand Prakash and Kishore Kumar did the playback for the film Ziddi. Then a messiah came in the form of S.D. Burman and they both forged a deep bond that lasted for very long. Soon Kishore was regarded as Dev Anand’s voice and did score of films like Munimji, Taxi Driver, Fantoosh, House No. 44 being a couple of them. He also has some timeless classics with Asha Bhonsle like the songs from Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi – all becoming extremely popular.

A score of people were clamoring for Kishore now as they finally stood up and took notice. Big music directors like Laxmikant- Pyarelal and Kalyanji-Anandji started working with him on a regular basis. Kishore Kumar finally got what he wanted.

But that was not all that he wanted. During his lifetime, he sang, acted, directed, produced, wrote – all these getting him commercial and professional attention. He did everything that he wanted to do and because of his take on life, he became one of those special people. Counted amongst the finest singers that Bollywood has seen, one thing that was totally unique about him was that he excelled at singing because of his desire and inner talent, not to mention hard work. This gives inspiration to all those out there who get dissuaded just because they don’t have professional training.

As mentioned before, many people term such gifted people as eccentrics and Kishore was no different. But there was something he taught us all – if you want something bad enough and work hard for it, there is little chance that what others speak is going to affect you. You see, he taught us a lot more than just to listen to his eternal voice.

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  1. 1
    Debjyoti Says:

    Kishoreda is the greatest singer of all times,hats off to him.

  2. 2
    Debjyoti Says:

    He was a versatile genius,hats off to him.He is my inspiration,everyone’s inspiration.The only singer who is liked by people of all age group.I pay my tribute to this God.

  3. 3
    Messi Says:

    Lovely !!! I thought there’s something more in the artilcle but it’s finished.
    Hope it would have been longer cause it very good.

    Thanks or that. I always ask, who is the author ? nobody tells me abou the Author,
    no name, no information.

    S.D. Burman went to Ashoke Kumar’s house for some recording reason, the young
    Kishore then was taking bath. He was singing ver well and in Saigal Saheb’s voice.
    SDB asked AK “Who is the singer ?” then AK said “It’s my brother Kishore”.
    Then the story begins. SDB waited for Kishore to come out, then he said “You got a
    very good singing capability. But don’t ape Saigal. Apers don’t become great.

    From then Kishore tried establish his own style, so unique and different all.
    This is the story.
    Great, isn’t it ?

  4. 4
    Debjyoti Says:

    Ya,I know this story.

  5. 5
    Mazumder Says:

    Kishore-da was a undoubtly Vocal genius but Rafi-saheb was devine.

  6. 6
    Mast Mast Says:

    Messi thanks for that sweet story 🙂

  7. 7
    Abhisek Says:

    Kishore Kumar is genuinely king of all trades.Artist of his calibre was never born and will never be born.

  8. 8
    Prakash shah Says:

    KK was really best after MOHD.RAFI, Both were god gifted.

  9. 9
    Abhisek Says:

    Hats off to Kishore Kumar.

  10. 10
    dedu Says:

    Kishore was good but to say he excelled in all departments is too much to digest.

    He was a good actor but not the best. He also was a good musician but not the best, he also sang some good songs but no way the best and he made a couple of good films but not the best director. Nearly all his produced films were flops so surely not the most successful producer either. He was lucky in many ways that he had people to support him all through.

    He was a jack of all and master of none but surely a genuine entertainer.

    No hard feelings but I am not a blind fan like most here.

  11. 11
    arpita Says:

    kishore da is the gratest in whole world no one is nt even 1% of kishore da

  12. 12
    Balkrishna Says:

    guruji is really the king of all trades.he has given a new magic to the music.no one can take his place.he has played all types of roles.naukri,chalti ka naam gaadi,padosan and some more movies taught a lot to all the bhakts.he made us laugh in all moments when he wanted.
    wht to say more…………..he is uncomparable……no words to explain

  13. 13
    KKKLAN Says:

    Really,Kishoreda is the voice of the millenium,national icon,the GOD.

  14. 14
    Manish Bharti Says:

    Kishore da is my soul ,my heart ,my inspiration ,my love…….He was really God gifted….He came in the industry when there was a race of classical singers like Rafi sabhub,Manna dey ji and others…He had a lot of confidence..in-spite of being untrained singer, he gave strong competition to classical singers of that ERA….hats off to dada…

    if we listen to the starting songs of dada,they do give fragrance of talented singer….he sang “Koi humdum na raha koi sahara na raha” beautifuly,that was also being sung by Ashok Kumar ji in classical way….But dada gave that song a real meaning..In spite of being untrained,he was very strong in SUR and TAAL..He used to give real emotions in the songs..he used to have THEHRAAV in the songs which only comes with the riyaas..this proves that he was a natural talented trained singer ..

    I watched a TV show called jeena issi ka naam he..They invited Mahender kapoor ji…Mahender ji told in that show that ::::—

    “one day Rafi sahub came to me..he was very upset…Rafi sahub saib to mahender ji :::Yaar mahender aaj kal koi kaam hi nahi deta, her koi Kishore kumar se gaane guvvata he….”

    this proves that Kishore da was running the singing industry single handed…..Great singer….


  15. 15
    dinesh Says:

    This statement proves of the modesty of Rafi if that is if he actually said it.

    Kishore da was in no way running the industry single handed although his popularity surged in first part of 70’s similar to that of Rafi’s 20 years before that period. Even then Rafian’s cannot claim that Rafi was running the industry single handed although some from HMV may agree to it.

    Rafi sang 1000 or so songs approx from 70 to 79 mind you he did not sing for over 8 to 10 months in 71 after his religious pilgrimage.

    Kishore sang approx 1400 songs in the same period. Just 400 songs more. Mind you Rafi sang more songs than all male singers put together from 49 to 70.

    Hence to say Kishore da single hanedely ran the industry is an over exaggeration and if one still likes to belive it then we also have to accept that Rafi ran it single handedly for 20 years.

  16. 16
    Sonali Says:

    KK was single handedly runing the industry and Mukesh was winning all the film fare awards in the 70. ha ha ha

  17. 17
    Bandita Says:

    I love Kishore Kumar very much.He is indeed the greatest artist,singer and human the world has ever seen.

  18. 18
    dron Says:

    Kishore sang approx 1400 songs in the same period. Just 400 songs more. Mind you Rafi sang more songs than all male singers put together from 49 to 70.

    Hence to say Kishore da single hanedely ran the industry is an over exaggeration and if one still likes to belive it then we also have to accept that Rafi ran it single handedly for 20 years.

    Very very interesting. Thanks

  19. 19
    Anuj Says:

    Kishoreji is the greatest singer of all times.

  20. 20
    Monty Says:

    Agree, KK was better only after Rafiji. But not better than Rafiji.

  21. 21
    Anuj Says:

    Hah!!!Kishoreji is much much much better than Rafiji.

  22. 22
    Monty Says:

    Oh Anuj, ple don’t be silly, the world know that Rafiji was much much ahead of Kishore Kumar. ple grow up now!!!

  23. 23
    Monty Says:

    I accept Kishore Kumar was a great singer, I like his songs but only after Rafiji.

  24. 24
    Rajesh Says:

    Dear Monty,Anuj is right.You grow up,the world knows that Kishoreji is much much ahead than Rafi.

  25. 25
    Bapan Says:

    Monty,are you mentally disbalances?Kishore Kumar is infinity times better than Rafi in all fields.Rafi was a mediocre singer,not even a good singer.

  26. 26
    Bapan Says:

    I totally agree with Arpita,KKKLAN,Debjyoti,Balkrishna,Manish,Anuj ,Rajesh.
    The world’s greatest singer ,performer,comic hero,entertainer and genius is Kishore God Kumar.

  27. 27
    Bapan Says:

    Rafi was at the top for few years from late 50’s to late 60’s,while Kishoreda from 1969 to 1987 as a singer,a much larger period.Kishoreda,we all love you.

  28. 28
    Monty Says:

    Bapan, KKKALANK, Debjyoti, Balkrisna, Anuj, Rajesh…. a family. Rafiji is the best than all, Kishore Kumar was a good singer no doubt, but Rafiji… wah kya kehna….!

  29. 29
    Monty Says:

    Rafiji was on top till his death…… and this is a fact.

  30. 30
    binu nair Says:

    Monty: If you compare Mohd Rafi saheb with your idol
    Kishore Kumar…. you will end up nowhere …. only
    in a mental check up centre where u will need lot of corrections…

    binus 2000

  31. 31
    Monty Says:

    Baban, you’re mentally ill, no one can believe that Kishore Kumar was better than Rafiji. You keep on playing the same tune.

  32. 32
    Monty Says:

    Mr. Binu Nair, Kishore Kumar is NOT my idol, but I am a fan of Rafiji, that’s final!

  33. 33
    Bapan Says:

    Monty,you are mentally ill.No one will believe that Rafi was better than Kishoreji.You keep on playing the same tune.What I know,Arpita,KKKLAN,Debjyoti,Manish,Balkrishna,Anuj,Rajesh knows,that the world knows.KISHORE KUMAR IS THE GREATEST SINGER OF ALL TIMES.

  34. 34
    binu nair Says:

    Sorry MONTY JI.. MY sincere apologies…

    Bapan only eight of you as above…for Kishore Kumar…

    Mohd rafi has thousands of writers and millions of music lovers
    round the globe.. he was in the field from 46 to 80 : u know and
    I know……
    Pl. do not compare with RAFI SAAB with UR idol Kishore kumar and
    enjoy with ur idols songs all your life… Pl. dont ever hear alternate
    music as u may change ur opinion…

    Honestly,I do enjoy Kishore Kumar songs …

    binu nair

  35. 35
    binu nair Says:

    Bapan :: No one is mentally ill : u pls listen to Kishore jis song
    and think KK is the best singer…

    Let RAFI lovers listen to their idol – this rare individual – the
    BHARAT Ka RATNA Mohd Rafi ..

    Lets enjoy the songs..,

    Please put a full stop to COMPARING THE PEOPLES FAVOURITE


  36. 36
    viswan Says:

    the real yardstik is not who was top at agiven period or who erned more or who has most number of fans,but who sung beautifuly with throt and heart making singing a devine activity-rafi made it so.he is a great singer much much abov kk and other singers.it is a truth.no body could upset that truth bysome acrimony or false statistics

  37. 37
    Monty Says:

    Rafiji sang 26000 songs in his career and kishore sang only 5000 songs in his career, hence, the debate is one sided. That’s all.

  38. 38
    nishanth mohan Says:

    I like Kishore da very much. His songs touches the heart. He had given us evergreen hit songs. He and his songs will remain for ever. Whenever I hear his songs, my eyes fills with tears of joy…
    God may have called him back so early to hear his melodious voice

  39. 39
    Bapan Says:

    Monty,are you mad?After 1969,Rafi was never at the top.It was Kishoreda all along till Kishoreda’s death in 1987.No body is anywhere close to Kishoreda in any aspect.JAI KISHOREDA!!!

  40. 40
    anonymous Says:

    Bapan: MDs used Mohd Rafi MORE than Kishore Kumar from 1977-1980. That’s a fact. What does that tell you?

  41. 41
    Debjyoti Says:

    Kishoreda was much more used than Rafi ,also from 1977 to 1980.Bapan is right.Rafi is ahead in qantity of songs Monty,but in qality,he is far behind Kishoreda.

  42. 42
    Manish Kumar Says:

    Monty – those figures are really tough to estimate. Granted, Rafi was a more pure singer – it was like religion to him.

    Anyway, while I do believe he must have sung about ~25000 songs – those will never be on record. What is one record is that he has for sure 5000 different songs and there probably are 500 or so that have yet to be unveiled. 3100 for Kishoreda.

    I’d say ~6000 different songs for Rafi, ~4000 different songs for Kishore. I’m being very generous to Kishore – but the numbers still indicate clearly the output difference. With total songs (including repeas), I agree, the disparity would be much greater.

  43. 43
    Ganesh Says:

    Dear Blind supporter of KK will u answer me some question plz, if KK is better than Rafi Then Why KK took Rafi,s voice for him in his so many films. In Ragini There is a semi classical song “Man Mora Bawra” In Shararat a tipical Tune ‘Ajab Hai Dastan Teri Aye Zindagi” in Hathi Mere Sathi For Nafrat Ki Dunya Ko” Rajesh Khanna Ke Lakh Zid Karne Ke Baad Bhi Ye Gana KK se Nahi Gawaya Ja Saka and above all why KK used Rafi Saab for His Home Production

  44. 44
    Manish Kumar Says:

    Facts are facts Debyjoti. Fact is something that can be proven. It is a FACT that Mohd Rafi was used more by MDs than Kishore Kumar from the period of 1977-1980. Check HMV records. As far as quality is concerned, indeed Shankar Jaikishan had to summon Mohd Rafi when Kishore Kumar failed to deliver quality and was off key for his own song in Shararat. FACT.

  45. 45
    Monty Says:

    Nonsense, The qualities of Rafiji’s songs are far better than of KKs. World believe qualities of Rafiji’s songs are infinitely better than of KKs.

  46. 46
    viswan Says:

    rafi ahead only in quantity?quantitywise diference between rafi and kk is more than 20000songs.india is not a contry of deaf and dump to simply tolerate asinger forsuch along span of time without any qality singing.why dont you think how such along long innings wsa possible for rafi?

  47. 47
    Abhisek Says:

    First of all Viswan who told you Rafi sung 26,000 songs?Even Lataji sang 13,000 songs till date.I have checked with HMV’s people and records.Rafi sang less than 9000 songs,and Rafi is the worst singer .Kishoreda is the greatest singer and genius in the world.

  48. 48
    Kishore Kumar Says:

    Rafi sahab was the best singer of all times…

    RAFI is the BEST
    RAFI is the BEST
    RAFI is the BEST

  49. 49
    Monty Says:

    Checked with HMV people! Funny, show us how you checked? Till 1980, Rafiji sang more than Lataji. Nothing greatness of KK.

  50. 50
    Monty Says:

    In an interview, Rafiji had said that he had sung 26000 songs, there’s his audio interview in Rafiji’s site.

  51. 51
    Manish Kumar Says:

    Abhishek…kindly share those records

  52. 52
    viswan Says:

    abhishek,if you believe that rafi is the worst singer and had only 9000 songs to his credit why shod i reveal my source of information?you enquire and find,the result will surely upset you.if rafi is theworst singer then kkcan be agreat singer,greatest among the worst singers.

  53. 53
    SOUMEN Says:

    kishore kumar is the great great great singer of all time.

    which rafi fan says that kishore kumar has no range, no quality,and he had loud voice. Kishore Kumar is one of the favourite singers of great lata mangeskar and asha bhosle.

    it is very bad to compare kishore kumar with md.rafi. they both are legends. they will be remembered forever for their greatest contribution in indian film songs.

    I am great fan of kishore kumar.

  54. 54
    bj Says:

    guys lets not get into silly fights as to who was better rafisaab or
    kishoreda in fact we should be proud that our nation produced 2 of the
    greatest singers of all time we all have our favourites kk is my favourite
    because of his sheer range of songs from chingari koi to ek chatur naar
    you get the point

  55. 55
    binu nair Says:

    Dear Soumen : the world does’nt think so and its your views..
    which should be appreciated. HOW E V E R ……

    WORLD , could replace MOHD RAFI…
    His popularity has soared with every passing year and even his
    critics are making huge commercial gains selling and marketing
    his songs…
    Its amazing that even after 27 years people cannot forget RAFI
    nor his music…
    WHO leads….. everybody is aware of.

    binu nair.

  56. 56
    Aparna Says:

    Its Funny ho we al just find a chance to argue over any ISSUE ….

    As far as singing talent goes, we who are no where closer to be any singers have no rights to categorize these great gentelmen…….

    Personally i like Kishor Da over anyone else, Why? Not because he is better or the best than anyone lese, but simply because he has a versatile singing style . He always had a DYNAMIC approaches for any song…..

    Be it Ghoongaru Ki Tarah……

    Mera Jeevan Kora Kagaj…….

    Wada Tera Wada,

    Manjhile Apni Jagah…..


    Oh Sawariyaan…..

    He had a voice which create pian , laughter, romance and fun in every ong and in the heart of the listener……..

    But again as i said its just apersonal thought or choice….

    I believe he was best but ONE of the Bests….. 🙂

    Rafi, Manna De, Mukesh all have their own remarks over the music..

    But yes hats off to Kishore Da for being so uniquely Different… 🙂

    Happy Birthday Kishore Da…(4th August)

  57. 57
    Messi Says:

    Yeah Aparna you are right. It’s not good to categorize the singers
    It’s some fans who categorize these greats and indulge in so called
    analysis just to support their views.

    Anyway, good article.

  58. 58
    Bond007 Says:

    One thing is for sure Popularity does not come without talent, there are no fools to make Kishore number ONE for 2 decades. He swept all good songs making Rafi to look his face in mirror twice before singing.

    Come on every actor/producer/director/music director wanted Kishore … WHY ? because had the talent and knew if kishore sings the song would be hit. And its true coz public demand. I am sure there might 10% of fools and not majority of Indians.

    Why Dev Anand /Rajesh Khanna/Amitabh/ and many young stars at that time wanted Kishore because he was good, I am sure they did not do a mistake by choosing kishore. They became Popular and to carry that image they wanted only Kishore to sing.

    Rafi supports I am sorry to say rafi was beaten from all ends by kishore, history cannot be redone, Kishore outclassed Rafi in all singing departments and that is why Kishore was number one for 2 decades till his death. I am sure after reading this you cannot deny the fact. If you guys still want to argue then I am really sorry its like ” What does Monkey know a smell of Jasime”. God has made few people whose brains cannot think or understand beyond its limit.

  59. 59
    Partha Chatterjee Says:

    Kishore Kumar was the greatest ‘singer’ to have ever sang for Bollywood.. FULL STOP. No arguments on this point.

    You see, no one can be the no. 1 singer just like that. One should also understand that 90% of the music directors, etc. were pro-Rafi’s.

    To emerge from this vicious tangle, to become the no. 1 singer, is no mean achievement.

    Someone just wrote in a pro-Rafi page, that anyone can imitate Kishore Kumar. If that fucker is so confident I challenge him to come forward and become the no. 1 singer of Bollywood. Man, you need to have GOD GIVEN talent to achieve such dizzy heights.

    Last but not the least, it was RD Burman and Kishore Kumar who changed the ‘style’ of Bollywood music. Today what you hear is reminiscent of this style. Else, you would have still had the old crappy (but classic) yawn-yawn kind of music.

    Hats off to Kishore Kumar. When he sings you can be sure a MAN is singing. There are lots of WOMEN who have GREATER DEPTH of voice than Rafi. When Kishore Kumar sings you can relax back and enjoy the song.

    I am not a CLASSICAL SINGER fan. Kishore Kumar was very much adept at singing CLASSICAL SONGs. But the kind of songs that Rafi used to sing (with some exceptions) were YAWN-YAWN kind of songs (SONGS without any life in it).

    Partha Chatterjee.

  60. 60
    vikas sharma Says:

    paglo ki tarah rafi sahib or kishore da jaise mahan singers ko compare mat karo aisa karne vale pagal he hai or kuch nahi.Kya kabhi pane maa baap ko be compare kiya hai

    shame on all guys who have been comparing rafi sahib with kishore da the immortal legends both are uncomparable.

  61. 61
    binu nair Says:

    Partha Ji : U have to check ur ears ; if there is no problem
    there then go to a psychiatrist : as u have gathered great
    hallucinations about legend singers in the country and about
    MUSIC itself.

    and the usage of word fuc… shows the class of you people and
    the standard of your family and school that you visited..

    With you people around, Kishore Kumarji needs no more enemies.

    binu nair.

  62. 62
    binu nair Says:

    Bond 007 : The history of hindi Music started in 1935 with
    K.L. SAIGHAL the father of playback singing ruling the music
    world. Then came Talat Mahmood and then from 1952
    (Baiju Bawra) period to 1972 Mohd Rafi was the numero uno
    singer at the top . Then , Kishore Kumar topped for a fews
    years until the king of Melody and Music Mohd Rafi came back
    in 1977 to the top again.
    In Binaca geet mala of May 1980 : Rafi had 12 songs out of a
    total of 16 song.
    This is a recorded fact of Hindi Music History. BY your logic :
    Kishore Kumar was beaten hands down by Rafi saab.
    Monkeys can never smell a JASMINE and u people will never
    see the facts nor accept it.
    Its no use playing a classical raag before buffoloes. Please check
    whether u are competent to write on music and Kishore Kumar Ji
    who respected k.l.saighal and mohd rafi.
    U few people : please do not do damage to the reputation of
    Kishore Kumar who we all love; by telling lies and one sided stories.

    Binu Nair Mumbai..

  63. 63
    Partha Chatterjee Says:


    Don’t get annoyed. What I have spoken is the eternal truth, that you cannot run away from. Kishore Kumar on this day, has the greatest fan following.

    Did you check one of the Times of India where Mukeshji’s grandson has mentioned that his favorite singer is Kishore Kumar and not his grandfather. Similarly who knows Rafi’s grandson might have said the same, but this is an undisclosed fact.

    I feel pity for all those Rafi fans, who try to prove that ‘earth is round’ 🙂

    Well as I have mentioned in the other post…. I will come back after 6 months time frame, and join the party.

    Bye till then, and take care.

    Partha Chatterjee.

  64. 64
    A Singh Says:

    “Kishore Kumar on this day, has the greatest fan following. ”

    Could be true in terms of quantity, but not in quality.

  65. 65
    binu nair Says:

    Partha beta :
    The world is round and Rafi Saab is revered and loved by legion
    of his fans in all parts of the world. They include people
    from various nationalities.
    Music, Melody and Mohd Rafi, beg to be said in the same breath
    said Outlook in a survey done on MUSIC just a week back.
    Dont read too much in to what Mukesh’s son said . All this orkut
    babies : when they grow up become Rafi fans, Talat fans, Kishore
    fans : since the great lyrics follow the realities of life which these
    orkut babes can never avoid.
    What polls? Is it Possile as easy as your saying it. Yes Kishore
    is great singer. But, Mohd Rafi is the greatest. Please listen some
    of Rafi selections from 1947 to 1980… You may not change your
    views on Kishore Kumar but definitely get an opportunity to
    hear some Rafi Classics and also to like him and his songs. More,
    I have documentary proof about S.D. Burman and Kishore Kumar
    himself accepting Mohd Rafi to be the best singer India has ever
    Please know fully well that we respect Kishore Kumar saab and
    will never use words like F… which you have used in this
    music forum..
    An Advice please do not show your frustrations here.

    Binu Nair

  66. 66
    Rishi kumar Says:

    you are the best in world 🙂

  67. 67
    Raj (Fiji Islands) Says:

    Lot of singers have followed Kishore Kumar instead of Mohd. Rafi.

    Kumar Sanu, Abhijit, Vinod Rathod, Babul Supriyo, Shaan, Vikash Bhalla, Sudesh Bhoshle and many others have followed Kishore Kumar the Mohd. Rafi.

    That shows that even singers of today like Kishore Kumar’s style of singing than any other singer.

    Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhoshle and Kalanyji-Anandji have said that Kishore was the greatest singer of all time.

    All most 90% of indians here in Fiji Islands prefer Kishore Kumar’s voice and this may also be in many other parts of the world.

    Kishoreda….u are the GREATEST…..

  68. 68
    abhijeet ganguly Says:

    kishoreda was certainly an eccentric genius..im planning to visit khandwa nxt year n also his college in indore aand dig into his history.

  69. 69
    Avtar S Says:

    Kishore Kumar, the Best – the Greatest – the most Versatile – the most Unique – the most romantic – the most funny – the most serious and the most lively singer ever. Yaane ke gayakon ke gaayak Maha Gaayak Kishoreda/ji.
    Sabse madhur aur flexibel aawaaz.
    Khul ke gaata tha,he dared and he tried,no standard singing for him.Aathwa surwala gayak.
    Sab gayakon ko milakar bhi Kishore nahin bansakta hai,kintu Kishore ekal sab gaayak bana hai.
    Zindagi ek safar hai suhana se leke zindagi ka safar tak,yaane ki zindagi se maut tak,KISHORE hi KISHORE.
    To gawo Om Shanti Om,Shanti Shanti om,sing Om Shanti Om,Shanti Shanti Om.
    Om Shanti,Oooooooooooooooooooom haaaaaaa.

    Jay Maha Gayak,Maha Guru Kishoreda

  70. 70
    Partha Chatterjee Says:

    Avtar, you have said the TRUTH.

    I too say…

    Jay Maha Gayak, Maha Guru Kishoreda.

  71. 71
    rochak Says:

    his voice is very divine,very soulful.very romantic he was sent by the god just fr singing………..

  72. 72
    Krupesh Says:

    First Playback Singer of Indian Cinema was

    Wajid Mohammad Khan in 1924

    & Not Kundanlal Sehgal

  73. 73
    Ena Bhattacharya Says:

    Of course both Kishore Kumar & Rafi were supreme singers which India has ever produced. Both had a unique style of their own . I love their styles & 99% of Indians will agree with this.

  74. 74
    Bikash Hazra Says:

    KISHORE KUMAR, …….Not say not define any word because ……
    Few things is born one time…., my self i belive like Priminister is Indira gandhi , Actor .AMitabh Bacchan…. and Singer only one Kishore , Your belive me i m belive that …singer is only kishore , when i m thinking few.

  75. 75
    Dipak Says:

    Kishore was right when he said to his son that the public will appreciate my singing when I am gone…as in the 1970`s people have comparing old films,hero and singers from 1950\1960` to 1970`s ..just like today…with Kishore and Rafi …

  76. 76
    Dipak Says:

    Bikash..please listened to Rafi from the the 1960 to 1970 and than compare with Kishore …film such as Dostana ,Kranti and Amar Arkbar Anthony where both of them sang together…I am Lifelong Kishore fan but had to admit Rafi was a great singer over very long period…

  77. 77
    Gokluldas kumar.M Says:

    Hey,all of you out there, who place Rafi second to Kishore kumar, listen to how Kishore kumar himself rated Rafi once. That was when the Kishore kumar-RD Burman-Rajesh Khanna trio produced hit numbers durint the 70s. Outside the Shanmugananda hall in Bombay, as Kishor kumar came out, his fans shouted; ‘Aakhir aap ne Rafi ki chutti kar diya, . Kishore saab immediately chided the fan, saying that ‘Moork, while I can sing a tune only in one way,Rafisaab can sing it in many tunes!”
    Anybody having doubt about Rafi’s genius, listen to his countless number of songs, not once , manytimes, and then compare him to any other singer, Kishore or any other. You know what the great Naushad saab had to sayabout Rafi.? ‘sadiyon thak badalom mein unki awaz gunjegi’ You know what great Manadey saab told about Rafi saab- “an unparalleled singer.” You know what great Yesudas told about Rafi? ” I always consssidered Rafi as my guru- one who greatly inspired my voice and singing” You know what great Balasubramanyan told ?” Singers may come and go. But there will be only one Rafi”.What more youall want. Before you all post your comments, listen, study and research Rafi’s songs and compare hom to others. Who has the range, melody, pathos all combined into one voice as in the case of the great Rafi. So, for heaven’s sake ,please stp this rubbish.
    Talking about awards, seeing the how the present day artists and other celebrities get all awards, my heart really goes out for this great artist, who was not given the recognition he deserved , while he lived. Imagine how the Hindi film play back industry , would have been without Rafi’s songs!
    lastly, god forgive you all out there, who did not still undersand Md.Rafi and denied him his due place in Indian film industry. I am a 53 now and I have been listening his songs since my child hood. That is , I have ben brought up hearing his songs over the last 40 years or so!
    Let me affirm, Muhd. Rafi is the emperor of all singers of all times! He is truly immortal!

  78. 78
    Debasish Bhattacharyya Says:

    Rafi was a great singer – there is no question about it. But I don’t know why Kishore is the most popular playback singer till today. A singer like KK is born once in 1000 years. It is ridiculus when someone compare this great man with today’s singer like Sonu Nigam.

  79. 79
    Anil Pedgaonkar Says:

    Somw songs like “Kab tak andhere man ko chalenge” kishore’s voice is immortal and very soothing. i have not found this efect in rafi. i liked him in “khoya khoya chand ” very much “pukarata gali very much” suhani raat dhal chuki”very much did not like in ” O duniya ke rakhwale”. also listen the number “na jane kaise.. ye dunike badlate rishte” kishore excels rafi ofr mahindra ( I do not know the singer) and lata at high notes.
    moreover ven in late 80s his voice was melodious ” zindagi ki yehi reet hai” rafi spoit “maine pucha chandese” and “darde dil” i gueess udit narayan would have done better justice to “darde dil” and yesydas to ” maine pucha chandse” lp and rd never evn tried yesudas as he was a threat to Rafi! ( being the voice of similar type) .
    Yeh jeevan hai AAnewala pal, Chookar mere manko etc are sung marvelously by kk these type of songs are not suited to rafi of SPBor yesudas? what about zindagi ka safar, aa chal ke tuze. another kishore miracle imposiible for rafi, yesudas SPB is “k0i hota jisko apna hum apna kahalate yaro” by salil chofhary and “gujar gaye din din “. if u do not get carried away by classical notes in asong then “hume tumse pyar kitana” by kishore touches the heart with soft appealing voice and special prnounciation of words like “jalta” . this is the only example of a sugam sangget singer against “a classical singer” for 2 versions of a song. kishore’s is a bhavgeet version parvenn sultanas is a mujra. the one which impresses emotions is the bhavgeet version . the mujra also impresses for it’s beautiful classical rendition. RD burman carefull selected kishore’s version in a program on radio . on the other hand for Yaad aa rahi hai he selected amit/lata version rather than amit version. This shows the trmendous faith rd had in kishore. Rd tried kishore in a variety of songs as comapred to SDB ( semicalssical, sad, light romantic”) rajesh roshan’s kishore is trul;y reflected in the song “kab tak andhere” from amol palekar starrer and what agreat impact. again kishore has sung beautiful bhajan ” muze prem ka rog laga” when for other songs lp used rafi in the film. he sang “mere sang sang aaya teri yado ka mela ” in a very modern style of singing. he did sang some ghzals. with mahindra he sang serious devotinal song “sagare jagat ka tu rakhwala” under KA a memorable song. he has sung almost every variety. moreover the variety like gfhazal quwwali ” is orthodox classification. it does not include “are diwano mai hu don” variety, “zindagi aa raha hy mai”with rhidayanath another variety of meeting zindagi with tadaf, the solitude ness feeling songs, nature description song “hawaone pe likh de hawaone ke naam” the outburst of natural singing ” yeh wahi geet hai jise maine dhadkan me samaya” and uncoventiobally sung “koi roko na deewane ko”, the yodelling fun “mai hu zumroo” aashiki songs “nakharewali” re met na mila “, life philosophy songs, the coneversational songs “accha to hum chalate hei”. none of these variety is covereed in the classification ghzal , classdical high pitch tana . the classification is orthodox. thee music of kishore and rdb, salil choudhary ewas highly unorthodox and for classes . but kishore had to compromise for masses. he did with KA, bappi lahiri! also mere naina sawan bhado and :”khilate hai gul yaha” kishore excels his kooo is more efective. have people listened the electric taan speciality of kishorerendered in ” aankhome hamne aapke sapane saye hai” duet with lata for khayyam and also epeated in the solo ” jab bhi koi kangana chamke payal kanak jaaye ” with RDB. here is an electrifying ttan by kishore not used by rafi/lata/asha/ yesudas/ spb a great musical command which even trained singers have not accomplishes. ” in mere naina sawan bhado again kishore is supperior to lata . lata was not at her best in this going by her past songs of this variety. again this variety of haunting is sung only by kishore and lata only. rafi has no song in this category.
    i found kishore better in duets with “rafi more tadafdar!

  80. 80
    navneet garg Says:

    i m a big fan of kishor da

  81. 81
    rohit deshpande Says:

    kishoreda was best. (1)dada had a unique divine voice which touched the hearts of people.his rendition was unique like his powerfull throw in high power songs (LISTEN yadon ki baarat nikli….,diye jalte hai,o majhi re,ye dosati hum..), the softness and feel in senti songs (hume tumse pyar,chalte chalte,ye jivan hai,chehera hai..from sagar etc). in short he was a master in making his voice powerful and soft according to the demand of the song. (2) regarding his high notes listen ‘mere naina sawan bhado,om santi om from karz,o majhi re) (3) i consider kishoreda as my guru.’kishoreda you will always remain in my heart’

  82. 82

    Hi all Kishoreda’s fans. I am looking for one song which is a rare one – HUM LOG HAIN AISE DEEWANE DUNIYA KO JHUKAKAR MANENGE, MANZIL KI CHAH MEIN AAYE HAIN MANZIL KO PAKAR MANENGE. If anyone has the song please mail to me at rafimurty@gmail.com Thanks in advance.

  83. 83
    A S MURTY Says:

    Hello fans of Kishoreda ( I am a fan too ), I require some of his songs and you must help me. Last time I requested one particular song and there has been no response from anyone – that song was HUMLOG HAIN AISE DEEWANE DUNIYA KO JHUKAR MANENGE MANZIL KI CHAH MEIN AAYE HAIN MANZIL KO PAKAR MANENGE. Now I am in urgent need of a duet of Kishoreda and Asha Bhosle – JAIPUR KI CHOLI MANGWA DERE SAIYAAN RESHAM KE RANG MEIN RANGWA DE SAIYAAN, JAIPUR KI CHOLI KYA TERE ISHARE PE LIKH DU MEIN NAAM TERE JAIPUR KHAREED KAR. Anyone who has this song and who can spare me the above may please send to my email id rafimurty@gmail.com Thanks in advance.

  84. 84
    Asif Ali Says:

    Legendery Singers like Abhas Kumar (Kishore Kumar) won’t die, will ever alive or live with thier own voice. May GOD rest his soul in peace. (Ameen)

  85. 85
    Banadeep Says:

    All u guys stop being foolish Mohd rafi is no doubt a grt singer but kishoreda is a class apart from n e singer in d world.He is next 2 god.Kishoreda is Legend,Genius and perhaps no words can describe his singing qualities.Singers of dis generation will hv to reborn a 1000 times 2 match tht quality…………….K for kishore ….K for king!!!!!!!

  86. 86
    A S MURTY Says:

    Hello to all Kishore fans. ref my posts 82 and 83 in this thread. I had requested for two songs of kishore kumar, but sadly i got no response from anyone. i managed to get the songs by myself after a lot of struggle and in the case of the duet song well after the purpose was already served. why i am writing this here is to ask all of you to buck up to the situation and keep this site and the activities on kishoreda’s front rocking always. i do not require the above songs now but in future whenever i do, i will come back again with such requests. thanks.

    Rafi Foundation, Hyderabad Chapter.

  87. 87
    bernard n. singh Says:

    Anil Pedgaonkar i dont know who you are , but k. k. himself said rafi is the best of the best

  88. 88
    arghya Says:

    Singh sahab,

    Rafi said Manna is the best of the best.
    Manna said Rafi and Kishore both were better than me.
    Asha said Kishore is the best.
    Lata said Rafi and Kishore both are the best.
    Naushad said Rafi is the best.
    RD said Kishore is the best.

    Where are we upto???

  89. 89
    pullkit sharma Says:

    are bhai aap log choti se bat kyo nahi samjate kishor ne film industry me esa kya hai jo nahi kiya acting ,singing , music , commedy , drama , seriousness , action , dance , direction , production , story , scrpret , poetory , everything he was done now how rafi is best kkkkkkkkkkishor is all time entertainer and a one singer i think much better to lata also you just listen the songs of alag -alag film of rajesh khanna you can understand the range of kkkkkishor they have natural voice with good melody when he sing in high pitch thier quality is feel . thier is only one method to compair the singer to listen the duat song of these singer like lata kishor and rafi you can easily understand kishor is best ever and ever .kishor is a pain killeer to all music lovers

  90. 90
    Kumar Yashodanand Says:

    “kisi v singer ko kisi v singer k sath compare nahi karna chahiye. Hamare country me bade-bade mahaan singers paida hue. Sabhi singers ko mai bhagwaan manta hu, kyoki singing ki kala God gifted hoti hai…”

  91. 91
    Rohit R Mane Says:

    I am a Great Fan of Kishore kumar.

  92. 92
    Rohit R Mane Says:

    Kishore Kumar was a God Gifted Singer & Kishoreda”s Voice touches hearts of Billion’s, Million’s, Crore’s, Lakh’s…………………..no end, Kishoreda was the Father of All the Singers.

  93. 93
    Mohit R Mane Says:

    Kishoreda’s Voice was like a God, Kishoreda’s Voice Touches the Heart & Rafi voice Touches the Sky.

  94. 94
    Rohit R Mane Says:

    I am a Great Fan of Kishoreda & Kishoreda was a God Gifted Singer.

  95. 95
    ujjwal mukhopadhyay Says:

    One can copy Md. Rafi, Manna De, with tremendous hard labour but can not copy Kishore Kumar as the got gifted voice of kishore kumar can not be imitated. Some try to become Kishore wilth georgeous voice, some try to imitate the style and while all these imitators do the same, the normal flow of the song vanishes just only to keep kishore kumar in the song. This is also very unfortunate when his son Amit kumar is also try the same when he has a very melodious voice of himself. Only exception is Kumar Sanu, he may adopt the style of Kishore but does not try to copy the voice in his later part. Hope, have gratitude to Kishore, but dont try to present his creations unnaturally. It is very pathetic. The VOICE of Kishore can never be immitated in coming thousand years, if not more. So, please follow him as Kishiore followed Saigal but dont be crazy foolish to immitate his voice.

  96. 96
    rk Says:

    rafi is great singer but kishor is greatest singer ever. unki awaz mai jo khank hai jo suprem tuch hai wo rafi mai to kya kisi mai nahi hai .do no ko sune .bat saf ho jaye gi long live god kishor

  97. 97
    mark Says:

    Could kishore do tan sargam like rafi ? I do not think so. Can you guys name a song in which kishore did sargam. Rafi did that in many songs. Rafi I feel is much more superior to kishore in singing range.

  98. 98
    KKAAL Says:

    No amount of classical training can teach you how to bring “Soul”, “feelings” and “Expressions” into your singing. This explains why kishoreda was the greatest singer of all times. He was really god gifted singer. Btw he has sung a number of very difficult/semi-classical songs even without any classical training. Which is enough to prove his calibre as a great playback singer.

  99. 99
    kirankumar Says:

    Asha bhonsle had once said: people spent years learning classical music, but never get the real feel and sur. Whereas, Kishoreda ko bhagwan ne sikha ke bheja tha, he never needed to take formal training. Kishore never tried to showcase his technical abilities, but used his unmatched voice quality and expressions to the hilt. I have seen best of KK clones (incl established singers Sanu, Babul supriyo etc) who are not 1% match for KK’s feel (when they sing his old songs).

  100. 100
    subhankar ghosh Says:

    I have read all the comments above .All are correct in their own point of view.It is natural that everybody should have their own point of view regarding music as well as singer. Don’t regard me as a full,you thought that I have no idea about music,I am a singer not by profession but by my extreme love for music.It is true that who the best singer in India is. The fact is very critical to all musical lover the two very name that must arise in the mind of the Indian people is the name of Kishore da and Md. Rafi. They have a lot of tribute in film industry.But if you are told to vote ,you must not take two singer at a time it is not the rule.You must choose one of them that is the reality. The point that is noticed by the anti kishorian people is that he is not a trained singer unlike Rafi but I prove that it is not so because kishore da’s dada Asoke kumar is a renowned singer then who help him in learning music more over Kishor da also asserted in a song that he was very much owed to his elder sister. A person who have no idea about music, how will he be able to sing a song in music industry.Kishore da is a divine quality. None can achieve to his position.MD Rafi is also a great singer in quality,mannar as well as classical base in him is very much attractive but a problem is that common men is not aware of the fact of musical ornament, they love song driven by their passion not by musical difficulty. The music which touch their mind they love much. They never identify, is the song right according to the law of music or not? More over Rafi’s voice is rather similar in every mood of song only one or two is exception. Kishore da, no doubt, speaks man’s inner felling than Rafi though he is not as trained singer as Rafi.Even present day singers like kumar sanu, Abhijeet, Babul suprio,Shaan,Mika sing are also his great fan.I never think that a man who spent all his well and woe for the sake of music tobe hated by any man. Who hate such a great singer he has no passion for music,no believe in GOD.Actually he is not a man by nature because he has no powerful feeling of thought.

  101. 101
    shuvo Says:

    No Kishore……. Md. Rafi & Manna Dey were the greatest of all times…… and the third position must be for KUMAR SANU…..

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